40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (2024)

The top stops along the way from Omaha to Grand Rapids (with short detours) are Millennium Park, Horseshoe Hammond Casino, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Other popular stops include Cloud Gate, Blue Gate Theatre, and Six Flags Great America.


Starved Rock State Park

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State park

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Starved Rock State Park, an area of historical significance, boasts canyons, trails and waterways suitable for hiking, fishing and boating. The park offers a lodge and cabins for visitors to stay in. One of the main attractions is the Starved Rock itself which is easily accessible via a short trek. There are numerous paths meandering through cliffs and rivers that provide scenic views throughout the park.

Starved Rock State Park is an excellent place to hike. The actual starved rock is a very cool place to look around and it is not a very hard or long path. There are plenty of good hiking paths that go throughout the cliffs and rivers. The restaurant and conference center are a good place to rest and have great views. The restaurant’s food is not exceptional but it is pretty good. The nachos are very good.Starved Rock State Park is a unique state park and one of my favorites.

Christian T — Google review

This is a good park. However, the visitor center and trails nearby can be very busy on weekends. We had to park in overflow parking and hike in.We had much better luck heading east to the other parking lots away from the main area.Huge rock formations and tons of places to explore. My kids loved it but we saw many frustrated parents trying to us a stroller. If you have someone to lift a stroller up and down stairs, it won’t be bad but overall the park is NOT stroller friendly.Beautiful bluff and great photo ops.There are lots of little places where the trail is not clearly my defined and you can go exploring a little.The staff was great and all the facilities were clean. There is nice restaurant and lodge if you need a bite to eat or place to rest.

Sailor T — Google review

What an amazing place to hike! The canopy keeps it very cool. I came early (6:45am) on a week day and did not see anyone until after 9am. Very cool to see the different Canyons and elevations along the hike. The stairs are no joke! It’s a moderate hike but lots of cool stops to see along the way, including waterfalls!

Lisa M — Google review

What an incredible and beautiful state park! Might be the prettiest place I’ve been to in Illinois, it’s such a nice break from the city and it’s not a super far drive. The trails are very easy and beginner friendly, there are some steep staircases and a few uneven parts of path but mostly flat trails. I will say that if you are expecting to see waterfalls, you should go 1-2 days after a big rain storm otherwise they’ll probably all be dry, especially during the middle of the summer. I also recommend going early, even if it’s on a weekday. We got there at about 10:30 and it wasn’t super busy, but by the time we got back from hiking around 1:30 it was insanely crowded, and hiking is a lot more fun in my opinion when it’s empty. Overall, I would definitely recommend visiting here on a day trip, I can’t wait to return myself!!

Robbie A — Google review

We arrived early and saw St. Louis Canyon before the crowds arrived. We had lunch in the visitor center, which was decent. After lunch we started out to see the eastern part of the trails.The trails were very well marked and maintained. We covered west as far as St. Louis Canyon and east as far as Wildcat Canyon in about 18,000 steps on our step counter. There are a lot of stairs! The canyons are well worth the hike. We would like to return in the Spring when the falls are at their fullest.

Pam M — Google review

awesome!! the hike was very pretty. althought i don’t recommend going when its raining/was. it gets slippery and you have to take different parts of the trail to get around. especially the french canyon! hard hike but gorgeous. the lovers leap i think it was ? ; was also a very pretty view. wildcat is muddy but so pretty!

chxcolqte — Google review

STARVED ROCK STATE PARK is an Illinois hidden treasure. Camping was quiet and clean. However there was rain a few days prior and a few of the sites had water covering half the site.. was a nuisance for a few. So the park is alcohol free zone FYI! Be creams keep things quiet and you should be fine. Showers are good for a state park $25 a night fee with electric hook up. Thee are a both open and wooded sites. The trails are clean and marked fairly well. Be aware that there are many steep stairs to get to lookouts and canyons. Many only make it halfway. Bring plenty of water. We will return as it’s a quick 2hr trip.

Tim S — Google review

Wonderful place, we have been seeing signs for this place for years and finally got to come and see it. The ice was just melting and it was a little muddy but man what a great place. Good walk ways great views of waterfalls and a historic place. This place has it all. Even the girl in gift shop was helpful.

Ryan — Google review

We visited Starved Rock December 10 2022. We stayed at Getaway which is about 20 min away for the weekend. Overall, our experience at this state park was excellent. The trails are well maintained even in the late fall. We hiked for about 4 miles seeing the river views and the canyon views over about 2.5 hours. It is difficult to navigate a stroller/wheelchair along most of the trails in this state park so I recommend getting information ahead of time if you need accessibility. The features and varied topography were amazing; we will definitely return here again. About half of the hike we took was along a wooden or paved path. There are a lot of stairs, many more than they explain. Be prepared to go up and own more than 9 flights over the course of your hike. We had mild weather at about 40 degrees overcast with little wind. Its a great time of year to hike if you don't mind cold weather!

Leah S — Google review

It is very peopley here. I did go on a weekend and expected it to be more populated but WOW. It’s not a holiday weekend thing, this is a popular place and local attraction that tons of people in the Midwest come to see (some even further) Either way, if you can stand bumping elbows every now and then it’s not too bad. It is very pretty. There are a lot of stairs on some of the trails. Definitely bring some water!!

Alexis B — Google review

I have a special fondness for this state park as it's a great place for outdoor activities. During our visit, we trekked for 3 hours, exploring both the Wildcat Canyon and the La Salle Canyon. Although there aren't any waterfalls in the summer, the hike remains incredibly enjoyable.

Justin Z — Google review

Great hike! It has quite a few stairs on different trails, but we had lots of fun. The visitor center has a nice food court, and you can get ice cream too. The camping ground is great! We stayed in a shaded camp, great for keeping it cool during the warm days. Great place for star gazing of you stay in the no shade campsites.

Fernanda D — Google review

I have lived in Illinois since 2007 and wanted to visit Starved Rock so bad. November 19,23 is the first time I have had the pleasure of visiting and I was so glad I did. It was a wonderful time. There's lots of stairs so bring water and even a snack. There's a gift shop with super cute items in it. I want to go back because it was such a great time.

Alexis G — Google review

I’ve been to this place since I was very young. Starved Rock Lodge has had a special place in my life for most of my life. What I love about it is that unlike most things today, it still has it’s traditional, classic, and old school feel. It seems like one of the very few things that’s being preserved and rightly so. Most of the times I go on vacation there, my experience is generally quite positive. The staff are usually friendly and considerate. It has good fishing along the Illinois river despite the river’s pollution. The nature is also beautiful. The place itself is proof that Illinois is more than just Chicago and flat farmlands. I also always enjoy the pool and hot tub there too. No place is perfect but this is my way of trying to spread some positivity in a world of seemingly endless negativity. Thank you Starved Rock State Park for all of the joy you bring to people who enjoy visiting and thank you staff for your hard work and support. Hope you all can appreciate my new drawing.

Liam C — Google review

Highly Recommend: very pretty, I think French canyon was the prettiest. I would recommend seeing all except walking the bluff trail between owl canyon and Ottawa - the trail is through forest and pretty boring, not much to see just treading along. I'd recommend just hiking to owl canyon and back and then driving and parking by Illinois or Ottawa canyon.

S. D — Google review

Nice big park. Trails for hiking an a big waterfront for fishing or watching the boats. There was a picnic area an boat dock just down from the visitor center area. Port a John's there for when the center isn't open. We did the st Louis canyon trail.. beautiful spot. We saw cliff swallows flying around the top of the canyon. That was neat!!

S H — Google review

Tremendous park and trails, amazing campground facility as well five minutes up the road. We hiked four of the trails and loved the clean landscape, variations in altitude, and river and woodland views.Staff are attentive and care greatly for the park.The campground is amazingly clean and quiet. Bathrooms are typical camp baths.A really fun weekend for the family with plenty of fresh air and exercise.

Jonathan J — Google review

What a great state park to hike around and explore. The visitors center was clean and inviting. There is a little place to grab some treats and food called the trailhead.There had been little rainfall around the time we were there so sadly the waterfalls were not flowing 😞 the trails were well marked and the YOU ARE HERE maps were placed all over.Definitely a state park to add to your bucket list!

Denai C — Google review

Beautiful scenery in the state park along with decently maintained trails. In some parts there have been a few steps sticking out in odd places where rain has washed it away. Besides that, it is a very well maintained park. I easily spend 2-3 hours here. It’s a huge park to explore!

Brianna C — Google review

Beautiful park to see the fall colors. Lots of hiking trail, the trail to LaSalle canyon has beautiful fall colors, restrooms are clean. Parking is easy during early hours, trail gets crowded later during the day. Would recommend.

Samruddhi K — Google review

We went when the waterfalls were dry so I was kind of disappointed but still had a good time. Spent over 3 hours walking the trails and enjoying the sites of nature. Very beautiful park. Loved the canyons and the views of the dam. Will definitely be back when waterfall season hits up again.

T. J — Google review

Starved Rock is a great state park for visitors to check out. It has pretty easy hiking so it's great for kids. Parking can be difficult sometimes in the summer as it's a popular place. It can also get a little crowded at certain times. My kids really like going and it's easy to let them wander because the paths are mainly boardwalks with railings and/or easy to follow. This park is dog friendly and, as all State Parks in Illinois, has a leash law. There are also cabins that you can rent and a hotel with a restaurant and pool. The fudge in the gift shop is a must. This is a great place for family photos and wedding photos. Have fun.

Bob Q — Google review

Beautiful place to bring kids and family. This place is a challenging hike that will push the inner athlete in you. Even though it's beautiful, don't underestimate this park at all not for the faint of heart.

Manuel A — Google review

Located about an hour and half away from Chicago. This is a good place for hiking. In the spring and summer you’ll be able to see waterfalls up close. If you come in the winter, you’ll see like a winter wonderland because some of the waterfalls will be frozen and covered in snow. They have paved paths which makes things easier. Adequate amount of parking. You can pack a lunch and sit in the main picnic area. There is a visitor center with restrooms.

Nicholas P — Google review

Was a blast! The amazing rock structures are a view to look at! It was a little crowded but it was expected with how beautiful the weather has been. Remember to wear comfy shoes, lots of stairs and ups and down hills! Some of the steps are trick due to the condition, so be careful and take your time! If you're in the area, The Rootbeer Stand is up the road for a quick bite and a throwback feel!

Ryan — Google review

This is a great place to go for an extended hiking experience. The trails are very well marked and maintained. The historical aspect of Starved Rock is acknowledged and celebrated.We had lunch in the Back Door Grill. The veggie burger was excellent and the turkey blt wrap was very good too.

Nick M — Google review

Came here on Thursday to this lovely outdoor hiking spot with a group of friends 🧡. We greatly enjoyed ourselves and enjoyed being outside. Just a warning ⚠️ If you are thinking of coming here, please come prepared. Make sure to bring enough water/snacks or food and whatever else you may need. Also, if you do not enjoy coming upstairs, be warned that there are a lot of stairs. Other than those minor things to let you all know about , I had an amazing time and will be coming back here soon.

Seilah F — Google review

Went on a rainy day, it was pouring. Really nice waterfall. Especially visit the Wildcat Canyon.Try to see all the Canyons and the Eagle’s Point. The dam is nice to observe from the Eagle’s point. Would like to visit again in summer to see how it is different. Nice to hike at. Some spots have a nice riverview. The lodge is very pretty with a bar, fireplace and serves food. There are one or two stores that sell souvenirs and gems/jewellery and collective items. Free entry to the park and free parking.

Amrita M — Google review

Always packed and crowded on the weekends for hiking, but you'll still find moments to yourself. A nice scenic hike that's close to Chicago, yet remote. Trails are clearly labeled, and maps are accurate. Decent fishing off the dam, and friendly staff. Trails seem well maintained.

Nicholas N — Google review

Did a 8 mile hike here in March and still the scenery was beautiful. For a moment its almost as if your no longer in the Midwest at all! All in all if your looking for beautiful scenery and a great workout Starved Rock is the place for you!

Connor L — Google review

Starved Rock has a great visitor center. As you can see from the pictures, I shared that there are quite a few informative displays. Showing great details on what you can find around the state park. Plus, they have a great volunteer book store with a lot of great nature books. The best thing is that the proceeds go to support the various educational experiences they offer. They also have a gift shop with a wonderful selection of Starved Rock souvenirs. You will also find an ice cream/fudge shop that serves homemade sweets.

Gina T — Google review

Nice place to hike! 13 miles altogether on the hiking trails. Went after a slight snow and it was beautiful! Lots of wooded paths. Very well marked and maps. Nice visitor center with restrooms and refreshments. Waterfall is super cool. Several lookout points overlooking the IL river and lock/dam. Dogs welcome! Everyone here was very friendly. Second time hiking here and will return again!

Brian J — Google review

One of my favorite places in Illinois to visit. Breathtaking views and beautiful waterfalls if you’re lucky enough to spot one. I love the quaint little town and its friendly people there.

Erica S — Google review

Beautiful hike, we didn't park in the main parking. It was to crowded but found a spot down the road. We hike the whole thing in one full day. Got there befor 10 am and out by 530 pm. We enjoyed out hike!

Shellie A — Google review

This was my family's first visit to the park. I suggest going early in the morning to avoid crowds. Visitors from many nationalities were present, and nearly every family had a dog. The park has many stairs, so be prepared for some climbing. I recommend bringing a bag with water, snacks, and a first aid kit. Some areas can be slippery, so exercise caution. There are insufficient seating options for those who need them. I suggest adding a handicapped section along the trails with seating. I hiked the Pontiac and Wildcat Canyon trails, which took approximately two hours and covered almost three miles.

Robert G — Google review


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Oglesby, IL 61348, USA

(815) 667-4726


Paramount Theatre

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Performing arts theater

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The Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Chicago, is an ornate, old-school playhouse that hosts Broadway-style productions, performances, and comedy acts. It has earned a stellar reputation as one of the top producing theatres in the Chicago theater scene. The theatre's Broadway Series has received numerous "Jeff" Award nominations and secured 8 wins for its outstanding performances. Unlike many regional theatres hosting touring shows, the Paramount Theatre produces awe-inspiring productions from scratch.

I went with my wife to enjoy the show called under the streetlamp. We were very happy with the show and your staff for accommodating me due to my handicap condition. During intermission I went and got myself some free popcorn at the bar and Bud Light and draft. We'll go again I highly recommend to anybody that enjoys watching musicals and or theater as well as perfect live performing bands

Heavy I — Google review

Paramount Theatre is a gorgeous and historical theatre. The inside is beautiful with great friendly staff. My friend and I went and saw Rock of Ages and it was a super fun and amazing show! The performers did a great job and put on a fun show that got the whole crowd dancing. This is the perfect spot for a date night or night out with friends. It is super easy to get to with convenient and easy parking. I will definitely be going back for another show in the future!

Ellery R — Google review

Attended our first production at the Paramount in Aurora. The building has historical significance as it is approximately 100 years old. Building was remodeled but kept the history. We saw Into the Woods, which we really enjoyed. Theater is large with ornate walls and ceilings. Theater is well known for having high level productions.We went on a Sunday afternoon, parked about six blocks away for free. Tickets were $55.00 which gave us seats in about the middle of the theater. Loved our experience here and will be back.

Larry S — Google review

It’s been a long time since I was last here. I was surprised when I came here last night to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the whole building looks very modern on the inside. Theater was very clean. Staff was friendly and helpful. At the concessions, they had Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed drinks and they were moderately priced. I had H 22 and 24, I didn’t realize how close we were to the stage. The seats are kind of tight, not a lot of legroom. The musical had very talented actors, theatrical production was high quality, just looking at all of those set pieces, and musical performances were well coordinated. Parking, you can either do valet for like $13-20 or go to a nearby parking garage and pay like $3-4

Nicholas P — Google review

Nice theatre but I advise getting closer seats to what we had. We were towards the back and the sound does not travel as well under the upper level. There are balcony seats to the sides that appear to be the best seats for those not wanting front row. Think where royalty would sit in a theatre and you'll be able to picture it. Very nice friendly staff all around from ushers and bar tenders, to the police officer and stage personel we dealt with when meeting the band. Great experience for a relatively small theatre.

David S — Google review

My wife and I have a subscription and absolutely love it! The performers routinely exceed expectations. The stage and sets are beautifully done. They musicians are amazing. We are grateful to get a theatre experience like this that's only 15 minutes from home.I highly recommend that when you come for a performance, you consider Stolp Island for dinner and stop in at French 75 across the river for craft co*cktails and the occasional set of live jazz.

Eric P — Google review

Really love this place! And the productions here are always top notch! Seating is great except when a tall person sits in front of you. Yikes!Went to see Into the Woods and it was really great!!I live in Chicago, so driving to this theater is a drive but it's a very nice drive once you get past the city limit.

Ernesto N — Google review

Great venue to watch plays and musicals! Not a bad seat in the theater. Parking garage a half block away.

Rob M — Google review

The best local theatre with spectacular shows. Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in December. It was well worth every penny. Brought me back to my childhood and seeing it on TV. The actors were spot on and fit their roles perfectly. The singing,dancing and vibrant stage sets made it magical in my imagination! The firetrucks arrived at the end of the show, we think someone pulled a fire alarm. We didn’t miss anything. Great theatre!

Martina L — Google review

The inside of the Paramount is amazing, from the lobby to the theater, the art deco just explodes throughout. The staff are all very nice, and the concessions are reasonably priced. The vast majority of the plays we've seen here are exceptional (newsies and wizard of oz were off Broadway caliber). Their set designs are top tier. Glad to be back to see kinky boots. Strict COVID protocols, no food available, checking vaccination status/recent negative test and comparing identification.

Brandon B — Google review

Attended the amazing Dream Girls production. The show was top notch with great actors and phenomenal music to make for a great performance experience. The temperature was uncomfortably warm, but it didn’t totally detract from the experience.

Stephanie H — Google review

Our first visit to Paramount Theater did not disappoint.The building is beautifully maintained.The seats were comfortable.The performance was top notch.100% recommend and we will definitely be back.

Heidi B — Google review

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!! The choreography, set, actors, management, staff, props, etc. Do not miss this show!!

Lori W — Google review

Was a pleasure to be able to visit such a delightful theater! The show was fantastic, the atmosphere was magical, and it was everything I’d hoped it would be. The parking was in walking distance of the building. The restrooms were very clean and they have an elevator and other favorable accommodations for people with potential disabilities. The concessions were lovely and the cast was top tier!

Anna — Google review

Such a beautiful and historic building. The shows are always brilliant and eye catching. Each time I walk through the Paramount doors, I know that I am in for something good and then some. The people are great. The specialty drinks for each show are fun and we look forward to them. Great job to all involved!!

Traveling R — Google review

We love the paramount. The atmosphere the custom drinks for each show. The sets are beautiful the atmosphere is wonderful. It’s like going to Chicago, without the hassle and free or very cheap parking! :)

Lindsay R — Google review

This is a nice venue! We attended a fundraiser and enjoyed the show. Parking was easy, getting into our seats was easy, will definitely return in the future!

Kailey P — Google review

We are advid theater goers. We currently have or had subscription series at Goodman, Chicago Shakespeare, Marriott and have visited many many others over decades. Paromount is aces for many reasons. The staff is 5 stars whether it's a ticket question or pouring you a drink customer interaction is warm, friendly, professional and genuine. I enjoy their souvenirs. Yes that sounds silly, but outside of the Broadway series downtown I find memorabilia to be lacking. If I like a show I like a magnet, t shirt or a themed item like a Wonka Chocolate bar to smile on for awhile and the prices are respectable. The theater itself is just grand. It's a huge space with gorgeous tapestries on the wall and an opulant ceiling that rivals the best spaces in Chicagoland. Parking is sooo easy to find and productions are constantly up for Jeff Awards. Are you sick of hauling your suburban cookies through unpredictable traffic and outrageous parking prices to scratch your theater itch?You owe it to yourself to give Aurora Paramount and Copley center a chance!!

Jeffrey S — Google review

Fantastic theatre and performance. The theatre itself is beautiful and upkept perfectly. They do have a bar that offers treats (m&ms, stuffed pretzels, cookies)and alcohol but food is not allowed within the theatre, whereas drinks are. The seats were comfortable and roomy, so you didn't feel sore after a performance and that you weren't on top of the person next to you.The performance was excellent, and we saw Little Shop of Horrors. The cast was everything we could have hoped for, great singing and acting, and the props were top-notch.We loved it so much we bought tickets for our next show that night.Thanks, Paramount!

B R — Google review


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23 E Galena Blvd, Aurora, IL 60506, USA

(630) 896-6666

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Rooms, guests


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Harrah's Joliet

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Casinos & Gambling


Harrah's Joliet is a riverfront casino hotel that offers various dining options, a bar, and live music. It is conveniently located near the train station, making it an ideal choice for travelers. The rooms have deep tubs suitable for soaking and provide guests with a comfortable night's rest. However, additional fees of around $20+ are added to the room rates, which may not be favorable to some.

This is a very quiet, discreet hotel where the beds are clean and comfortable. An ideal location when you need to spend the night somewhere that resembles the comfort of home. The addition of the casino is an extra perk that brings late night food options and a little bit of fun gaming before heading for bed, so it's a great location! Will definitely choose again in the future.

Mario E — Google review

I stayed here primarily because it's the closest hotel to the train station. The tub was deep enough that I could soak (I'm 5'10"). I had great nights rest. I wasn't too happy about some of the extra fees they add to your room (~$20+). So add $20 to whatever price you see advertised. I'm not a gambler so I didn't enter the casino.

DeMarco D — Google review

After being a frequent guest (DIAMOND ELITE LEVEL) at this casino and hotel for more than 2 decades. I really have to re-think going back. I was there on Sunday night and had a horribly embarrassing and humiliating experience at the main casino bar. I approached the bar for a Heineken. Next to me at the bar was a co*cktail server. She called out her order to the bartender and then asked him "did you take a $20 from the bar"? "I'm pretty sure I put a $20 down on the bar". The bartender, Marc, looked her in the face and said "No" The co*cktail server looked at me and there I was standing with a $20 in my hand. She looked at me again and again. Then, the other bartender with dark hair leaned-in toward the co*cktail server and said "do you want me to call surveillance"? She again looked me over and then said "Yes" So...now I know that she thinks the $20 in my hand was stolen from her. People sitting at the bar were looking on as I said to her: "Do you really think I took your money"? She said "Oh, no...I didn't think that" I was the only one within reach of her money with the exception of the bartender that emphatically denied taking it. Surveillance informed them that the bartender, Marc, that said he didn't take it off the bar...did INDEED take it off the bar. Is he very forgetful or a liar that steals money? CLEARLY, the server thought I took her money and others sitting at the bar watch intently at the drama. I was mortified and humiliated beyond measure. i informed my casino host via text of the incident and he apologized and said his boss was informed. I half-expected a call, email or text from someone at Harrah's, but it seems they're perfectly content to have pretend nothing too bad happened. They could have asked for a review from surveillance without the implied accusation that I was a thief and spared me the embarrassment and humiliation. It's not likely I will return to Harrah's or other Caesar's properties. There are too many choices to return where I'm treated so poorly.

Gerard M — Google review

Easy in and easy out. Rooms were large and very nice, no smoke smell. Service is excellent at the front desk. Game floor was not crowded and plenty of table games. My $69 room cost me $150.....dang marketing and betting losses! It was worth it, I'll be back.

H.R. C — Google review

The pros are that every staff member was very kind and helpful in the casino and hotel. Our room was pretty big and mostly clean. The bathtub was massive and water pressure was excellent and hot. The sundries shop at the front desk had a wide variety of items you may have forgotten. Lots of affordable restaurants within walking distance of the hotel and parking was simple. When we came in at 10pm to retire for the evening, the lobby smelled like fresh pizza. The cons are that our room's previous occupant left their used coffee bag in the machine and a half pot of stinky burned coffee. Some how, house keeping missed that. There are soap dispensers in the shower for shampoo and body wash but they were topped off with water to appear more full, so they hardly made any suds. Every pop machine we encountered was broken and the ice machine on our floor was not working. Your key card won't allow you to take the elevator to any other floor so we couldn't try other ice machines. And you should expect some late night intoxicated folks on the weekends, hollering in the hallway and waking you up if you turn in early. Overall decent experience.

IH R — Google review

Rooms were very spacious and clean.The desk clerk could've been friendlier.Honestly, if it wasn't so late and I hadn't been driving all day, I probably would've gone some place else. For the price with no breakfast - not worth it in my opinion.You can get clean, FRIENDLY service WITH breakfast at any other hotel for a much better price.Also, FYI- you have to park in the garage across the street and cross back over for the hotel.

Citizen A — Google review

The staff was very friendly and attentive, from the casino floor to security to the hotel staff. We got a non-smoking King room and the room was spotless...very clean! The bathroom had a hairdryer that worked!!! The tub was massive... definitely room for 2! Private toilet room, soap/body wash provided, and plenty of towels.The casino gave some, took some away, and then let us walk away with some. New and (best of all) old school slots, a nice variety of dollar, quarter, and penny slots. The tables were open, and there was room to sit at anyone you wanted to.There is a little cafe serving good sandwiches and Starbucks. 2 bar areas w/staff pouring cold beer and stiff drinks.This was our 2nd stay here and we'll be back!

Mark H — Google review

Front desk concierage when we checked in was the least helpful man ever. We asked about Valet parking which they no longer have. I then had to pull teeth to figure out where to park. Room is spacious, and very warm. Air conditioning has one setting and DOES not work. Bedding. Pillows are lumpy, sheets are scratchy. I could hear them crinkle us. For 250 a night, complete rip off.

Veronica M — Google review

Stayed here for a show at the Rialto Theater. It was a quick two block walk to the show. The room was a king, and was very spacious. It was also quiet given the street and river traffic out the window. The best the best thing was the bathroom. The tub was huge, great water pressure, and a lot of hot water. The stool was closed off in its own separate. We did pay $15 for early check in, as we showed up around 2:00 pm and check in is at 4:00 pm

Shawn A — Google review

What happened to this casino??!! It's dead up in here feels like being at a bingo hall... You guys have to do something else to bring the excitement back here once again or just shut this place down. Too big of wasted space for this cemetery they want to call a casino

MR. M — Google review

The casino was great! No complaints there. Standard casino experience. They didn't offer anything for a new guest signing up for rewards, which was a bummer. The main thing that makes it a four-star versus a five star is the drink service on the floor. I was there for several hours on a Saturday night. Never once got drink service once.

Isaiah G — Google review

Gambling is what it is...a risk you take; but at least LIVEN this place up!!! Compared to Rivers this place feels like work, not as bad as Hollywood but very close. Pump some good music through the place, get the crowd jumping, have more fiery give aways, be more creative! Joliet should be a place people from Chicago and Indiana should want to take a drive to; a fun hot spot! More winning not a repast.

Renaldo B — Google review

Some rooms need updating (ours didn't this time), coffee pots need deep cleaning or how 'bout replacing them. Very comfortable couch and bed, we had a great night sleep. Brought beers, vodka, bloody mary mix for a great morning 😉 watching football games in our room is fun when you come prepared as we did. Our munchies include chips crackers cheese and spanish style antipasto 😋 Have fun and enjoy your stay!!

Anita A — Google review

Phenomenal Management. Willy is one of the rare gems in this world. The way he handled my reservation error was accommodating when I needed it. Rochelle was also very attentive and welcoming. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my stay and the service of the staff

J C — Google review

I enjoy the location here. It was my first time. Pizza is good. The casino floor is open in new slots. Parking free across the street. The room was nice. Spacious, and the air conditioning was super cold. Bed was comfortable as well. The best thing about my experience was the front desk supervisor, Tanya. She was absolutely a sweetheart and caring exceptional customer service. She is very knowledgeable and she was very helpful at everything. She is a rare worker these days. She should be promoted, and her skillset and passion for her job would add great value for her organization. Just the overall customer service level. I was going to 4 star rate. I'm a very honest reviewer, but my interactions with her she went above and beyond, so it's 5 stars across the board!!!! Fantastic

Rustan P — Google review

Very clean casino. Have stayed at the hotel a few times and the rooms are NEVER that clean. Last time there was toiletries left from the previous guests with opened coffee bags. This time, there was dried up toothpaste in the sink and hairs in the shower. Luckily we were only there for 1 night so I waited to shower when I got home to my clean shower. Don't really recommend the hotel AT ALL but the casino is great and very clean.

Lisa M — Google review

Dated hotel with a casino attached. Our room was nice and very open. Lots of space. I looked at past reviews to note the regular rooms were not great, so I upgraded to the premium 'river view' room.Like I stated, the room was nice. The view was OK. Yes we saw the river but we also had a great look at the pawn shop next door. Hmmmm....We did not eat at this location.It was within walking distance to the Forge.I wasn't very happy with the service. All 4 handicapped spots were taken and we were told to park across the street. Very convenient for a handicapped with luggage.

Jeff — Google review

We attended a Holiday party here for my husband's workplace get together. The Italian food was pretty good for being banquet style and at a Casino.

Laura M — Google review

Not even sure how this place is still open. We are well past COVID and they still do not have maid service during your visit. On top of that, Harrah's charges you a resort fee daily, for what? There is nothing here. They only have one restaurant open until 4pm so nothing to do but gamble. Once you go on the gaming floor there are no free drinks, you can't smoke or vape or eat. Positive that I'll never be back to this facility

Larry B — Google review

Heather, the casino cage supervisor was extremely rude for an issue that was not my fault. She raised her voice and was extremely hostile. The issue was not resolved after speaking with the "casino manager ". I am diamond rewards tier and regardless, I expected a better experience.

Joe P — Google review

Room was grubby and smells like cigarettes. Furniture was beat up. 3 nights with no housekeeping. Dumpy is the best description. No in room coffee after 1st day.I asked the afternoon of the 3rd night for housekeeping ( they said of course) and I got new towels but they left the wet towels, no bed making and overflowing trash and no TP. Had to call later for the toilet paperReally disappointed.

Marshall W — Google review

It's so sad how they treat my husband because my husband has a Defibrillator/pacemaker and was scared to go through metal detectors and told them he had no problem with them hand searching him, they refuse to let him in unless he went through the metal detectors.. I highly recommend if somebody has this kind of disability and is scared to go through metal detectors. I would go to Bally's in Chicago At least they will hand search you and treat you like a guest and not a inconvenience and tell you to leave

Rhonda K — Google review

Add $17.50 per night for resort/amenities fee. If you check in before 3, expect an early check in fee. If you want a late checkout, expect additional fees (see pic). Rooms are nice and clean. Need a key to get up to ANY floor. Tubs are soakers, so the walls of the tub are very high to get over. They do have a grab bar. 3 restaurants. No buffet. Front desk staff came across indifferent. Casino okay, but nothing to get excited about, with a lot of older machines.

Renee K — Google review

Slots games are of the sort found in many other nice casinos, you just need bubble craps, and another table. Crowded tables that money people can't get to helps no one.

Donny D — Google review

Nice place, but Way too noisy. Clean, employees polite, helpful, and cheerful. Food is good in all eating areas. Matresses could be nicer quality. Will go again.

Beth L — Google review

Terrible, terrible experience. While we were sleeping in our room, we were woken up at 1am by the people who were staying next to us. They were arguing, screaming, and slamming doors continually. This continued on for almost 1.5 hours. In this time, we called down to the front desk asking for security to manage the situation. This just kept continuing and we decided at 2am that we would just go home. We couldn’t sleep with all the screaming and slamming doors. When we went down to the front desk to check out, the woman said that security didn’t get a chance to make it up to the floor to handle the situation. So we paid to stay the night in the hotel and only got to sleep for 2 hours… The staff didn’t seem to care at all.DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Darbi A — Google review

I didn’t stay at the hotel but I come with my boyfriend and some of my friends all the time I’m not much of a gambler but I like to go to the smoke room that they have, or sit by the bar to have a couple of drinks. The older bartender Nancy is not very nice but Jennifer is sooooooo sweet and super cute I hope next time I come back she’s here and can serve me again. Good luck everybody!!!

Demaris W — Google review

The Reserve Steakhouse has a nice selection of appetizers and entrees. We have enjoyed everything we have had there.The casino has slots, video poker, table games.

Mary S — Google review

The price of a 5 star hotel with the experience of a hostel. All night we could hear the next room over. No amenities, no breakfast, no pool, no coffee. Forget your toothbrush? They will sell you one for $6

Tim G — Google review


Volo Museum


Specialty Museums

Classic, antique, muscle & Hollywood car displays plus antique malls & burger bar with beer garden.

Such a great experience! There are approx 10 museums all with a different theme. Antique cars, cars from movies, Disney theme, music hall, tractors, war, vintage mobile homes, trains, and a torture/gangster museum. Something for everyone's interest. Easy to walk through everything in about 6 hours if you're looking in detail or faster if you're just breezing through. The coolest part was the vintage arcade games in the Disney part of the car museum. I also loved the music hall with all the self playing live band vintage music machines.Bring $1 or $5 bills to get tokens for some of the interactive parts of the exhibits. There are machines to change out for tokens but the majority are cash only.There is a little cafeteria with pizza etc at the start!There is a path to follow but besides the car museum you go from building to building so you can break away if you don't want to do all the museums in one day.

Marie M — Google review

This place is awesome. They are open from 10am to 5pm, and there's plenty for the entire family to do. If you like antiques, the antique mall alone can take an entire day to go through. I didn't visit Jurassic Gardens this time but I spent pretty much open to close going through the entire museum and checking out some of the antique mall. There's games and an outdoor play area for the kids when the weather is warmer. There's some really cool movie cars on display and even snowmobile, boat, and bike exhibits. If you like military memorabilia they have a pretty well showcased section from various wars, there's a crime and punishment section that costs $2 extra and is well worth it. You'll get a lot of walking in so make sure to wear comfortable shoes. If you visit everything the museum offers you'll walk over 5 miles.I was really impressed with the way the cars were displayed by theme / era. Staff is very friendly and helpful. It's a drive from where I live but I plan on making it a point to come here at least twice a year if not more.

Dan H — Google review

One day is not enough to visit and see everything! We came thanks to a program with our Skokie Library (discount to the Car Museum) however there is also a Jurassic Park, Titanic Exhibit, restaurant and antique mall. We missed a bit of it due to toddler nap schedule but worth the trip if you can visit! Also very well designed and presented of automotive history.

Mohammed A — Google review

Went for birthday. I enjoyed the experience very much. Different care designs and growing up as a kid, I remember watching TV shows and liking the different cars. Brought back a lot of memories that is for sure. It is difficult to navigate through the 58 acre museum with not the best signs.They have old school cars that are for sale as well. Overall, it was a great experience. They even have an antique mall which has many interesting treasure in there.

Kerry A — Google review

It's a really cool museum for all! Even if you're not a car enthusiasts you'll still appreciate everything that the museum has to offer. My only issue was there's a strong smell when you get to the Disney/kids area I don't really know how to explain it but also if you have allergies I would recommend taking meds as the military section can be a little dusty. Overall, it was a good experience! You can also check out their shops where they carry a lot of vintage/antique trinkets.

Lea L — Google review

Went on a Friday around noon and had the best time! I had no idea they had Showbiz Pizza animatronics, definitely gave off nostalgia. The restaurant is very cool with hanging lamps, bikes, movie memorabilia and more! The food available is pizza slices, hot dogs, chips, nachos, drinks and Mac n cheese. The women behind the counter were so awesome! There is also a gift shop selling desserts and ice cream. We did the Jurassic World and Auto Museum since we have kids of all ages. I was able to bring my stroller through. We loved all of the cars, scenes and displays. We ended up spending 4 hours there without even realizing it. Then the kids enjoyed the playground when we were done with all of the showrooms. We will definitely be back.

Helen C — Google review

Such beautiful cars here. Plenty to do and see, definitely an all day trip. Only thing I wish was better is the flow of the buildings. There aren't to many signs directing you where you need to go in the beginning. Other than that it was a great experience. If you love cars and history this is the place for you. Lots to keep kids entertained too. Parking was free, they have some food and drinks on the premises. Oh and if you want to visit the antique shops, go there first. They close earlier than Volo. We did not know that and missed the chance to look around. I would highly recommend visiting.

Angela M — Google review

An absolute must see! Everything is laid out so nicely and the collections are amazing. We spent 2+ hours here and didn’t do the titanic or Jurassic park exhibits. Make the time to go see this place, it’s totally worth it!

Mark J — Google review

The museum was pretty massive. There are different kinds of tickets. We did the combo with the Volo museum and Jurassic gardens for $35. The Volo museum by itself has a lot to see so you can easily spend a few hours with that. You will see many classic cars as well as cars from movies. Jurassic gardens is a lot smaller and kids will enjoy that. We spent like 15-20 mins in there. It’s worth checking out.

Nicholas P — Google review

There is so much to see here that you need to spend probably two days to take it all in! They have some small rides for younger kids ( you can purchase at the front counter - or they have changers that will convert money over to the special coins you use. There is a music hall that has several old player pianos and massive music boxes that you can play with these coins also. I played everyone of these!!! The car collections are amazing!!! This was basically an adult playground!!!

Kyle M — Google review

A little expensive for such an exhibition, but my son really liked it. Hot dog for 10$ also seemed overpriced, but the restored animatronic stage show smoothed the price a bit.Fun place for kids!

Elina Z — Google review

A trip to the Volo museum was well worth the hike from the city. This is an attraction for all ages. Whether you a car enthusiast or a kid who wants to see the cars featured in popular movies and Disney displays. They have old cars restored cards, bikes, mopeds, pedal cars, snow mobiles, vaudeville puppet shows, Disney figurine makers, the ninja turtle pizza van, the terminator car, Johnny cash guitar car, the Barbie cars, all in various showrooms for you to walk through. Ending in an old decorated styled pizza parlor. They’ve put so much thought into every detail!

Alex A — Google review

Very good museum for any car enthusiast, from timeless classics to famous movie cars to Tow Mater and Lightning McQueen, beyond even to brand new Corvettes and even Ralph Lauren's personal Lamborghini Countach the Volo Auto Museum has many sights to behold, one of my personal favorites was this 1923 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II which I have attached a picture of. If you're a car enthusiast, movie nut, or just looking for something fun to do on a weekend the Volo Museum is a great option. The food served in the restaurant is also phenomenal. Great experience, cool cars, and friendly staff. I cannot recommend this place enough.

FinntheGamer42 — Google review

Took hubby here for his birthday. He loved it because he luvs cars. He wants to come back and me too. The dinosaurs were awesome ❤❤❤

Joanette J — Google review

Went to the Volo Museum on a Saturday. Line moved quickly especially if you know what you want to do.Volo Museum (fun for all ages) Jurassic Gardens (geared towards kids), and Titanic - A Tribute to Tragedy (artifacts, and replicas from history) are the three passes to choose from. Combo passes are a available and discounts for each additional activity admission.There is a pizzeria, ice cream / coffee parlor and gift shop. The food available included pizza slices, hot dogs, chips, nachos, drinks, and desserts.In their eating area there is a vintage Pirate Stage Show animatronic that reminds me of the old school Chuck E. Cheese entertainment from the 80’s/90’s.There are also a variety of collectibles hanging from the ceilings of the restaurant.Overall, it was a great experience, and I spent many hours looking at the movie, modern, and classic cars. Majority of the cars on display are available for sale. (Beautiful cars but all out my price range. 😂)Before leaving, I stopped by the antique barn, where they have a variety of items on display from various vendors for sale.

L M — Google review

OMG!! I was expecting a small car collection! These guys have hundreds of cars, plus military collection, tractors, vintage RV trailers, scooters, trains, airplanes, and yes even the "Family Vacation" car! Took over 3 hours and we didn't see everything. Highly recommend!! Also they have separate Jurassic Park and Titanic displays. AMAZING!

V111pilot V — Google review

This place is so cool! I loved everything and every section in the Volo Museum. I wish we had time to do the Jurassic Park part which is a separate museum section and u pay a fee as well there. They also have the Titanic part which they recommend older kids so we didn’t go to that section either, they also have a fee in that museum. But we were happy with just the Volo part, it was huge and so many different cars. They have very old model cars to cars used in Hollywood movies. I need to come back because we got there 2 hours before closing and we could of used more time but overall was so fun. They also have something in the Jurassic part for kids with sensory needs on specific Sundays I believe it’s every 3rd Sunday of the Month. I would double check and call in for the dates and times. Overall amazing place.

Tiffany T — Google review

We did the tour of just the museum, and that was plenty to keep us busy. They had a lot of cars, of course. I enjoyed the old rv section. That was super cool. Also, all of the music boxes. U can spend an e tire day walking around here.

Beth E — Google review

Lovely place with endless things to see and do! Great for all ages. The antique section really took me by surprise, and the museum itself had many exhibits! You can easily spend a few hours here. I highly recommend walking through it a few times because there may be some hidden gems you missed!!

Your G — Google review

This place is pricey but fun for all ages. Unfortunately all the different attractions are separate (Cars, Dinosaurs , Titanic)So, if you are on a budget, or have a large family, it really adds up. That being said, it has some pretty cool stuff.

Lisa L — Google review

This is quite possibly one of the coolest museums ever! Having lived/visited the greater Chicago area since I was a little one, I've never heard of the Volo Museum until...maybe a handful of years ago, and was absolutely blown away by this experience!The Volo Museum is dedicated to housing/maintaining classic cars, parade calliopes, old store displays, animatronics and more!I have to make up new words to describe how awesome this place is, because anything I write doesn't feel like it would do it justice.Pro-tip: I would recommend starting early so that you have enough time to visit and experience everything this museum has to offer. You can even pack a picnic and enjoy it in the picnic area.

Katy D — Google review

Great little Titanic exhibit. Nice gift shop. My son said the pizza was horrible. Will come back to check ot other areas we didn't see this time.

Toosassee4u — Google review

This place is AMAZING!!! Great for people of all ages. They have an extensive super cool car collection, Disney theme displays, A Titanic exhibit, a military exhibit, a dinosaur exhibit, and even a torture exhibit! There is a little bit of everything and lots to see. Some exhibits are building to building so you do some outside walking but not much.They also have coffee, liquor and a cute pizza diner.

Priscilla G — Google review

That place was amazing. It has so much to see. It had a lot of cool stuff it's not just car museum. If you're in the area, I would recommend going and checking it out.

CBU — Google review

Went on a school trip. This was a great experience with a lot to see and do. Staff was so very helpful and students were engagedEvery time we turned the corner I heard "ohh that's so cool" or "take my picture." Our kids are still talking about it. They were very positive and excited about their experience.This was fantastic! I would recommend this to everyone!! We are for sure going again!

The L — Google review

I went to the museum with my older sister, 12, 10,9 and 5 year old kids. The museum overall was super cool. Tons to look at and see. We got the museum, Jurassic and Titanic. When we finally got to the Titanic, we thought we missed something. For the extra money they charged, we thought we’d see parts of the ship, other artifacts, etc. it was literally a room that took 5 minutes to get through and mainly clothes and dishes were displayed. I would not recommend this exhibit for the ridiculous extra they’re charging for. I would not recommend bringing emotional, younger children, as she couldn’t get through the first minute because of the sad depressing music and sad stories about the passengers passing on the Titanic.Also, the carousel only runs on weekends, so the kids didn’t get to participate in that feature.

Stephanie R — Google review

Went here for a quick visit before we had to catch a plane. 2 hours is not enough time to see everything! They have so much going on. Tons of cool cars and all sorts of collectibles. They have mini golf and a dino room with animatronic dinosaurs.

Lume — Google review


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27582 Volo Village Rd, Volo, IL 60073, USA

(815) 385-3644


The Morton Arboretum

40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (18)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (19)

40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (20)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (21)

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4 lists


Nature & Parks

Diverse 1,700-acre nature preserve with a maze garden & tram plus picnicking, hiking & biking.

We went to see lights at night at the arboretum.What a great walk through lighted trails!! Synchronization music and lighting was beautiful and worth it to watch and listen. Very nice one mile walk, enjoyable view with campfires set up to warm up, and hot drinks stops for those that need warm up from inside 😀. Warm restrooms were also available. Overall perfect evening, glad we were able to make it before the end of the season. Tickets were selling out on line very quickly. So if you are planning next year to visit you better grab tickets before they sold them out!!!

Barbara Q — Google review

My family and I have been members of the Arboretum for over 10 years! We’ve been able to make so many memories there, it is our go to when out of town guests are visiting and it has been a great educational resource. Our favorite event of the year is Illumination which has become a family tradition. The grounds are amazing and you’ll never run out of new things to do!

Marie N — Google review

Really nice place to walk, relax, ride a bike or just drive and get out and sit. The main entrance has a kids area, gardens, a maze, and plenty of sitting areas. The rest of the park has a lot of trails, sculptures and places to rest. Very clean. Has a gift shop and cafe, i formation center and tram tour service(extra fees). Bathrooms were well taken care of and the staff were all very friendly.

JC O — Google review

This place is huge. Prepare to do a lot of walking. I loved the Children's Garden which had ton of interactive activities. The maze was fun. The sculptures were very unique. The food in the cafeteria area was not the best. The gift shop had ton of amazing merchandise. I will definitely visit again.

Pamela B — Google review

This place is very vibrant during autumn. A lots of activities going on, hiking and trailing are for all ages. You can see trees with different colors and perspective. Definitely we’ll be back next year…

Ramiro A — Google review

It is a beautiful place that has a lot of green areas. Recommended for walking. if it is good to visit in spring and summer in the fall in any season of the year. It is divided between various areas for all ages, the children's area has many stations for them to have fun, to learn, to explore, it is a good choice for parents. And for the family in general. There is also a very fun Labyrinth area. And many areas to see from Botanical Art Gallery, in itself it is a place for which it would be worth paying the membership, because, the place is so big that you will have to return several times to explore the entire place. Parking is already included in the ticket or with the membership and if the membership is purchased it has many amenities.

Ery K — Google review

This is a huge and beautiful park that I've visited a couple of times and each time has been a little bit different because of the rotating exhibits and gardens. The walkways are wide and the trees are not densely packed so you will have large open areas with no shade. The west side of the park is much more prone to mosquitoes so prepare yourself if you venture on that side.The art exhibits that are incorporated within the park are absolutely beautiful, and the park is large enough you wouldn't be able to get to everything in a full day there. My only complaint is that the park lacks enough signage so while there are many things to explore, you will get lost trying to find them and/or frequently encounter other lost guests who ask you for directions.

Diana L — Google review

Relaxing, calm, meditative, and a plant diverse place to walk and explore. I love seeing the larger than life garden sculptures, and every time I go I discover a new path. Cross country skiing is accessible and a lot of fun here. The trails provide a nice variety of hills, scenery, and are beginner to intermediate in challenge. The Light Show in the winter is impressive, family friendly, and has a lot of variety in music and type of lights. There is so much to do at the Arboretum including classes and events, so a membership is worth it.

Briana S — Google review

It was fun but better in the summer if you have a picnic or go with a group. Long driving trail (almost an hour) and many walking trails. The special events are worth the trip. Been to the Christmas light show many times.

Frank C — Google review

Love all the sculptures and displays throughout the arboretum. Could spend hours walking among nature. Beautifully kept and lots of trails to explore. Don’t forget your bug spray! Free for members and $5 per guest with a member

Mona — Google review

September it's beautiful for hiking, we did 6 miles and this place always delivers. Love the trails, maintained well and the art and nature are well incorporated together. Will definitely try to come every month to explore the changes that every season brings in thes place.

Risto A — Google review

The day I was there it was rainy, but I still loved it! Just to drive and see all the beautiful scenery and art sculptures. Learn about the differant trees and plants from the states around that you never saw before was awesome. I can't wait to go back again it's my #1 spot to go again on a short vacation. Don't miss the acres of beautiful sights of nature, you won't regret it, you'll fall in love with the place!! Until we meet again!!💚💙💯🫶

Kathy D — Google review

Beautiful during the fall and blissful during the winter. No matter the season, there's always something to enjoy in this beautiful place. It is great for to hike, run, read, and just enjoy spare time. Their cafe/restaurant offers lots of delicious and healthy food options. This is, overall, just a great place.

V M — Google review

Came here for Mother's Dau for the first time. The place is so beautiful and BIG! There was a slow line of cars waiting to get in, so be prepared for that. Even with the line, the place didn't feel crowded because of how large it is. I really couldn't tell a difference in trees driving through, but u can really tell once u get close! We mainly stayed in the kid section, but it was a blast! The lilacs were in bloom, and part of the area smelled like heaven. I wish it was a little cheaper, but we had fun. Also it's more about trees than flowers or plants. At least the sections I saw.

Emily O — Google review

Fell in love with this place. If you live in the city it's quite a journey getting there but it's worth it. Tranquil trails, great restaurant and cafe, and the plants are beautiful. My favorite part was the beautiful sculptures and red winged blackbirds. I would recommend bringing water and bug spray, the ticks were out.

Michaela W — Google review

Beautiful views, amazing place to spend the day enjoying nature. Definitely wear your walking shoes because this place is huge! Maps are also a must if wanting to find all the human +nature statues, which I feel could have used more directions on the trails. Gift shop had some really cool items though it is on the pricey side, drinks and food on the high end as well, it was $6 for a small hot chocolate ; otherwise would give 5 stars.

Amber D — Google review

Anyone going here for the sculptures in many of the most viewed pictures, the exhibit is sadly over. Fortunately, the exhibits are updated, just have to check their website. Many trails to walk, with paved and wood chip covered trails. A visitor center with food/drink, and lots of areas for children as well. A must see if you're looking for a place to enjoy (easily) a few hours of nature near the Chicago area, and worth the trip to see by itself!

Breanna P — Google review

Love the Arboretum. We are members. We got married here so there are many special memories. Love the children's garden and maze garden. Sculptures on display are amazing and add fun to the adventure. Light show in winter is a fantastic event.

Jacquelyn J — Google review

Just an amazing place and you need to drive to go to the different areas. There are 5 intriguing sculptures done by a Polish artist and they are amazing. You can get your steps in for the day as you will need a day to see a lot. I loved the labyrinth and we saw a sycamore caterpillar 🐛 there! The gift shop is lovely and well designed.

Karina K — Google review

My opinion is that there are many free forest preserves that are the same or better. There is toooo many open fields that should be used for family picnics. They should install more exhibits or utilize sections for families to enjoy. This is my 1st time and probably my last time. The area is huge a lot of walking which is good but you can find the same or better in your free forest preserve. They need to add more to all the dead space they have if they are charging that kind of . money.

Gonzalo — Google review

Went for the holiday light show and it was fantastic! Music and lights at night in the Arboretum is a fun event for dates, families, friends and groups. Hot chocolate, coffee and a few cold weather adult beverages add to the experience. Their were also a couple bonfires you could gather around to enjoy. Super friendly and courteous staff throughout the Arboretum.

Kit W — Google review

-A great place to walk: The Arboretum has miles of hiking trails and paved roads, perfect for hiking, running, biking or just exploring.- Pricey for a single day: Tickets can be expensive for a single day for 17$ per person and kids above 2 years it costs 12$, but if you live nearby, an annual pass makes more sense.- Exhibit of sculptures: As of April 2024, the Morton Arboretum has an exhibit of sculptures related to "Of the Earth", which seems to be all made from wood.This is a unique place to explore, discover, escape, and connect with trees and has something to offer all times of the year.

Soumya T — Google review

The price changes depending on demand- hour, crowd, and day. For the illumination I paid $35 a person which I felt was really overpriced to walk a trail with light displays. My rating shows 5 stars because parking was easy, the lights were real cool with the music, a bonfire was set up to roast marshmallows not far from the concession stand. The staff were friendly and helpful. The gift shop has neat items and clean bathrooms.

Christina B — Google review

Mid-April at Morton Arboretum is lovely! If you are looking for spring flowers then plan to go in April. I was impressed with the level of organization around different trails (designated trails for specific species or geographic areas). Definitely a nice place to walk, sit on a bench to read, or to grab a coffee and enjoy the scenery!

Kathryn D — Google review

This is a great place to go for a hike, get away from the city, spend an active day with family or a date night when they have events. This arboretum never disappoints and switches up the exhibits often enough to entice you to come back often.

Dasha G — Google review

We had an excellent visit! The grounds are beautiful and very well maintained. Just be sure to check for ticks after you leave! You're surrounded by trees - they come with the territory!

Marilyn C — Google review

A good way to spend a day or a couple of hours alone, on a date, or with the fam. There are about 10 miles of hiking and plenty to see. Depending on the season determines what’s sprouting around you but, looks fun for all seasons. Before you go check out if they have events or not!

Ashley M — Google review

Last time we went here was when it was a drive through so this time thought there would be more since we were walking. Coolest part was the 6 minute illumination of the trees. But they got rid of the giant chandelier this year which I loved. I do think that could have used more lights especially around the pond. Light up the pathway to go back like you do the parking lot! A lot of areas that you could still light up. Overall we had a beautiful night being outside I. The Arboretum.

Teresa P — Google review

We enjoyed the short hikes and reading the informational displays along the hiking paths. The scarecrows were displayed along the short Meadow Lake Trail. There were some stalls set up by the visitor center where you can purchase food with tickets. When my kids were younger, they used to enjoy the Children's Garden. In that area, there were many plants in the ground with signs labelling the plants. We enjoyed both the colorful trees and the flowers. We spent four hours walking around the East side and never made it to the West side.

E W — Google review

This was the coolest place!! We went for the Illumination which is around Christmas time where they’ve got all the trees lit up and so much more. So many cool light displays!!! Multiple concession stands on the path which include soft or hard drinks. Spiked hot chocolate, YUM! A very cool and unique experience and I can’t wait to come back again! Make sure to check out the breathing tree!

Brian J — Google review


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4100 IL-53, Lisle, IL 60532, USA

(630) 968-0074

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Woodfield Mall

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Shopping mall


Expansive mall offering brand-name stores, restaurants, a bowling alley & game lounge & comedy club.

I simply wanted y’all to know my incredible experience at this particular store. I wanted to shop clothes for kids and I went to the perfect store. This store is super clean and everything is perfectly organized. Many people were there who are also busy shopping but the store is not crowded. Staff are accommodating and helpful. I’ve got to choose from their wonderful selection of shoes and clothes. They got pretty designs and good quality selection of clothes. Shoes and clothes are branded and the prices are fair and reasonable. It was a great deal and the kids love what I got for them. I highly suggested this Kids Foot Locker store if you wanted amazing shoes, clothes and other stuffs for kids!

Charles S — Google review

We decided to come here since I have no works to do. My wife told me that we go to this mall early to spend our whole day here. It’s been a long time since we go to the mall. Since we already eat our breakfast before coming here we decided to go to every stores and looks for some products and things to buy. There are some people in the mall so it’s easy to walk and the flooring was very clean. Some of the stores that we enter has a nice and good service and some are not. The pricing was depending on the brand and the quality of the shirts. The good things are there’s a sale and a discount but in a limited product only. Although the dress and the polo shirt that we bought was little expensive but its worth the price. After the tiring shopping we ate and bought some groceries. So this is our experience in this mall.

Jose D — Google review

It's one of my favorite places to walk around ( especially in wintertime). Great food court, excellent choice of high and medium end stores. It's just a great place. Please see pictures, they speak for themselves

Homi S — Google review

A typical mall. Nothing special. Big enough for to spend few hrs there & have a meal. But in my honest opinion, the mall design a bit weird. A lot of stairs, ramp & escalators. Kinda confusing

M M — Google review

Wow. This is the best mall I've ever been to. Huge variety of stores and the labyrinth design makes it so easy to go wherever you want. Great job to the architecture team for designing such a cool user friendly shopping experience. I'm, and they are getting a Primark!!!

K.R. V — Google review

Definitely the best Mall in Illinois. I have visited many malls nationwide and in Canada ...I can compare. The architecture, layout and the presentation is outstanding. Many, many stores. We were there for 4 hours and couldn't see everything. Be back soon.

Georgia S — Google review

Woodfield Mall is just plain amazing, it is a good spot for xmas shopping. You will find everything here.Before Covid they had this awesome new food court that had opened.I was so sad because I wanted to try a few spots. Anyways I am hoping to re-visit and hopefully they are still open. Update it is open and back up and everything is still amazing.

Carm A — Google review

I grew up going to this mall for all my shopping needs. Happy to say it’s still the best mall around. Great stores, easy layout. Don’t miss Woodfield when you have shopping needs!

Laurie A — Google review

Woodfield is the best mall in Schaumburg. It has everything you need—great food, a variety of accessories, the latest technology, ample parking, clean restrooms, and a fantastic selection of clothes. Everything about this mall is top-notch.

Нурбек У — Google review

Came here with my fiancé yesterday. I hadn't been in years and it was her first time, so we really enjoyed it 😊 We went to a few clothing stores, a squish mellow store, an Asian store and the Cheesecake Factory. It was a lot of fun! It's also is just as big as I remember, and it's still bustling in 2024 👍🏻

Zachary F — Google review

Beautiful place, free parking, clean washrooms ( just need an attendant every 2hrs, because no tissue) plenty of stores ( check their website) plenty places to eat , go early if you would like a close park , staff was friendly in many stores. I would have gave a five star rating, the washroom ( I check on all washrooms and every one was the same, no tissue), made it 4 stars, still not bad .

Reba — Google review

A real shopper friendly mall. The food court isn't out of the way. It's kinda centered. A lot of malls have that dead feel to them but this one is pretty much thriving with stores and restaurants located throughout the mall. Pretty busy every time I've gone, but it's been shoppable

Michael G — Google review

HUGE SHOPPING MALL!It’s a great place for shopping or enjoying a weekend. It offers many food joints, kids recreation facilities and beverage stores. You can’t think of covering the entire mall in a single day. We always have fun visiting this mall.

Akila I — Google review

I visited Woodfield mall after a long time.But this mall has no change in terms of eguipment and decoration. I did not feel good about the mall.Crowded with people and one could say, that they are very outdated.I won’t go there for a few years, maybe never.

Dudy — Google review

The Primark in here opened up, which is one of my fav stores, which is so nice!! This mall has a great selection and is full of incredible stores. One of the best malls I've been to. Shopping paradise!

I T — Google review

A great mall with some amazing stores. You will find a variety of diverse stores. You will find your luxury brand stores here. You will find collectables stores here and clothing stores.We really liked the variety of diverse restaurants here. You can find a boba tea place here and a variety of different foods here. Garrets Popcorn has a line and this was our go-to spot for Garrets Popcorn. Totally worth the wait!The layout of the mall is very easy to walk through but there are not many escalators. The elevators were not working (2023) memorial weekend when we were here.Bathrooms were in good condition. Not the cleanest but also not the dirtiest as well. Trash bins are easily accessible and easy to find. There is seating around the main areas but not so much around other areas.Parking is very easy to find. When it's busy, it's busy. You're better off parking away from the front entrances as we saw someone driving around from the moment we got into the parking lot and from the time we found a spot and walked towards the mall.Overall, a great mall and would HIGHLY recommend coming here to find stuff you want.

TinaEh V — Google review


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5 Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, IL 60173, USA

(847) 330-1537


Six Flags Great America

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Theme park

Water & Amusem*nt Parks

Six Flags Great America is a vast and sprawling amusem*nt park situated in Gurnee, Illinois. The park boasts of over 100 rides and attractions, including numerous roller coasters for those seeking thrills. Visitors can also take a break from the rides by visiting Gurnee Mills shopping center located nearby. Recently opened to the public, Six Flags Great America welcomes all visitors with no waiting lines in the park.

Fantastic time had. Was my first time visiting and I loved it. As others have said, several rides weren’t open like the joker, and a few others but I still had an awesome day out. So many other cooler rides around. The funnel cake was epic and meeting bugs bunny was nice. I throughly enjoyed myself and would come back. Not so many people as like at Disney or universal so I don’t know if maybe cause I went on a work day Friday but I loved that. No waiting time on most rides (though the Goliath and the flight roller coasters had hectic lines) but everything else you walked right into the ride. A great day out.

Chosani M — Google review

Great park. My only complaint is they aren't very good at pairing single riders which really bogs down the lines (even more so on coasters that are only running one train). While they have an impressive coaster lineup, numerous of their coasters are clones or have been cloned at other parks so there's only a handful of "unique" coasters. Don't get me wrong all the coasters are fun but The Whizzer is about the only one so unique that you can't get that experience at another park.

John N — Google review

Had. A blast the three of us went it was awesome got on rollercoaster 🎢 I never thought I would. We went early on Saturday so the flash pass wasn't needed to skip the line. Everyone that worked there was very friendly and nice!!! I bought my season tickets online so everything was ready for us to get into the park, with ease!!!

Cameron R — Google review

Small but well organized park with rollercoasters! A small area allows you to walk the entire park in 10-15 minutes on foot, drinks are sold everywhere, there are smoking areas and restaurants with food, and comfortable places to relax. The park is very interesting, each attraction has its own history, which goes back years, reminding that nothing new has been invented since then, but there are favorite classics that people love to ride. There are a lot of people on holidays and weekends, and you have to wait in line for a long time, it is better to come on Monday or Wednesday. I really liked the park, but there are not enough sweet desserts! I would like a greater variety of sweet buns, donuts, and possibly cakes!!! I recommend

Two S — Google review

Really good theme-park to take the family, I loved all the rides and the food was good too. I think they should try to cut down on wait times, and maybe implement more rides but this is a fun thing to do that isn’t so far from the house.

Steven L — Google review

Six Flags Great America is a FANTASTIC theme park! Not only does it have a bunch of coasters and spinning rides, but it has a LOT of rides for kids under 48in. At least 16 that I can think of, and about 12 of those kids under 42in can also ride. Their app has gotten really good; you can mobile order from a lot of different restaurants, see show times, and access the flash pass. The park is clean, the entertainment is top notch (I don't think I've met entertainers who are nicer than the ones here at SFGA, and they're super talented...and I go to Disneyworld a LOT, lol) food is good, and all the employees that I've ever encountered are kind and willing to help you. This review is ONLY for the main park. The waterpark is not open for the season yet...but we love it there too, especially since they added mobile ordering over in that section. You can only enter the waterpark from outside, there is no longer an entrance from inside the park. There is a six flags great america Facebook page for people who are fans of the park, and you can get a daily alert for up to date information about the park and meet new coaster enthusiasts, which will enhance your experience at the park.

Danielle O — Google review

The rides were pretty fun and overall a decent experience. Don't let the empty lines fool you, you'll be in line for hours if you don't have a "Flash Pass" it really is the pay to win system that gives people with money the most. So If you can afford it buy some of those passes, if not pass on six flags and go to kings island instead.

Alex S — Google review

What a fun experience for our family!! So many rides for so many different thrill-seeking levels. I recommend buying tickets online about a month in advance - that seemed to be the lowest price. I also recommend going on a weekday. The lines were longest right after lunch (around 1pm - 4pm) If possible, get there 30min before it opens to get a good parking spot, lather on sunscreen, and wait in line for the gates to open. I also suggest bringing along lunch/supper. You are able to leave and re-enter the park as long as your hand is stamped, so save some money and pack food in the car. Tip: freeze the lunch meat and keep in a cooler w/ice packs in your car. It will be nice and cold for lunch (a bit icy, but good on a hot day!) and still cool/safe enough for supper.

Katrina M — Google review

Had an amazing time 😍 5-4-24 was my daughters first time being tall enough to rode everything! Her first big girl coater was Raging Bull. We were able to hit 5 coasters today 😊 wait times we FAR better than I remember from when I was younger. Only a 20 min wait for Superman!!! We were in line for Max Force when the storm came and the 6 flags associate let us know the coasters were shutting down. We all had a blast!!!

Stephanie G — Google review

Six Flags Great America is open y’all. Today was a pretty good day. There was literally no line in the park. We have waited long enough.

Neville R — Google review

The rides were great! Definitely got an adrenaline rush for sure. However it was the 4th of July so the only water ride they had was packed! And halfway through our day all the rides overheated and shut off. We waited about an hour or more and left due to maintenance taking a while to get everything back up. Slice of pizza was 20 bucks but it was good and vending machines charged 5 buckaroos for beverages. Definitely won’t be coming back until things cool off.

JANIE C — Google review

Great place to visit with family and kids. Lots of awesome rides. We enjoyed the each and every ride. Gotham City Rail ride is ready great. Food option are also nice and shops are open till 11.

Surendra G — Google review

Six Flags is definitely a thrills over atmosphere kind of park. There are some areas that they paid decent attention to though like Battle for Metropolis. If you're not into thrill rides, you might not get your money's worth as there are lots of crazy rides, a decent number of kids rides and not much in between. Plus of course, there are the lines on busy days. If you are an adrenaline junkie though, this is the perfect place for you.

Patrick V — Google review

This is such a bittersweet review. Our family enjoys coming here with our season passes because we live nearby. the rides are great and the park is clean. They have an amazing variety of adventurous rides to family rides. And the kids sections are great. They've been doing a lot better with their entertainment this summer than in the past. If you're coming here for just the day, I would not recommend it. The prices are skyrocketed and the parking charges are unjust. You will pay around $20 bucks for a mediocre/poor meal. Spend your money somewhere else. For being one of the only amusem*nt parks in the area, I expect a lot better.

Becka I — Google review

This is my closest six flags as I live in the UP of Michigan, but I love it so much. Great staff, clean park, and so many things to do for a huge range of ages. My husband and I went twice in 2023. Mid to end June was our first trip, on a Tuesday, and crowds were very mellow, got on everything in the first 3 hours of opening. Next was Saturday before Halloween for fright fest, right at park open was very slow, by 2 there's was quite a bit of people there, by 5/5:30, the streets were near impassable, wait times got up to 3 hours on a couple coasters and haunted attractions, but we still had an amazing time.They always have street entertainment, a huge variety of food, and shows going on too, and a whole play yard for the Littles.Food prices are pretty crazy high in my personal opinion, I won't spend $17 on a piece of pizza.. But I bring a couple bottles of water in and some snacks or sandwiches in a backpack with me. All the rides have bins to put any bags or cups in while ur on the ride.This place is awesome and we will be coming back again and again.

Naomi A — Google review

Things are overpriceddd!! Like a water bottle costs at least $5-10 and the pizza place I went to was around $16 EACHH?!?!? The rides were really good and fun especially. I really recommend to bring your own water bottle and be prepared with money. Overall it's a good experience and awesome to spend time in.

Rosa L — Google review

I was here with my colleague. It’s cloudy but we had a great time. There are many different types of rollercoasters and it was amazing :) I wanna visit again in the spring.

Summer — Google review

This was a pretty awesome amd fun place because there are rollercoasters there. I got over my fear there and I couldn't be happier about it. Its one of the most fun things ever you gotta try it. Its been a family tradition for me too so there are many memories there. :)

Owen H — Google review

FRIGHT FEST!!! GREAT TIME!! It's expensive to get in to six flags and it's costly while your in there. It's worth it when you get inside and get on the rides, and do the haunted houses. It's a cash less place so load your cards or have credit available. Parking is a nightmare and far to walk but it's a huge place. The scary characters walk around and they have scary zones so it's still a great time if you don't get the fright fest tickets. The kids will absolutely love what's going on and have a blast with all the scary characters walking around. The lines for waiting are big but generally move quite quickly. Hope you enjoy!!!

Thomas E — Google review

Fun place, rides are fun too. My favorite rides probably Raging Bull. Wait time makes it kind of hard, cause we have to wait a while to ride something once - but it's worth it. Prices are very high though, especially with the food. But overall, it was very fun and I reccomend it to people who wanna hang out somewhere

Edgar Z — Google review

Great time on the X-flight, Raging Bull, and The Viper.Really good rides. Some cool things for the kids. Fright fest is dope too! Great decorations and interactive bits throughout the park.Def a money grab. Regular nachos are going to be $18. Beer is $15. Everything is pricey here.Worth noting that if you go during the weekend (or any busy time) then you’re best off getting a fast pass. We got screwed by the place after waiting 45 min in line for raging Bull only for them to shut it down. Because of that we only rode 3 rides after being at the park for an entire day.

Jeremy M — Google review

Six Flags Great America consistently has ranked in the top two in the chain in terms of quality and my favorite in the chain when it comes to coasters. Currently home to 16 coaster tracks (15 physical coasters) The park opened American Eagle in 1981 as the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster. Dropping 147 foot drop, speeds of 66.23mph on 9300 feet of wooden track. The park still holds the record of it being the tallest, fastest, and longest racing coaster, and statistically remains in the world's top 10 for woodies on height and speed. Since some count it as a single coaster, it holds the unrivaled record of having the most track of any coaster in the world. American Eagle was the first major installation by Intamin AG which would begin a long relationship with two famous employees. In 1985 The park contacted Intamin to create the world's first space diver coaster with the first coaster carts to sit 4 across. In 1988 Six Flags broke it's own record by building the world's newest tallest and fastest full circuit coaster with 7 loops, the world's most, the world's highest vertical loop at 136 feet, and the world's first steel banked first drop. This coaster reached 172 feet with a 155 foot drop at speeds of 68mph. At some point the coaster was slowed to 65mph due to issues with the top forces exceeded on the first three vertical loops. This gave the park the world's top two largest coasters as of 1988. On 1989 a relocated bobsled coaster was built at SFGam but the park president wanted two across seating carts as a first of its kind for the coaster type. Once again they called Intamin the original manufacturer of the coaster and overtime developed a good relationship with two employees that were exiting the coaster business. The park convinced them to open up their own firm and would acquire their first coaster, meet B&M. That's right SFGam and Jim Winthrop are responsible for one of the best manufacturers ever. In 1990, SFGam opened a B&M standup twister coaster, featuring the tallest, fastest, and longest stats, including a worlds tallest 80 foot vertical loop, a first ever corkscrew, and first ever twister design on a standup. The park also broke the record of becoming the first park to add a coaster 3 seasons in a row. In 1992, park president Jim Winthrop wanted a suspended coaster but optioned one with the potential to allow for inversions. B&M took on the project and therefore six flags great America opened the Worlds First Inverted, Outside looping coaster, with a worlds first Zero G Gravity Roll added as one of its 5 inversions. The coaster stands 109.5 feet, 50-55mph and 2700 feet of track across 5 inversions. In 1995 the park became the first and to date only six flags park to build a inhouse ground up new coaster called Viper. The coaster is a larger mirror image of the world famous Coney Island Cyclone and featured a double down on its 4th hill instead of a shallow straight down. The coaster remained the largest version of the coaster until bandit opened years later overseas. It remains Americas largest by height and length. In 1998 Great America canceled a cloned record breaking coaster that ultimately would go to St Louis and instead in 1999 added the first Hyper Coaster in the Six Flags chain, the 2nd B&M Hyper to ever open, The worlds first and only B&M Hyper Twister Coaster with a record breaking 5 second ejector hill from the backrow on the first drop. At 65 degrees, it was tied for steepest hyper coaster in the world, and had the highest lift hill for a B&M Hyper at 202feet. The coaster introduced us to the worlds first open air sideless carts. In 2001, SFGam opened 2 coasters in one season, 1 being a Giant inverted boomerang standing 191 feet (the world's largest) plus the inverted coaster that currently ties for fastest speed at 70mph in N.A. The park added The worlds tallest, steepest, and fastest woodie in 2014 with the worlds first Zero G Stall and wooden dive loop, and now Maxx Force is the worlds fastest accelerating coaster 0-78 in 1.8 sec with the fastest inversion.

Josiah I — Google review

I’m too old for this place. 🤣No, really, we had a BLAST! Little tip, you cannot pay with cash for anything at all in the park. Bring a credit card!The newer rides were so fun. Fright Fest was incredible. Get there early, stay till close. We’ll be back next year!

Shannon G — Google review

I visited Six Flags a few times this year. I will say getting a season pass is worth the value if you go more than once (even only twice). The pass includes parking, discounts on certain food and drinks in the park. Plus discounted tickets for friends and family.Six Flags offers many attractions for thrill seekers. I love the selection of Rollercoasters they have. The wait times weren't terrible, though I went on weekdays. I also brought my 8 and 6 year old children for Boo Fest recently and I was very impressed with how many attractions they had for little ones. The decorations were fun to look at and the rides kept them busy. There are dozens of food options and they do offer themed foods from time to time (Oktoberfest in September and October). The food can be pricey but, the quality is good. I bought a pass for next year, I used to go a lot when I was younger and it's still a great amusem*nt park with plenty to do. The longest I waited for am attraction was about 50 minutes.

Jeffrey A — Google review

We love six flag parks. I have children at 41 inches tall and 49 inches tall. Both of them had great time in this park. Last Saturday was the first time we went to the Halloween event. We absolutely love it. However, it might be too intense for the little ones. There were many people so the line was long. Some of the most popular rides were at 90+ mins wait. The preferred parking place is in front of the Hurricane Harbor park. You don’t have to print the preferred parking reservation. Just tell the staff your name when you arrive and he will let you in.

Ivy T — Google review

Six Flags Great AmericaNot bad. I've seen pictures of this place. I finally got to see it.Very enjoyable. Good food. Good rides. I only have ONE ISSUE. Why did they remove the batmobile. I came JUST TO SEE THE BATMOBILE. WHY DID YOU REMOVE IT.Highly Recommended

Kalvin H — Google review


Jelly Belly Center

Permanently closed

Food & Drink

Distribution service

Visitor center

Factory Tours

Food Tours

Retail store featuring the famous jelly beans in a range of creative flavors & other sweet treats.

Came to Kenosha on a whim and discovered it was home to my favorite candy and a FREE tour to boot! With free jelly bellies at the end?! An amazing find. Went home with way too much candy. Great deals on "flops" buy two, get three free.

Shawn N — Google review

Is an interesting free tour. It literally takes 30 min and it is very basic. You don't actually get to see them making the beans but you see videos of the history and work. It is a fun activity for kids and families. They have most Harry Potter candy!!

Laura R — Google review

Fun. So many flavoured beans. Come out take the tour. It's an hour out of your day + you get a paper hat + a jelly belly snack bag + you ride on a train. Hello, a train (more like a cart, but you get the idea. Look at pics). Enjoy. Its SUPER FUN.

AJ H — Google review

Although factory tour was not available we had so much fun in the retail store. There is a lot to discover - all kinds of flavors and other jelly bean items! Staff is super friendly and helpful. Definitely worth a visit for young and older people

Ilka S — Google review

We came 9/4/2017 free tours hours 9am -4pmThe tour wait was 30 mins & the tour itself took about 15 mins. The candy store has a lot of options & the prices are affordable and we got a 20% discount that we found in a Wisconsin magazine that was found at the store. Overall was fun experience.

MBravo — Google review

Good thing the tour is free. You ride a train around the warehouse past a bunch of props and several stops to watch old videos showing production techniques and company history. They give you a small bag of jelly beans at the end. They sell their rejects at a reduced but still pricey rate. Their chocolate candies were unimpressive and the taffy was hard as a rock.

Terri F — Google review

You can't miss a chance to try every flavor at the sample counter! However, their train tour was not worth the drive; it desperately needs to be updated. I really appreciated the friendliness of the employees.

Miranda K — Google review

My husband loves jelly beans so this was a fun stop on our way home to Chicago. They have free samples of everything and if you're lucky, Sam I Am will be working the counter and he'll make fun Jelly Bean co*cktails for you! He made a mimosa and a pumpkin pie for me. They had 1/2 pound bags of jelly beans for $1, buy one get one free! What a deal!! The factory tour was 15 minutes of fun if you are aware that it's not the factory where they make the jelly beans--its just a warehouse. You get a free bag of jelly beans after!

Tatjana M — Google review

We did this stop as my wife really wanted to go here. We had been at my brothers place and this stop was on the route home. We had lots of fun. You have a guy that helped eith the sample bar and he was awesome a funny too. He made up some combos for us to try and he was spot on.Thanks for the good time.

Ronald M — Google review


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10100 Jelly Belly Ln, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158, USA

(800) 323-9380


Chicago Botanic Garden

40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (41)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (42)

40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (43)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (44)

Botanical garden

Sights & Landmarks

The Chicago Botanic Garden spans over 385 acres and showcases millions of plants and flowers in various settings across 26 different gardens. Among these gardens are the Malott Japanese Garden, Evening Island, and Grunsfeld Children's garden. Visitors can explore the beautiful orchid exhibit called The Orchid Show Untamed that features different orchids and plants arranged thoughtfully in several rooms with varying temperatures and designs. Guides are available to answer questions while visitors can take advantage of many photo opportunities.

It's a very beautiful place to visit in all seasons. And a must when you visit Chicago it is situated on a 45 min drive from downtown. It is well connected with public transport. Pictures shared are for the month of April when flowers are in full bloom..

Krishan R — Google review

My whole family went to see Lightscape at the Chicago Botanical Gardens this weekend. It was incredible! The lights were beautiful. Be sure to dress warm... It was freezing the night we went. It takes about an hour and a half to walk the entire path and see everything. I would highly recommend going! It was lot of fun... And enjoyable for the entire family.

Steve R — Google review

Amazing experience! We live about 3 hours away and drove here to check it out. We'll worth the trip! Wide variety of plants and gardens. The outdoor area is massive--wear comfy shoes and be prepared to walk! Great spot for taking photos, too, so long as you're not crowding and blocking others.

Brit P — Google review

Beautifully maintained garden. We spent several hours walking the different paths and exploring the gardens. The Japanese garden was my favorite- beautiful waterfalls and unique trees. We ended our walk in the Blooms and Butterflies exhibit. Small greenhouse with some really pretty butterflies. I recommend good walking sneakers and bottled water.

Katie G — Google review

Amazing time at the Chicago Botanical Garden! This place is so huge I highly recommend making it a day adventure and bringing a lunch or eating at the Cafe on site. Also, take the tram ride for the tour. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and pleasant. My favorite gardens were the waterfall,English, and rose. The butterfly and blooms house was very nice.Overall a wonderful and experience and can't wait to come back to see more.We purchased both parking and admission early-- highly recommend. Just the tram ride itself was worth the admission price to me.

Ashley S — Google review

I’ve been a member since the start of 2023, and it’s been a pleasure being able to come visit the gardens through the seasons. There’s plenty of parking and room to enjoy the walks and trails through a variety of gardens that they’re always updating at the Botanic. They also hold many events. We’ve enjoyed the orchid show a few months back as well as the butterflies and blooms space over by the learning center. This is just a fantastic space to go for a walk and take in nature. Highly recommend to any and everyone! Handicap accessible and the new welcome center is beautiful!!

Heather — Google review

Beautiful. New admission process. Enjoyed our day. We did the tram tour which was full of good information. The model railroad garden is truly excellent and brings us back year after year. Truly appreciate all the people the work and volunteer to support the gardens. Amazing place to have access to.

Jacquelyn J — Google review

I love everything about this beautiful place. It is relaxing, fun and exciting all in one.My last visit was to the orchid show and it did not disappoint. The florals were displayed with a circus theme. How fun!The fun mirrors, popcorn area, tightrope and so much more.Parking is easy. The staff is helpful. And the gift shop was stocked full of fun items.

Rhonda F — Google review

In the brief time I have lived on this earth, I have visited the Botanic Gardens around fifty times, and each time I have been delighted. I currently visit once a week, usually on the days listed below as off days, to escape the crowds.The gardens are immaculately manicured, constantly tended to, and expertly planned. Each (most) section of the garden is referred to as an island, and each island has a distinct style.I advise families, couples, and single people to visit and enjoy the many gardening styles found here, from the well-loved Japanese Garden Islands to the Fruit and Vegetable Island. Everything is located in one location, and everything has such a distinct quality. If you're interested in learning more about any plant or tree, the majority contain metal labels that tell you the species.There are a few larger signs scattered about that inform you of what a specific item or feature is and why it is used in that garden.It is very highly recommended that you visit this lovely garden if you are in Chicago.If you live in the Chicagoland area, I have already been here many times. I suggested visiting during a non-peak hour, taking a seat, and admiring the exquisite arrangement of each tree, plant, and bench that contributes to the ambiance of the Chicago Botanic Gardens.They work in the gardens on weekdays.Monday: Some school groupsTuesday: great day to goWednesday: great day to goThursday: A perfect day to goFriday: A lot of people, both students and older couplesWeekends: I avoid these days as much as possible.

Kyle — Google review

Weather stole some of the joy this tranquil place can spare.Esthetic fruit& veg garden, lost opportunity to reach the trolley ride as is tucked away in a tangle of gardens!! Saw three weddings and sweet sixteenths parades- lovely!! Plenty of seating available throughout.People picnicking on blankets 🍷 included.Dahlia Society selling over 40 varieties of potted seedlings.A bonsai garden featuring 600-1000 old tree!Pay $8 parking online along tickets or become a member.Food grossly overpriced.

The G — Google review

LOVE the new pricing model! It makes sense to charge per person that is entering vs. just by parking a car that could either have one person or seven.Yes, people used to be able to get in for free, either by walking or biking in, I did it several times myself. But if you get to enter and enjoy the gardens, you should also be the one paying for that admission.This isn’t a forest preserve or a park.For large groups, people with kids, and any other individuals that don’t really value the botanic garden or just don’t think it’s worth the price of admission there are plenty of beautiful parks, beaches, trails, and forest preserves in the area that are free. For those that find real value in the experience and/or are frequent visitors, the price of admission or membership is well worth it.

Jennifer P — Google review

I love the Chicago Botanic Gardens! I’ve visited several times on vacation but now I live here and get to go all the time! Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons at the Gardens. It’s usually quite busy on weekends and holidays, so if you can, go on a weekday. You can still enjoy even when there are big crowds because this place is HUGE! If you live near, it is worth it to get a membership. Mine paid for itself in 3 visits. One of my “Happy Places”! Great for walks, lunch, relaxing or getting ideas for home gardens. It does cost to park too…so the memberships are the way to go, as there’s no parking fee.

Cindy R — Google review

The gardens here are lovely, and much more spread out than others we've visited. There are several themed islands, many many MANY trails, all kinds of wildlife (seeing a blue heron and a muskrat were particular highlights of our trip) and a miniature train exhibit as well! There is also a restaurant that incorporates produce grown on the grounds into its menu, but we were not able to visit as it was only open on weekends.Well worth the visit, but definitely wear your walking shoes, bring water, and be prepared to lose yourself for hours in a lovingly cultivated paradise!

Kate S — Google review

It was the first time I had ever been and it did not disappoint! Amazing, beautiful, and smelled wonderful too! I loved the observation beehive, and the bonsai were exquisite.

Sandy O — Google review

Lovely orchid show. The plants were all well kept and beautiful. There were plenty of people around to help if you get lost. The cafe also had great food and coffee. The prices for plants were very reasonable as well. The grounds were large and well maintained and the greenhouses seemed well kept. There was a wide variety of plants with helpful signage telling plant name and where it is from. Highly recommend a visit.

Kaylee B — Google review

Beautiful gardens and walking trails. They're always doing more creative and amazing things with plants. If you've never gone, you have to make the trek at least once. If you've been there 100 times, go again because they changed more again! Plan for a 2-3 hours at least if your feet can handle the walk. It's huge and each area has unique plantings. Weekends are busier but even a busy day is nice because everyone is very spread out. Can't say enough about the lengths they go to to celebrate nature. They do have clean restrooms and a nice restaurant. Seating areas to take a break all over the grounds. Get a map!!

Doc R — Google review

Went and saw the orchid exhibit: The Orchid Show Untamed. It was lovely, informative, and set up so thoughtfully. There were several rooms of different temperatures and designs featuring different orchids and plants. There was plenty of seating if you got tired. There were guides to teach you and answer questions. As well as so many Instagram worthy photo spots if you’re into that. Worth every penny.I cannot wait to go back and see the entire outdoor garden in full bloom.

Addison A — Google review

Awesome place and we only saw half of it due to child's nap time. The model train garden made me in awe and could spend so long in there just looking at every little detail. The gardens are awesome in general and cannot wait to see more. The Cafe was delicious and would recommend for lunch. Look forward to going back and seeing the rest

Timothy H — Google review

I absolutely adore this place, the staff’s always friendly and informative. Be sure to visit on a day with good weather to experience the gorgeous atmosphere, interesting exhibits and relaxing walks. If you suffer with mobility issues or just want kick back the Tram is a nice way to see/learn all about the gardens while providing a comfortable riding experience.

Angel_N_Disguise — Google review

Absolutely beautiful botanic garden in the North shore area of Chicago land. Not only do they have beautiful landscaped garden areas but they have a few restaurants and food options during the summer months. As well as a wonderful Cafe all year round. There is plenty of parking and it is easy to get in and out of this beautiful botanic garden.

Mary B — Google review

Beautiful garden park with 385 acres of paths winding through many varieties of trees, flowers, bushes, and other plants. Many places to sit and take it all in. Not too crowded during my mid-week afternoon visit. I would have liked an opportunity to purchase a drink or snack when I was well into the park. Excellent signage and numerous maps so I always knew generally where I was in the park. Upon leaving I saw numerous parked trams which I never saw running through the park - they would have been a great way to see and experience more.

Tom S — Google review

One of the most beautiful botanical gardens anywhere. We went on a sunny July day when the roses were in full bloom, and enjoyed strolling down the paths and soaking in the sights and fragrances. We loved observing the butterflies up close, and also really liked the bonsai trees and the English walled garden. I’m sure there was a lot that we missed, we’ll need to come again to continue exploring.

Kristin D — Google review

I'm a photographer in the city of Chicago and I love it when couples want to take their engagement photos or wedding photos at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The staff is super welcoming and there's so much to capture here. I would also recommend vising the dining hall and get fresh food.

Pedro G — Google review

I can't recommend this place enough. Though it was a bit cold and overcast on the day we went, perhaps it was less busy because of that. In mid May, there were so many plants in bloom and such vibrant colors. The train exhibit was also really cool, so don't skip that! I particularly enjoyed the English gardens and Japanese gardens. I went with friends, but the Botanic Gardens would also be a great date spot!

Emily G — Google review

I visited with a friend while in Chicago, and although I am not a flower person, the event we attended was WONDERFUL!!! It was a first for both of us.The "Orchids After Hours" event had some of the most beautiful Orchids. The carousel and big top display was amazing! Upon leaving, I was peering through a closed door that led to the plants, cacti, etc. The female employee came over and asked if I would like to enter, being it was not dark, and that area is usually closed. Of course, I said "Yes." She opened the doors, and I swear, the area illuminated, and at LEAST 50 people followed behind me, but I was still in my own world! It is definitely a MUST see!! I will DEFINITELY return here!

D. M — Google review

Beautiful place to walk and get away in nature. Recommend getting the yearly pass if you’re a local to visit in all seasons and 2 people can share it plus has extra perks.Arrived around 9:30am (note members can go early from 8-10am). Left around 12pm due to having tickets for a movie. It started to get pretty busy around this time.

Christopher L — Google review

Was just at the orchid show, so beautiful! Been to the garden off and on over many years. Their jackal lantern nights in October is also an amazing exhibit that I try not to miss. Great staff, friendly and helpful.

Laura J — Google review

I live in Knoxville but still support the Chicago Botanic Garden. It is, without doubt, one of the finest botanic gardens I have ever visited. One could spend hours exploring the beautiful gardens. And there are special attractions such as the model train station and the butterfly house. This is a great stop for families with small children and people wanting to walk for fitness. I don't regret renewing my membership. I will visit anytime. I am in town.

Jeanne S — Google review

Hands down the best ‘Orchid Show’ this year. The variety, colors and Circus Theme were perfect. Take an hour and don’t miss this show, it’s a stand out. Bring your camera

Anne R — Google review

The yearly orchid show is the stuff of dreams. Botanic gardens is a stunning garden escape from the day to day drudgery of the suburbs. All year round, there is so much to explore and sulk. The rose garden and Japanese gardens are my favorites. They are beautifully landscaped and a place for the entire family. They have a cafe on site but you can also bring your own food in. You will walk a lot so put on some good walking shoes.

Leena S — Google review

Been here quite a few times over the past 30 yrs and amazing to see this . I had never paid attention to the Orchid show til my friend mentioned it. It is fantastic to see the many unique creations . So artistic ! Enjoy some of the pics

Kathy R — Google review

Absolutely beautiful!Wholesome outing for all ages, to both learn and appreciate the beauty of nature.NOT a quick adventure. Wear comfortable shoes; there's a lot to see.(I didn't take enough pictures. Was just enjoying

Tim Z — Google review

I went for the orchid show and it was incredible! They had a plant sale as well with some beautiful plants. The staff/volunteers were kind and helpful throughout the gardens. Highly recommend!!

Faith — Google review

A must see if you are in the area. Very peaceful and a great opportunity to reflect. The place is vast and you will not see everything in a single visit. I would identify the gardens you want to see and otherwise come back multiple times.Nice little gift shop as well and the food was good.

Jonathan L — Google review


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1000 Lake Cook Rd, Glencoe, IL 60022, USA

(847) 835-6801


Skydeck Chicago

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Observation deck

Sights & Landmarks

Located on the 103rd floor of the former Sears Tower, Skydeck Chicago provides visitors with breathtaking views of four states. The unique viewing platform The Ledge lies 4ft outside the building dimensions and offers brave visitors unrivaled views over the city. With museum-quality exhibits and a 60-second ride up to the 103rd floor, Skydeck Chicago is a must-see attraction in Chicago.

Amazing!! It was a great experience. We visited on a Monday afternoon so the wait wasn't long but they make the line interesting with photo opportunities and interesting local facts. We bought the tickets and within an hour we were finished and walking out the lobby doors with an incredible experience and photos. I highly recommend this experience if you have the time. We may have to come back to get the night time experience. Simply amazing!

Steve K — Google review

Absolutely exhilarating though I backed onto the ledge and didn't look down! We went during golden hour though I think the lighting for pictures would've been best at dusk or night. The weather was perfect on Saturday so we could see for miles! The staff was really nice and directed us to the shortest line! I think it's great that there's a time limit for everyone and that you're able to get back into line if you want to take another look or get more pictures! We only waited about 15 minutes each time, and went up on the ledge twice. The gallery preceding the elevator to the 103rd floor was really informative and taught me a lot I didn't already know about Chicago or other tall buildings. The money is totally worth it! Get tickets ahead of time!!!

Melinda B — Google review

Everyone should experience Chicago from the top as well as from the river and the neighborhoods. We really enjoyed the exhibit leading to the lookout, too. Some in our group stepped out onto the glass ledge very reluctantly, but all enjoyed mastering the challenge. The views were breathtaking.

Jackie J — Google review

So, there I was in Chicago, with just a day left to explore. I had heard about the Skydeck at Willis Tower, but I hadn't really planned on visiting. I thought, why not give it a shot? It's one of those things tourists do, right? And wow, am I glad I went for it. The moment you step onto the Skydeck, it's like the whole city opens up in front of you. You're way up there, on the 103rd floor, and the view is just mind-blowing.But here's the real showstopper – the glass box, also known as The Ledge. When you step out into it, there's this thrilling, almost surreal feeling. You're suspended in the air, with Chicago's streets and buildings far below. It's exhilarating and a little bit nerve-wracking, but in the best way possible. You're literally standing over the city, with nothing but glass under your feet!I spent a good amount of time just soaking in the views. You can see for miles – the skyscrapers, Lake Michigan, and on a clear day, even beyond the city limits. It's not just a tourist attraction; it's an experience that gives you a whole new perspective on Chicago. It's a must-do for sure, especially if you want to feel the heartbeat of the city from an entirely unique vantage point.Honestly, it was the perfect end to my Chicago trip. It’s one of those experiences that makes you appreciate the beauty and scale of a city. So, if you ever find yourself in Chicago with some time to spare, definitely check out the Skydeck. It's a memory you'll cherish long after you're back on solid ground.

Kelly D — Google review

When I went here, it wasn't too crowded, so I was able to take plenty of pics. The view is incredible and as you walk through there are plenty of interactive experiences that will go over chicago history. I found that really interesting as I love learning about the history of places I visit. I would definitely recommend going here if you're in the city. Try to go during the work week, it tends to be less crowded.

Ahmed E — Google review

Had a blast and if you take your time in the history/ picture taking part you can easily spend an hour inside making it worth the price. The view is also beautiful allowing for views one every side of the building and making the price of $39 worth it. Definitely a fun experience to do while in Chicago!

Kaellolain 3 — Google review

Such a stunning experience. Although for standing in a deck and clicking some stunning photos is a task as they gave a short time so it’s recommended to go with just 2 people at a time so that you can get a decent picture in a short time. Although there are places where you can get a great view to capture yourself. Also sunset is perfect time as you can see both day and night views.

Sampada B — Google review

Super attraction! Fortunately it was not very busy. Got to the 103rd floor pretty quickly. Stepping onto the viewing "box" can be a challenge if you are leary of heights. Great views on a clear day. We had a smokey view from the Canadian fires. Highly recommend this place!

Tim S — Google review

Very nice place to check out. The views are incredible! Better management is needed, though, on how much time people can spend taking pictures. The time clock doesn't work for all groups who are there to enjoy the place.

Mak B — Google review

It is one of the very touristy things to do just to say that you've done it. We went in the morning and were able to get through it pretty quick as there weren't that many people there yet. The elevator ride was cool as it lists how tall the building is compared to the others in the world. The view from the top was pretty good as it was a clear day. For the Ledge part, you have 90 seconds to take your photo before being ushered out, so plan accordingly on how you want to take your photos. You can also purchase the pre-set photos that they take for you in the beginning and also at the ledge.

Charlie T — Google review

Very nice views, a bit crowded, so the time on the glass ledge is very limited. I liked that there were plenty of food options on the 1st floor and also enjoyed color factory while I waited for my time slot. The store is really well stocked and the prices weren't too bad.

Elizabeth L — Google review

The customer service here was phenomenal. They noticed my birthday crown and offered me a birthday button to wear, which was super cool! The views were gorgeous! Overall, it was a great way to kick off our Chicago/Birthday Trip!We bought the City Pass as well, which we highly recommend for the best value!

Haylie C — Google review

Nice place, you can see all 4 corners of Chicago. We went during weekdays and wasn't crowded so we could stay more time taking pictures. We bought some souvenirs but then find out that the same souvenirs you can get them on CVS or Walgreen at 1/3 of the price.

Holly W — Google review

A great experience. Leading up to the elevator ride up, you walk through an immersive experience through the history of Chicago. Once you're up, you have a great view of the city. There was a short line for the ledge. They have workers there to help guide and keep the line moving. They take a professional photo that you can purchase when you leave.

Keys B — Google review

We were able to book tickets for Skydeck through the CityPass app (this was such a great decision). We arrived at the building and followed all the clearly marked signs to the elevator for the Skydeck. The employees were all friendly and helpful in directing us where to go. They give you about 2 minutes to take pictures on the ledge itself. The views from the windows are also great. We booked for about 9:30 in the morning and that seemed to be a good time.

Leah D — Google review

I went for my first time & i regret it was on the weekend because I paid double the price for my ticket. I enjoyed my time though. I went during a time where the weather was deciding it it wanted to snow or stay sunny so being super high up I got to see both while it was sunny then when the clouds began to start the snow. I enjoyed each side of the building only recommendation is to go during a weekday & enjoy yourself !

Ruth M — Google review

Great views of the city and beyond, weather permitting. They have fun informational displays to wander through before you go up, and lots of space up top. The glass ledge is a hit with nearly all visitors. Gave me a touch of vertigo. Staff was professional and polite.

Jacob A — Google review

I came here during the week at about 1pm on a Monday mid May and there really wasn’t too much of a wait. I purchased our tickets online as we entered the building. Honestly, I had not been to the tower in about 3 years, there was obviously major renovations to the basem*nt where you board the elevator to the Skydeck. ( Which really improved aspects of visiting the Willis tower) There was such cool decor and interactive features you could take photos next to. I particularly enjoyed the walk towards the elevators. You get up there fairly fast, so remember to bring some chewing gum for your ears. But once you’re up there it is absolutely spectacular. My favorite part was veering over the side that faces the lake. It was so beautiful, honestly who knew there were so many different shades of blue out there in Lake Michigan. My kids loved the opposite side that faces the city view because that’s where you get to stand on the glass ledge and see the city below you. You get about 2 full minutes to stand in the glass box they stick you in. You can take your own photos and you also have the option to purchase a photo they snap of you once you’re in there. They sell pretty gifts there but they are very pricy so don’t forget your loot. Absolutely highly recommend stopping at this Major Chicago Gem.

Lola L — Google review

Absolutely breathtaking experience. The sights from the top height is exhilarating yet beautiful. It’s an amazing view and standing by the ledge is a little scary but worth the photos. This is definitely a must see if you’re coming to Chicago!

Crystle S — Google review

Always enjoy my trips to Chicago. This was my first visit to the SkyDeck. Absolutely fabulous! Terrific view of Chicago City ! Visited on weekend on Saturday ! Waiting time for lift was around half an hour ! Supporting staffs and good restaurants ! really enjoyed it 😃 Lot of points to take pictures !I think they overpriced for photos ! If they cut it to half, most of the tourist would probably take it 😎

Kanchan A — Google review

Breathtaking experience with ledge and 360 degree panoramic views of Chicago. The path the leads to elevator is modernized and you can spend easily 30 minutes exploring things even before you go to the Sky deck.There are many food courts and several other amenities in this tower.

Chetan M — Google review

Fun experience. Keep in mind that there may be some waiting times. We used our Chicago pass for entry. If you're with a big group I would recommend getting the express passes.The route to the observation deck is actually quite fun as it provides some backdrops for photo ops and some educational information on Chicago buildings and culture.They take green screen pictures shortly after entering the line and upstairs at the ledge they take two professional pictures that you can purchase. downstairs for $31. The friendly staff is also very helpful and happy to take pictures with your own phone. You have about 1 minute to take your own pictures while on the ledge.

Ayse — Google review

Skydeck Chicago is an absolute highlight of any visit to the Windy City! This iconic attraction, located atop the Willis Tower, offers an unparalleled experience that combines breathtaking views, thrilling heights, and a dash of history.The highlight is undoubtedly The Ledge—a series of glass boxes extending from the skyscraper, allowing visitors to stand suspended 1,353 feet above ground level. The adrenaline rush and panoramic views of the city are truly unforgettable. The knowledgeable staff adds to the experience, providing insights into Chicago's rich architectural history and pointing out notable landmarks.The journey to the Skydeck is an adventure in itself, with a high-speed elevator whisking you to the top in a matter of seconds. Once there, the 360-degree views of the city skyline and Lake Michigan are simply awe-inspiring. The interactive exhibits on the history and construction of the Willis Tower engage visitors of all ages.Timing your visit during sunset is highly recommended, as the city transitions from day to night, casting a warm glow over the skyline. The facility is well-maintained, and the crowd management ensures a comfortable experience.Skydeck Chicago is a must-visit for tourists seeking an exhilarating and panoramic introduction to the city. From the moment you step onto the glass floor, you'll understand why this attraction deserves its five-star rating. An absolute Chicago gem!

Sayak D — Google review

It was my first time here. I'm glad I came to visit the & see the view. It's amazing day or night. I didn't like that they rushed us out of the deck for pictures, but it was nice. Apparently, they only give you 2 min to take pics, which is crazy for the price you pay, but either way, it was a great experience. 👌💯

Sandra C — Google review

Beautiful view and one of the tallest skyscraper in the US. Enjoyable experience as well with what they call «the ledge». Highly advise to book this one through the City Pass as you will have access to the priority admission which allows you to skip a few queues.

Valentin L — Google review

It was a nice experience. They show you the history of Chicago and all the work the city made to survive.The view is breathtaking. The Ledge is at the 103 floor. The whole experience lasts about 30 minutes regularly.I did take my time to explore and read almost everything.

Ronald L — Google review

A must-do in Chicago! Such a thrill of an experience! We went on a Friday evening and it was a breeze, we got to enjoy an extra 90 seconds in our little pod. Great self-guided experience!

Cassity M — Google review

A must go places if you are new here.Take pictures in the ledge, very unique experience. Because I was there alone, I asked the staff taking a lot of pictures for me, they were very patient which I am very grateful for.Met a group of nice people from Alabama. They even said hi to my parents when we were FaceTime. ✨If you guys are seeing this, hi!

Yifan L — Google review

A great experience for my first day in Chicago. Skydeck takes you to the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower and take in the amazing view of the city. Before heading up, you go through a mini museum of what the city has to offer. There is an area to take pictures over the ledge of the building - you have 90 seconds to take photos and if you want to take more you can simply get back in line. A recommendable activity for whoever visits Chicago, especially if you plan on using the Chicago CityPass!

Christine M — Google review

The Sky Deck is a really impressive way to view Chicago! I really enjoyed getting to have a few beers and hanging out 103 stories in the air. I haven't been since they installed "the ledge" but it looks cool. I am not sure that I would wait in line for it though. If you are visiting Chicago, you should absolutely go up to the Skydeck!

Rosie T — Google review

If you're visiting The Ledge, buy your tickets for about the time you plan to be there. You don't have to show up exactly at this time, it just helps the exhibit control the chaos. There's an amazing museum after check-in leading to the elevators that take you up, so give yourself 30-45 minutes to enjoy all that as well. The elevator ride is ridiculously quick at under a minute. You can hang out on the Skydeck for as long as you like. Once at The Ledge, you can get back into the queue as many times as you like. They only give you about 90 seconds on The Ledge, a little more for larger groups, so have your poses planned in advance. I suggest visiting well before sunset, as photos can be washed out by the sun behind you. However, just after sunset and before dusk is beautiful. And when it's finally dark out, the city lights are wonderful viewing, but pictures can get lots of glare and reflection off the glass. Once back on the ground, they will sell you photos and digital copies for an expected premium, $35-50.The Ledge exhibit costs about $35/person, so it can be expensive for larger groups/families, but overall it's a wonderful experience. Research your parking options ahead of time, or expect to pay about $50 on top of the exhibit fees.On a personal note, the entire staff from building entry, up to the top, and back down on the ground were extremely helpful, friendly, and professional.

Aaron R — Google review

The family came on a business trip with me to Chicago and we stay near the Skyjack Chicago where we could go out on the LEDGE in a glass box. The kids were excited and sacred at the same time to do this! We had a blast and the weather was phenomenal and when I mean that it was cold, but bearable!!! The line was long so make sure you purchase tickets in advance and get what is needed. They only allow you a couple pictures with your phone and then the professional picture! The gift shop was cool as well with plenty of souvenirs.

Patrick K — Google review

Best views of the city! Be sure to get the expedited ticket if you can or else there will be long wait times. The expedited entrance came with the 5-city pass which I also recommend if you’re in Chicago for the weekend!

Charles V — Google review

You have only 90 second to take a picture in the balcony. It is not enough. The lane goes very fast. I believe it took us 10-15 min plus 15 min to get to the 103 floor.Love the place. The view is amazing

Marina K — Google review

This is well worth every penny. Not only will you get fabulous photos on The Ledge, there’s some incredible history of the city that you get to see while you’re in line. Go at sunset!!! Check the website for times that are busy. We bought tickets on site and walked right in.

Meridith S — Google review

The Skydeck Chicago offers a breathtaking experience that is not to be missed. Located in the iconic Willis Tower, it provides unrivaled panoramic views of Chicago's skyline, Lake Michigan, and on clear days, far beyond the city limits. The glass viewing platform, The Ledge, allows visitors to step out into the air 1,353 feet above the ground, offering a thrilling perspective and unmatched photo opportunities. Additionally, the museum on the way to the Skydeck offers an engaging overview of Chicago's rich history and architectural marvels. This attraction provides a unique blend of adrenaline and education, making it a perfect destination for tourists and locals alike.

Rhett C — Google review

Not crowded at all! Was a wonderful location with beautiful views. We were worried about fog but it didnt affect the view at all. Early is definitely better and the citypass made things so easy

Jen L — Google review

A big difference from last time I was there. They have information on the walk to the elevator, which was really cool. The elevator ride was faster then before and the sky walk oh wow it was amazing. The view at night was beautiful

Londa R — Google review

Amazing place to be with family and friends . They have a lot of photobooths to get you clicked. There are 5 pockets of sky deck with glass floors , you can step up on one on your turn . One party gets 90 secs to enjoy their time

Pranjali S — Google review


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233 S Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60606, USA

(312) 875-9447

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Cloud Gate

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Sights & Landmarks

A sculpture of a bean located in Millennium Park in Chicago, Cloud Gate is an easily Instagrammable spot that can be photographed from close up or further back with the skyline of Chicago as the backdrop.

This is Chicago's icon.When you visit Chicago, firstly you should come here to see this art. Each season, this place is crowded because not only tourists but also Chicago's public comes together here. Therefore, be careful against Corona Virus.Once I saw this bean from away, I thought it is just metal. However, when I came closer, I noticed the geometric shape, curve, transparency, and reflectiveness. That affected me deeply. You can take a different type of your photo thanks to its reflectiveness.I wish I have a chance to see this place in summer. Unfortunately, I am too away from there.

Yasin ? — Google review

This is one of the most iconic places to visit while in Chicago! It is amazing how smooth and reflective it is being so enormous! We went on a Monday afternoon in March, but it was still very busy. We were still able to get a few great pictures! Parking is kinda complicated at first, but not too bad. It is all underground, and there are very few signs to tell you where to go (this seems like a very common thread for Chicago). The only signs once you park just say, “Pedestrian Exit”. It is a bit of a walk, so wear good shoes.

Thomas C — Google review

An iconic location for Chicago visit. It’s always packed with tourist. You just have to wait your turn to get your spot. Forewarning, just pick the day without rain and pictures will turn out great. I think selfie stick is a must for this location. The park is clean and well maintained by law enforcement. Parking is challenging for sure. Recommended public transportation.

Wind N — Google review

Cloud Gate, I've been calling it 'The Bean' all week.I would definitely recommend visiting this piece of art when you're in Chicago. My partner and I didn't expect much to be honest. My partner said its just a mirrored bean. But it's actually pretty cool and very large. It's great on a sunny day to see the sun's reflection along with the sky and buildings and makes for some awesome photos.Head to the Bean you won't be disappointed!

Adam M — Google review

A must visit tourist attraction place. Sit and walk around for 15 minutes, take pictures and selfies. The Bean is free to visit, so you don't need to "sprout" any ticket money . Designed by an Indian architect as per Google search. The structure is big, and you can pass under it as well. Shiny!

Amit C — Google review

As of Thanksgiving 2023, it is still closed to the public due to maintenance. I was told that the people from Chicago weren't thrilled with "the bean" when it was first built, but it has become an icon. I love how you can see the reflection of the city on it. You can still get a good photo if you find a good spot. It is free to the public.

Carolin C — Google review

Super cool place to visit and walk around. They have events here. One time they played different frequencies and I was able to lay in the grass and close my eyes! It was the most calming and euphoric moment for me

Anthony P — Google review

The Bean is a pretty neat experience. A giant chrome coffee bean. Some days it is very crowded. The underside of the bean has some very interesting visual reflections. The absolute center has the only flat mirror portion. If you are in Chicago or plan to visit. I suggest checking it out. There is also some old buildings across the street. We liked looking at the buildings as much as the Bean.

Eldric — Google review

An icon of Chicago not to be missed! You've seen it in movies and shows, and it looks just as spectacular and intriguing in person. I recommend being there before 8am to get almost unblocked (by people) views and photos. Every angle is different and unique in its own way, so take your time to take lots of postcard worthy pictures.

Ivan L — Google review

The park itself is a lovely oasis amidst the bustling city, offering a serence escape for locals and tourists alike. Cloud Gate, with its distinctive reflective surface, is a fascinating and iconic structure that draws visitors from around the world.However, it's worth noting that due to its popularity, the park can get quite crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons. This may affect the overall experience, as maneuvering through the crowds can be a challenge. Additionally, visitors should be prepared for a security check before being allowed to enter the area surrounding Cloud Gate.Despite the crowds, the beauty and uniqueness of Cloud Gate make it a must-visit attraction in Chicago. Its shimmering reflection of the city skyline and interactive nature make it an engaging and memorable experience for all who visit.

Mandy P — Google review

I visited in February on a solo birthday trip, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed Cloud Gate. It’s how I expected, but honestly much cooler than I thought. Beautiful to watch the sun glint off the sculpture and the ice skating rink is lovely to people-watch. I went on a Saturday and arrived about 11am via the subway — it wasn’t unbearably busy or overcrowded but obviously expect other tourists to be there most of the time. I didn’t have any security check but did see them doing them later in the day. Plenty of restaurants nearby and the park itself is gorgeous. This truly is a can’t-miss!

Rachel H — Google review

Was upset "the bean" was gated off for some sort of construction. Guess I should have read reviews first, but was still nice to show our kids. Purposely stopped by there during the day to see our reflection in it and get a picture, but couldn't even get remotely close to do so. I am sure it is nice when construction is not going on. There is ice skating nearby that looked fun, but we didn't have time to do. As well as some restaurants and food carts/trucks. The amphitheatre is right there and I don't know the exact name for it, but the curvy, metallic bridge. It was frustrating when crossing the bridge at the other end is a park called Maggie Daley park we wanted to check out and we couldn't because there were security guards that randomly decided they were closing the bridge down and we had to go back across it to get back to our car or walk around a really long ways. So we had to turn back to Millennium park. It was only 4pm on a Friday I'm not sure why they closed the bridge. The bridge itself is cool to check out and make the walk to the middle for a good city skyline view. We spent probably about an hour and a half walking around. There is also the famous face water fountain/statue, but the water isn't on in the winter. It's January and they still have some Christmas trees and lights up which makes everything look pretty.

Jaymie W — Google review

One of the best architecture pieces in Chicago. As being over the best architecture city in the world this sculpture makes Chicago even more beautiful.As I was studying in Chicago I visited this place many times and in all different seasons during different times of the day.Every time it looks more beautiful and every time you visit this place you'd fall in love with this again.One day I also decided in freezing winter to do small bike trip here and you might see that in one of the photos 😛. If you want to do that that is the only time you can see this place with very few people 😅.I will surely recommend this place.

Makani J — Google review

I recently had the opportunity to visit Cloud Gate, also known as "The Bean," in Chicago's Millennium Park. As I approached the sculpture, I was immediately struck by its size and reflective surface. The stainless steel surface of the sculpture seemed to blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture and the sky above.As I walked around the sculpture, I was amazed by the different perspectives it offered. From one angle, the sculpture appeared to be a giant, shiny mirror, reflecting the surrounding buildings and sky. From another angle, it seemed to be a giant, abstract sculpture, with curves and contours that seemed to defy gravity.One of the most interesting aspects of the sculpture was the way it interacted with the people around it. Children were running around and playing, while adults were taking photos and admiring the sculpture. It was fascinating to watch the different ways that people were interacting with the sculpture and how it seemed to bring people together in a shared experience.As I was leaving, I couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and inspiration. Cloud Gate was not just a sculpture, but a work of art that had the power to evoke emotion and connect people in a unique way. I left feeling grateful for the opportunity to experience such a beautiful and thought-provoking piece of art.

Sekhar N — Google review

Located in the famous millennium park of Chicago near the downtown area, the cloud gate is one of the most iconic structures to visit. This enormous bean shaped structure is made of steel and extremely smooth and reflective. So reflective that you could see the reflection of your facial features on it. We visited this place way back when, and absolutely loved it. It's a must visit destination when visiting Chicago. And who can forget those stunning views of downtown Chicago.

Sayantan P — Google review

The Bean (Officially "Cloud Gate") is a large outdoor public work of art, situated in the Millennium Park of downtown Chicago.Though it's official name is the "Cloud Gate", it is popularly called "The Bean" due to its bean-like shape.It's exterior is highly polished and smooth, and is like a huge elongated convex metal mirror.It was built by Anish Kapoor, an India-born British sculptor who is famous for large outdoor art structures. It was unveiled in 2004, and very quickly became a very important tourist attraction in Chicago.It is 66 feet long, 42 feet wide and 33 feet tall, and weighs 110 tonnes.The exterior of the Bean is composed of 168 pieces of stainless steel plates which are seamlessly welded together.The Bean's surfaces are actually metallic mirrors, and they reflect the surroundings clearly. It is really an awesome sight to view the reflections of the sky and clouds and the skyscrapers surrounding it.People are allowed to touch it, and at all times a huge number of people gather around it to see and photograph their own images as reflected on its surface.It has become the most well-known iconic art structure of Chicago.

Asis C — Google review

I passed by a few times throughout the year. Winters and Summers are vibrant there. I couldn't tell you what the purpose of this mirrored bean is. And for some reason I never researched it. But its cool to go and look and make your own interpretation of it. Maybe, ask others what their thoughts on it is. There's other thought provoking public art installations to see nearby along water front. Visit during the night and day.

Michael A — Google review

Who knew it was called Cloud Gate. Been calling it the "Bean" all this time, and everyone knew what I was talking about. Interesting feature by day and by night. Great photo ops for a wonderful piece of art. I was staying across the street at CAA, and made several stops here for getting some good pics.

PAUL R — Google review

Well, "life ' happened to me. it was under construction for remodeling till Spring. well, you can't get everything. Nevertheless, I did catch a glimpse of it from some distance.The Bean is a work of public art in the heart of Chicago. It was constructed in Millennium Park between 2004 and 2006 as part of a design competition, created by British-Indian artist Anish Kapoor.The sculpture, which is officially titled Cloud Gate, is one of the world’s largest permanent outdoor art installations. The monumental work was unveiled in 2004 and quickly became one of Chicago’s most iconic sights.The Bean’s reflective surface was inspired by liquid mercury. This shiny exterior reflects the people moving around the park, the lights of Michigan Avenue, and the surrounding skyline and green space — perfectly encapsulating the Millennium Park experience. The polished surface also invites visitors to touch the surface and observe their reflection, giving it an interactive quality.One might wonder how it was built - well here you go- The exterior of The Bean is made entirely of stainless steel (weighs 110 Ton). It was created using computer technology to precisely cut 168 massive steel plates, which were then fitted together and welded shut for a completely seamless finish.Fact: The Bean receives a power wash each day and a deep cleaning twice each year. During the deep clean, workers use nearly 40 gallons of detergent to bring the metallic surface back to its mirrored state.

Sanjay G — Google review

They are doing construction h til spring of 2024. If you want a good photo, come after spring. They had it fenced off and the ground around it tore up.I was able to get some photos through the fence, but there is protective padding on it too. I get needing to update things, but it was a bummer

John L — Google review

What a fun experience to take the kids to while I was working in Chicago. I always see the BEAN on movies and TV shows, but have never seen it in person! It was fun to take the kids to it and learn about the history of the BEAN!! This place is packed so try to sneak it and get a good picture. Plenty of people around to take a family photo.

Patrick K — Google review

They were doing construction, so there was a fence up around it, but you could still see the bean. Attraction is free to see. There is a lot more in that general area so there’s plenty to do. Parking is like anywhere else in the city find a garageand walk to your destination. There are public bathrooms nearby.

Elizabeth K — Google review

On a normal day "the bean" or "Cloud Gate" is so great. It is STILL under construction. It is set to become open late spring 2024. It is fenced off still and you can only catch a partial view. Posting this update so visitors are aware and no disappointed upon arrival. Free spot outside. Park has so many beautiful flowers right now!

Nicole C — Google review

As of 4/6/2024 it remains gated and closed off. Still made the best of it and visited this unique sculpture. Seeing the city skyline reflected in the bean was a pretty wonderful sight! The bean's concave shape and strong reflection gave the picture the appearance of a panoramic photograph.Instagram:food_and_travel0

Food T — Google review

Visitied this place after 16++ hour drive yesterday during Thanksgiving. It is still UNDER RENOVATION with fences around it. Find a gap between two fences, zoom in, and you will get a better look of this bean-like sculpture. I enjoy the place and city!

A. Y — Google review

Didn’t initially think I would enjoy this tourist attraction, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. It was really cool to see the reflection of the city skyline in the bean! The reflection was very clear and the concave shape of the bean made the image look like a panoramic photo. Really cool art concept.

Karissa P — Google review

A really cool art instillation in Chicago’s Millennium Park. I was lucky to visit this tourist attraction last July before it was gated off and closed for construction.When it opens to the public again, be sure to walk around and see your own reflection against the Chicago skyline. Also remember to check out the view from underneath the bean. You’ll be rewarded with a mesmerizing view of weirdly odd circles like you’re looking into another dimension!

Dan T — Google review

Explored this spot in 2009. The sculpture was intriguing and somewhat unique, adding an entertaining vibe to the park. Its popularity drew tourists from all over, eager to capture selfies with it. I checked it out to understand the buzz and share my perspective. Taking photos of the structure is enjoyable, thanks to its mirror-metallic material that offers diverse angles through reflections. It can be challenging to capture a solo reflection with many others attempting the same. The design of the structure also holds a cool allure. If you find yourself bored in Chicago, it's worth a stop for some entertainment.

Kimberly P — Google review


The Art Institute of Chicago

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Art museum

The Art Institute of Chicago is a world-renowned art museum with over 3000 pieces spanning 5000 years of artistic innovation. The museum is located in Grant Park on the city's front lawn and features one of the largest school of architecture in the world.

Thia museum was enormous and I am pretty sure a week in this place still wouldn't be enough time. I wish I would have had more time to appreciate each piece but what I did see was amazing in every single way. The museum is beautiful, spacious, and clean. They have attendants in every room to help you find your way. I would absolutely recommend a visit here and be prepared to spend the way and wear comfortable footwear. They have 4 levels and multiple buildings and wings. I typically don't use elevators unless its a high rise but I did today. There are multiple entrances and exits as well.

Cassie W — Google review

Forever captivated by the beauty and history encapsulated in the Art Institute. Not a place to visit too often as the gallery is largely full of permanent installations, but there is always some sort of special exhibition/gallery taking place when they are open. Entire building is extremely clean with staff and maps scattered around in order to make your experience more enjoyable. Many famous works that one recognizes from pop culture or past studies are able to be seen here. One of the top art museums in the world and an undeniable staple in Chicago’s history. Do not miss out on viewing everything it has to offer.

Dylan I — Google review

What else is left to say about this incredible museum, which houses so much of the world's amazing art and history? Even people who aren't art buffs will find something to appreciate here (or at leastsomething familiar!). My only gripe about my visit was the extremely long line for the coat check. The staff were working hard to move it along, but we still incurred about a thirty minute wait at drop-off and then again at pick-up during our March visit. Try to avoid checking anything if you can, so you can get in and enjoy the museum.

Alyssa, W — Google review

Amazing art museum that is 100% well worth the visit. It holds everything from ancient Egyptian artifacts and mummies to modern American paintings like American Gothic and Nighthawks. You can easily spend more than 3 hours here. I would highly recommend visiting.

RV — Google review

Very good museum, almost good at everything! It's just one little thing I'd like to say is that it's too big and the instructions are not very significant ( I understand it's for the better look but I got lost and missed some beautiful moments for 3 times....). I hope they have a better touring guidance or audio guide so that I have some clues of sequels in each exhibition area.Otherwise wow!!! It's like I've never seen so many beautiful stuff performed at once place in a good way, especially the Japanese area, they tried very hard to make the ambience feeling like the Japanese vibe, super impressive. I would say the way of exhibition is better than the Met in New York City.

孫紹庭(Shao-Ting S — Google review

Amazing museum with a large collection of works from important artists. The layout is well thought out and flows from one area to the next. Though large, not overwhelming in size. If you can plan a day there you will be pleased in what you cover.

V — Google review

It was very cool to visit The Art Institute Of Chicago. I had a great time visiting the different exhibits. It was very crowded when I went. But the overall experience was very warming. I saw some great art and the people were really nice.

George B — Google review

Well worth the price. It was fun to run into several famous paintings I didn’t know were there. Staff was universally kind, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend. They have a list on the back of the guide listing “don’t miss” works is you’ve only got an hour, but you’ll want to spend far more.

Karl ( — Google review

It is so famous that I had expected the exhibit to be as informative and comprehensive as the British Museum or the Metropolitan. That might be too challenging. The display in each section is lack of clear plot/storyline, by which I mean the items are like various bread slices in a basket, correlated but not unable to compose a full piece. I understand this is an art museum, so the explanation notes mainly focus on art perspective. Still, for visitors who might come from different backgrounds, the museum could have done a better job of interpretation.

Cidane C — Google review

This is a stunning collection of artwork from so many famous painters and sculptors. The price is a bit high ($32/adult), but children 13 and under are free. The building felt like a maze at times and there were alarms constantly going off as people stood too close to artwork. Despite those minor inconveniences, this remains one of my favorite art museums!

Bonnie R — Google review

My first time attending as an adult, I had a much bigger appreciation for the arts now versus as a kid. It was absolutely breathtaking, and we didn't get to see everything!! We were there for 3 hours and were amazed at all the pieces located here. I would wholeheartedly come back and make it an entire day. I felt like a tourist in my own city.

Laura S — Google review

First time visit to this incredible museum. Very busy for a Friday afternoon. Spent 2.5 hours here and only saw a small part of the collection. Utilized the cellphone app to get around the museum and view the essentials. Recommend booking tickets online. Will definitely be back.

Howard R — Google review

An absolutely amazing art museum and a must see of Chicago. I visited on a Monday morning which had significantly less crowds than the weekends. Entry was quick and easy and I saved on tickets by using the Citipass. Keep in mind tickets for non residents are more expensive. The entry way is beautiful and it's very easy to navigate around the museum due to the signage and provided maps. I especially like that there is a list of must sees on the back of the map for those who only have a short amount of time to visit like I did. My favorite areas were probably the Impressionists and Ancient Egyptian pieces. The layout is easy to navigate and separated in distinct periods that makes sense, nothing detracts from the pieces themselves, and it's overall an amazing experience. I can't wait to revisit with plenty of time to thoroughly explore all the exhibits.As for accessibility: there were plenty of wide open spaces and wide open doors for wheelchairs/walkers/etc. to navigate through. There are handicap accessible ramps into the buildings as well as elevators to reach the different floors. There's wheelchair rentals near the coat check as well. https://www.artic.edu/visit/accessibility

Danielle J — Google review

Beautiful museum with an expansive collection of paintings and sculptures. You can easily spend hours here roaming the beautiful hallways and staircases. It’s free on certain days for Chicago residents so it made the experience even better. I’d recommend to check this place out when you come to Chicago.

Steven M — Google review

Incredible experience! If you can, plan to spend hours exploring this beautiful place. The nice experience starts right as you arrive and check in your coat. They are very organized and efficient. Their food ordering process is very efficient, too. The grilled cheese with goat cheese, fig, and arugula is by far the best grilled cheese I have ever tasted. Their exhibits are very diverse and well presented, and there is something for every art preference.

meralis — Google review

Absolutely worth a visit! We spent approximately four hours roaming around, and taking in multiple exhibits. The art on display is both stunning and educational at the same time. A great idea for a day when you don't have much planned, and can take the time to properly take in all the Institute offers.

Jenna C — Google review

Came here with free admission courtesy of Bank of America’s free museum visits every first weekends of the month. I joined one of the scheduled art tour but end up leaving the tour early due and opt to enjoy the art pieces myself. Even as someone who barely understands art, I could enjoy this place and even claim I got a bit inspired by some of the pieces here. A worthy visit!

Rebecca C — Google review

Beautiful building filled with beautiful paintings. I especially enjoyed the Monet collection. I thought I would be taken by the lilies, but wheat piles just took me to another dimension, and i was sober, alright ;). I also liked Van Gogh and other impressionists. The collection of eastern ceramics and wall paintings was also impressive. We stopped by only for few hours, so we didn't see everything, but i definitely plan to come back ;).

Katar?na K — Google review

This place is immense and worth every penny of the admission fee. See some highlights like American Gothic or that famous Seurat painting at the park you recognize from studying pointillism back in school. But don’t miss some hidden gems: creepy Goya etchings from 1800s Spain, the picture of Dorian Gray from the 1945 film, and a fascinating collection of miniature rooms that look ready for Stuart Little to move in. They also have a very wide range of Picasso styles collected under one roof and the impressionism section truly is a must-see!

Stephen D — Google review

Fantastic collection of art, something for everyone here. Wonderful place to spend a few hours browsing and enjoying the art. Photos encouraged. Free storage of larger bags. Don’t miss the impressionists collection. Stunning.

Neil S — Google review

The Art Institute of Chicago is situated right in the heart of the city, next to Millennium Park. Its central location makes it convenient to access, but be prepared for weekend crowds and potential parking challenges.Inside, the museum offers a diverse array of exhibits from around the world, including renowned works like Van Gogh’s masterpieces. A treasure for art enthusiasts.For those who may not be expert level art lovers, the visit can be short(30-40min) However, it’s still a worthwhile experience

Reg C — Google review

This is one of the best museums around. I like the impressionist exhibits. Show Case Monet Renoir Manet Vincent Van Gogh also. The exhibits and paintings are so wonderful to view. Very nice experience. A must visitnif you are in Chicago. We also visited the Picasso special exhibition too.

Matthew N — Google review

My visit to the Chicago Art Institute was an unforgettable journey through art and history. The museum's layout is brilliantly designed, making it easy to navigate through the diverse exhibits without feeling overwhelmed or restricted. Each section flows seamlessly into the next, offering a sense of freedom and exploration, yet with a thoughtful arrangement that guides you naturally through the art.The curation of the exhibits is exceptional. Each piece is placed with intention, creating a narrative that invites deep reflection and appreciation. The range of artwork, from classical to contemporary, is presented in a way that tells a story, capturing the essence of different eras and styles.In addition to the exhibits, the Art Institute offers a coat check service and includes a delightful cafe on the upper level, where visitors can enjoy coffee and some light snacks while taking a break from the art.I wholeheartedly recommend the Chicago Art Institute to anyone visiting the city. It's not just a museum; it's a journey through art that is both enlightening and inspiring. The thoughtful layout and curated exhibits make it accessible for all, from art aficionados to first-time visitors.

Jonathan V — Google review

If you are a fan of art you would really enjoy this place! I absolutely loved visiting the museum. I would definitely recommend it. Also, I would recommend wearing a light jacket nothing too big or warm because the inside of the museum is really warm and when you are walking around it can start to feel hot. Wear comfy shoes because you will be walking a lot and going up/down the stairs.

WW P — Google review

We visited The Art Institute of Chicago last weekend and had a great experience. We bought tickets online on Tiqets for the first time, and it turned out to be reliable and much cheaper than the museum's website.The atmosphere was nice and not as crowded as other museums like the Louvre. The layout and relaxed placement of the art made it easier to get closer to the pieces. Unlike the Louvre, which has barriers, this museum only had black ribbons on the ground, allowing for a more intimate viewing experience.The exhibition rooms are clearly marked, though the maps were a bit confusing. Thankfully, there were many helpful staff members in uniform ready to assist and even suggest must-see artworks.We saw all the major pieces we wanted to in about 4-5 hours, but I recommend spending more time to fully enjoy everything. Overall, a fantastic visit and worth the trip!

Arash J — Google review

Great find.. I'm a Monet guy and found several pieces I have never seen before. The impressionist collection was great overall, with many works from the most famous artists.. quite an amazing collection. Well situated in the downtown, the only amusing things were the staff who couldn't point us to Edward Hopper's the Nighthawks.. I guess they mainly stand round trying to prevent eco terrorists from souping irreplaceable works of art 😄.

Richard H — Google review

We had the fortune of being able to visit the institute an hour before the official opening time with some friends who were members. So when we went there, the building was almost empty (which felt like a real privilege).This place has an amazing collection of diverse art. If you're just somewhat into art, I wholeheartedly recommend visiting this place and taking your time while you're there.

Hama O — Google review

So grateful for their free days. I was able to take our senior residents (at a non profit memory care home) to visit twice! Both times staff was super helpful with holding doors, helping us find certain locations, and free wheelchairs at coat check. The crowds were not as great, but staff also came to the rescue when we were trying to go up a ramp and a hoard of students decided that was their route instead of just using the steps. Thank you Art Institute of Chicago employees!!

Ana L — Google review

One of the best art museums in the world. Their collection of 20th century art rivals the best museums in New York, London, and Berlin. I’ve spent at least 20 hours there over 4-6 visits and feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface. Their Byzantine collection, their Impressionism collection, their collection of Asian Buddhist/Hindu art…. It’s all just so rich and informatively curated. The architecture is also gorgeous. Make sure to take the walk from the Third floor balcony over the streets and into the park across the way.

Damien B — Google review

What a great museum, I truly enjoyed my visit! I’m a big fan of Vincent Van Gogh art and I wanted to come here and it finally came true. This is a big museum, so definitely you need time to spend and enjoy it, for me it was only 2 hours and I did a little less than half of the museum, but I definitely started with post-Impressionism art, where Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings were and also Monet’s. I had a great experience and I hope to come back in the future to visit the other exhibitions, I couldn’t see. I bought my tickets in advance through their website, I highly recommend this because it gets packed and you don’t have to make a line to purchase the tickets.

Alejandra H — Google review

Absolutely incredible place, with so much variety and a great balance of styles within different eras. Very helpful staff. Excellent organization. I guess there's a reason this one is so well known!It's somewhat an afterthought in the documentation, but absolutely save time for the miniature period rooms in the basem*nt. Incredible exhibit!

Mike — Google review

The Art Institute of Chicago is a cultural gem. The extensive collection spans diverse eras and cultures, offering a rich artistic experience. Navigating the museum is seamless, thanks to clear signage and well-organized exhibits. The staff is knowledgeable and approachable, adding to the overall welcoming atmosphere. The museum's architecture is impressive, complementing the masterpieces within. While admission can be a bit steep, the cultural enrichment gained from a visit makes it a worthwhile investment for art enthusiasts.

Aurelijus K — Google review

I had the best time here., there is so much to see. I got a map and explored . There are a lot of steps and sometimes I did use the elevator. I was glad I had checked my heavy backpack and coat (no extra cost) so it was easier to walk around.I took so many pictures and could have taken more. I should have stopped and had a break at the modern cafe for a co*ke and a cookie.

Chris R — Google review

For this particular occasion we went for the Pablo Picasso exhibit. We paid $5 as Illinois residents and it is worth mentioning that the museum is free during weekdays.The building itself is admirable, very well taken care of inside and outside. All of the exhibits are being looked after as there are hundreds of art pieces on a daily basis.Whether you’re are someone who is into sculpting, painting, architecture, mosaics, or any other form of art, the Art Institute of Chicago has something to offer.Definitely looking forward for more exhibitions.

Burrito — Google review

Visiting the Art Institute of Chicago was wonderful! Despite a slightly challenging layout, the museum's beauty shone through. It wasn't too crowded, and ticket prices were fair. I was impressed by the diverse range of exhibits, including works by Van Gogh, Monet, Picasso, Andy Warhol, and a ton of other well-known artists. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!

Michelle M — Google review


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111 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603, USA

(312) 443-3600


Millennium Park

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Sights & Landmarks

Millennium Park is an awe-inspiring public space in Chicago that features an impressive collection of world-class architecture and sculptures. The park is home to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, one of the world's largest outdoor sculptures by British artist Anish Kapoor and Cloud Gate, one of the world's largest pieces of public sculpture.

Such an amazing place to visit and a must in your in the Chicago area. Great place to capture amazing photos of the famous Bean and downtown area. I really enjoyed hitting the ice skating ring for a few laps. I highly recommend coming here to visit a iconic piece of Chicago.

Albert S — Google review

I loved the different areas of Millennium Park. Cloud Gate was so interesting. My favorite part was inside, looking up at the middle. Downtown Chicago has so many amazing outdoor spaces. The architecture is beautiful and I love how art is sprinkled throughout the city. If you want to get pictures with less people there, you'd probably have to go very early in the morning. I was here in the middle of May, in the middle of the day, during the week and it was busy as if it were the weekend.

Adrienne S — Google review

It's a cool park to walk through to see some cool pieces of art/sculpture. They have security art the entrance, making sure you are not bringing anything illegal in. We really wanted to see "the bean" (Cloud Gate), but it was fenced off for some maintenance. There were still tons of people trying to take pictures.

Charlie T — Google review

Very beautiful and chill park in general. Unfortunately the surrounding of cloud gate is under construction so I couldn't reach close. The performing space is crazy! Very strange and stunning metallic building with many many speakers hanging in the sky. Super impressive area which combines chilling vibe and sci-fi ish atmosphere around. It's so beautiful when the tress turns in yellow at Fall.

孫紹庭(Shao-Ting S — Google review

Always fun to come hereThis time there were renovations around the bean! Still, other parts of the park were open.People who skate would love coming here in the winter.Summer is also fun hereUse Spot hero for parking! Will SAVE you a lot.. we got $15 instead of ten for a long period parkingI would recommend parking near the elevators to make it easy to get back the car.

HAMID A — Google review

There 5/10 - Cloud gate under construction 🚧 over it didn't stop my shine. I was able to get a picture. The park is well clean and so relaxing.

Jrezzy B — Google review

If you're going to Chicago, then you definitely need to stop by Millennium Park and visit Cloud Gate (The Bean). It's such an amazing place to visit and spend an afternoon walking around the park or simply have nice picnic. Great atmosphere! Highly recommend it.

Jian C — Google review

Millennium Park in downtown Chicago is a world class park with amusem*nt and cultural service facilities for the visitors. At the heart of downtown Chicago, the Millennium Park is a jewel of Emerald. Surrounded by tall skyscrapers and Victorian palaces, the park is a very good piece of Nature in a busy metropolis. The park had some famous landmarks like the Cloud Gate (popularly known as "The Bean"), the Crown Fountain, the Millennium Monument etc.There are food stalls serving a variety of cuisines. Restroom facility is also there.Parking spaces for cars are available nearby.Art Institute of Chicago is nearby.The crowd becomes heavy on weekends and during holidays.

Asis C — Google review

Millennium Park is the BEST park of Chicago and is a MUST visit place, when visiting Chicago. We visited this park back in 2019 when we visited Chicago and spent a whole day exploring this park. You would love the views of Historic downtown Chicago from this park. The cloud gate (a large steel shaped bean looking architecture) is also located on this park.

Sayantan P — Google review

I love this park!!! It’s beautiful and peaceful. Millennium Park in Chicago is a true urban oasis that seamlessly blends art, architecture, and nature to create a captivating and vibrant public space.One of the park's most iconic features is the Cloud Gate sculpture, affectionately known as "The Bean." This massive, reflective masterpiece never fails to awe and delight visitors. It's not just a sculpture; it's a mirrored portal to the city, reflecting the skyline and the people who gather around it.

Alex L — Google review

Millennium Park, an iconic location where The Bean is held aka Cloud Gate. A monument known for its shape, a park known for its beautiful area. I visited during Christmas and the lights and Christmas trees were all individually beautiful!Sadly this year they are having maintenance in till 2024 spring so keep that in mind if you're planning to visit! This is a must come though for this icon of Chicago!

FejiVA — Google review

In the center of Chicago, Millennium Park is a true treasure that provides a pleasant diversion from the busy daily life. I had the most amazing experience at Millennium Park and would highly recommend it with a 5-star rating.Instragram:food_and_travel0

Food T — Google review

A great place for a walk around.Also a great place to grab a coffee and people watch.Plenty of great views of Chicago sky line.We visited in mid April 24 and unfortunately the beam and the water fountain were both having renovations done, so neither were in use or available for photos.The park is kept clean, with plenty of dogs :)

Izzy K — Google review

Was bummed the bean area is under construction so you can't have close contact, but otherwise, the garden near the Art Institute was beautiful with great photo opp Aesthetics. We loved the monuments amazing street music and all of the street vendors selling food. My girls enjoyed and we'll be back.

Predictable F — Google review

Beautiful place!!! You can spent so much time taking pictures around the bean but we also enjoyed the ice skaters. It was not too cold so we could spend quite a while around. Lots of nice places close too.

Sandy T — Google review

This park is a beautiful spot in downtown Chicago, where you can enjoy the greenery and the skyline view. Although there is a security check before entering, it is worth the wait. This is a great place to hang out with friends or family. If you are looking for a scenic spot to enjoy the city, you can see the beautiful Chicago skyline from this place.

Pravil P — Google review

The Bean was in our sights as a "must see" on this trip to Chicago. It did not disappoint. We discovered how beautiful the Millennium and outskirts of the city was as we walked for hours in shear awe. While it was raining, the umbrella kept us semi dry. The smiles, laughter and happiness of people finally being able to be out and together again, is exactly what COVID took away. It feels good. We will return.

Cindy M — Google review

A must visit park while in the Chicago area. It’s a close walking distance from the iconic River walk and it’s right on the Michigan Avenue, just south of the river.It’s a quiet park, considering the hustle and bustle of the downtown. The park is very well maintained and has a few entrances, controlled by security throughout. You can easily spend 2-4 hours in the park, depending on what you want to do here. There are also regular events held here at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, one of the premier outdoor Amphitheaters, so that will have to factor in. It’s free entrance to the park itself.You will see ‘The Bean’ work of public art here. The sculpture, which is officially titled Cloud Gate, is one of the world’s largest permanent outdoor art installations, currently undergoing some construction work. Lake Michigan is just a few minutes away from this park and so is the Chicago River. If you took the hop on hop off bus tour, there is a stop at this park as well.

Localizer — Google review

First visit to Chicago. It was a beautiful fall day and the weather was amazing. The natural foliage and the landscaping were breathtaking. It was so much to see and appreciate. Walking into this park centered within the city is perfection. A must see!

Mona G — Google review

Lovely green Park with lots of community gathering places. The bean plaza is under renovation through March 2024. So can only see through the fence. There is a fantastic outdoor concert space. At the time of year we visited (November) the kinetic water feature between 2 large and changing digital faces had been switched off for the season. It must be great in the summer for kids to cool off and have fun.

Carrie W — Google review

Millennium Park is in a very accessible part of Chicago. I parked at the underground garage for only $13 for essentially the whole day, courtesy of SpotHero. The park has incredible views of the Chicago skyline. The surrounding area is super walkable to places like Navy Pier and museums.

William K — Google review

I came here from Washington & the bean was under construction. A local gentleman told me they started in the fall & haven’t done anything with it since. Maybe we just don’t see it 😌. Getting in & out is a hassle, I understand why if there was an event or something however to exit in such long way!

Misha S — Google review

Millennium Park is such a lovely park area in Chicago, IL!! You can access Cloud Gate + The Bean from this park, in addition to other sculptures and art exhibits that are throughout. There are great views of the architecture of Downtown Chicago from this park as well!

Kristen M — Google review

The cloud is under construction (April/May 2024) not sure when it will be open again. But the thing I love is the great lawn, the wave walkway, skatepark, climbing area, mini golf and the water/video art installation. So still worth the visit.

Sam L — Google review

Even though it was closed off it was worth going. The ice-skating was fun. The whole area was very nice and a fun family activity. I will definitely go back! During Christmas time the area looks very pretty with all the lights. The price for the ice-skating is very good! For 1 hour and a half you only got to pay 16 dollars and they even have lockers to secure your stuff.The ice-skating rink provides a delightful experience for both beginners and seasoned skaters. The well-maintained ice surface ensures smooth gliding, and the facility's vibrant atmosphere adds to the overall enjoyment. Skating sessions are reasonably priced, and the rental equipment is in good condition. The staff is friendly and attentive, offering assistance to those less confident on the ice. The rink's convenient location and ample parking make it accessible, creating a perfect outing for families or friends. While the snack bar offers standard fare, it could benefit from a broader menu. In summary, the ice-skating rink offers a fantastic blend of fun and accessibility, making it a go-to destination for a chilly yet enjoyable experience.There is plenty of areas picture worthy and the area seemed pretty safe! Please go and enjoy

Heber F — Google review

Millennium Park is an absolute gem in the heart of Chicago, offering a delightful escape from the bustling city life. My visit to Millennium Park was nothing short of exceptional, and I would wholeheartedly give it a glowing 5-star review.From the moment I stepped foot into the park, I was captivated by its beauty and tranquility. The lush greenery, stunning architecture, and vibrant art installations create a perfect harmony that is truly mesmerizing. The iconic Cloud Gate sculpture, affectionately known as "The Bean," is a must-see attraction that never fails to awe visitors with its reflective surface and unique design.The amenities at Millennium Park are top-notch, with clean restrooms, ample seating areas, and well-maintained walkways. The park is also wheelchair-accessible, making it inclusive for all visitors. The staff members I encountered were friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to assist with any questions or needs.One of the highlights of my visit was catching a live performance at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion. The acoustics were phenomenal, and the atmosphere was electric, creating a memorable experience that I will cherish for years to come.In conclusion, Millennium Park is a true urban oasis that offers a perfect blend of art, nature, and culture. Whether you're a local resident or a tourist visiting Chicago, a visit to Millennium Park is an absolute must-do. I cannot recommend this park highly enough and believe it deserves every bit of its 5-star rating.

DéShaun R — Google review

I am in love with this park. It’s gigantic, it takes a long walk to go through all of it. It has two ice-skating rings, cool art installations, the famous bean of Chicago, parks for kids, and a stage for concerts. Those are the few things we did see at the park, because we did not have enough time to walk through all of it. I had a blast with my family, I highly recommend visiting this famous park in Chicago, where you can even get a view of the lake.

Erika B — Google review

Millennium Park in Chicago is a vibrant oasis offering a delightful blend of art, nature, and culture. The stunning architecture, lush greenery, and iconic Cloud Gate, affectionately known as "The Bean," make it a must-visit destination. While ongoing construction work may briefly obstruct views of The Bean, the overall experience is still enchanting, with the park's diverse attractions and lively atmosphere ensuring a memorable visit.

Krisztián H — Google review

It's very pretty here. The Bean was closed though for construction. Otherwise, the art and architecture was lovely to see as we walked around. Lots of pigeons. Lots of people trying to take pictures with the Bean. It's a pleasant grassy area amidst the pavemented streets of Chicago. There were plenty of food trucks when we went, too. And pigeons. So many cute pigeons in a variety of colors.

ubalubi — Google review

Exploring Millennium Park during the snowy season was nothing short of magical. The pristine white blanket transformed the park into a winter wonderland. The snow-laden branches framed Cloud Gate in a picturesque scene, offering a unique perspective of "The Bean." The bean is currently closed and under construction. Its visible from distance and outside the barricades.The Jay Pritzker Pavilion stood gracefully, adorned with a dusting of snow, creating a serene ambiance. Walking through the snowy pathways, the gardens and sculptures took on a different charm, making my visit an enchanting experience that showcased the park's versatility in every season. The park also has a big open ice rink.The parking is underground and on paid basis.

K R — Google review

Unfortunately, when we went to visit the Bean, it was under construction, so we weren't able to get up close. Despite not being able to fully see the bean, it was still pretty cool.I know a lot of locals said they don't understand the hype about the bean. It's a shiny bean. Yes, it's a shiny bean, but it's cool! You get to not only see yourself and your family, but you see the whole city in the beans' reflection. That's pretty cool and unique if you ask me.I would recommend checking it out. Another great memory added into the books with my kiddos. ❤️

Amanda L — Google review

This is one of the coolest downtown parks in the US IMHO. Of course a lot of people gravitate to the Bean sculpture; While that's cool it's just a fraction. It's a nice open air park that's simply fun to stroll around with the Chicago downtown as a backdrop. There's something here for everyone. We love the numerous free concerts, fountains, and our kid just loves the playground which is amazing. The park itself is an adventure as there's a lot to see with its constant changing theme and architecture. We find it a great starting point to the many sites Chicago has to offer.

Harold P — Google review

Great for sitting and relaxing, great for people watching. Trees are beautiful during the holidays, and there’s a skating rink.Chicago is a lot of walking. A park to sit and rest with built in entertainment and small cafe vendors was a welcomed find. Plus, the bean. (Currently under construction)

Amanda S — Google review


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Chicago, IL 60602, USA

(312) 742-1168


Magnificent Mile

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Points of Interest & Landmarks

Chicago's primary commercial district is the Magnificent Mile, located in the Loop area. It is a bustling and vibrant part of the city that boasts more than 460 stores, including high-end luxury brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Gucci. The district also features numerous restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world as well as some of Chicago's best hotels. Visitors can explore art galleries such as LIK Fine Art Chicago which showcases works by renowned photographer Peter Lik.


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Chicago, IL 60611, USA


Navy Pier

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Amusem*nt center

Navy Pier is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chicago with rides, restaurants, shops, and more. The pier juts into Lake Michigan and has an endless amount of attractions for all ages. It's a great place to spend a day with family.

Went to Chicago for the day to celebrate my birthday! It was a great time. I can't wait to go back there! So much to see and do. We went on the Skyline Lake Tour; this is reasonably priced per person...this was great and relaxing!

Adrienne H — Google review

Ferris wheel was very fun. There were other carnival ride options as well. Great food options too!. Great options for boat tours. We had kids and did a quick 40 min boat tour. Overall, navy pier seems to amaze me everything I go. Been going since I was a kid and was able to share this with my kids for the first time.

Matthew A — Google review

We arrived as storms were rolling in, so our visit was cut short. It was still a nice area full of dining, shopping, and entertainment. We enjoyed watching the boats along Lake Michigan and taking in stunning views of the city. Finding affordable parking was a challenge.

Bonnie R — Google review

Very nice and chill pier to take a walk or chill around. And there's a very warm court with a lot of options of foods. The restroom is also very clean, the other side is for cars parking and drop-off so I would recommend to walk around. Just go straight and come back straight would be a nicer solution.

孫紹庭(Shao-Ting S — Google review

Great place to enjoy and admire the skyline of Chicago. Navy Pier has many attractions, but the main one is the wheel which lets you observe the city from a high altitude and without any crowds. The stores inside are really good. There are plenty of restaurants of different kinds and different stores. Walking outside makes you feel why Chicago is called the Windy City.

Francisco C — Google review

Gorgeous place! We didn't realize how big it is, and how many shops there are!We came for the "Light up the Lake Event". It was awesome! Indoor so no worries about weather. The pier is free, but would definitely buy tickets in advance for the lights.We rode the ferris wheel and it was so much fun! The view is gorgeous!

brittny92 — Google review

We rode some rides and went through the fun house. Tip: one of the mirrors is a door in the mirror maze. It took us forever to get out. Lol We wanted to take a boat cruise but we want to wait for some of the smoke from Canada to go away so we can see the beautiful skyline better. When my girls were small we went to the children's museum and that was really fun. Navy Pier is a must see when visiting Chicago.

Holly K — Google review

Amazing place for amazing fotos, definitely a place that you must visit if you are in Chicago. Do not miss this great chance to take great photos. Also a place full of history. Just take a look to my photos!I saw they also have really nice restaurants and good boat tours.

Abraham B — Google review

I went and visited the Navy Pier. The air was very windy and cold coming of the water. The history behind the pier is very interesting and they have historical markings everywhere to read. They have an indoor “mall” area with shops and eatery’s. At sunset the views looking back at the city skylines are pretty spectacular.

Michael B — Google review

Go before noon and you'll easily find parking inside the pier. There are plenty of restaurants and shops the closer you get to the museum. Not so much as you go further out towards the hotels at the end of the pier. Lots of boat tour companies located on the south side of the pier, and they're organized well. Great place to take your family or hang out with friends.

David H — Google review

Wonderful views of Chicago. I recommend going in the morning or afternoon when it is less crowded. This is a peak place to cut out of work for. You can just sit around and think about the world and how beautiful life is. This is one of the great gems of the city of Chicago. It is a tourist trap but one you don't mind getting trapped in. Look at all the sick pics of my friends.

Jeremiah A — Google review

Beautiful in the day time and even more beautiful at night. We visited on the weekend and it’s a place for everyone to walk, hangout, eat, relax, ride the Ferris wheel and lots to do. It gets packed and busy but fun for sure. I recommend this place.. one of the must visit in Chicago places. Fire work show was awesome as well it was not a disappointment. Was worth staying there till 10pm.

Salim K — Google review

Beautiful pier--day or night. I love how it's connected to inner-city paths and walkways. There's a good variety of restaurants, bars, and shops all along the pier as well as excursions. Great place for a stroll!

Melinda B — Google review

Navy Pier offers fun attractions for both kids and adults, making it a family-friendly destination. The area is clean, walkable, and home to numerous restaurants. While it can get crowded, booking tickets online in advance helps save time and ensures a smoother experience. The ferris wheel ride is a must-do experience, especially during sunset when the scenery becomes even more captivating.

Mandy P — Google review

This was a great time, we started as strangers and ended up as good friends. The ride even though a tourist thing to do was filled with locals. The tour guide we got was speaking very fast, and most of the facts we missed but the scenery and buildings were great. This was a great time. The skyline is something to see .. Enjoy !!!

BLaZe W — Google review

Really cute place to go! Lots to eat nearby and some beautiful places to shop. I'd recommend the app park spot for parking, $20 ramps near by. They're are usually some ships in the harbor too which are beautiful to see and take a tour of. Always something to see!

Glen M — Google review

Fun spot but touristy. You get a good view of the city, especially on the Ferris wheel but it's pricey. There is often live music and always something to do. A good way to spend an afternoon with the family, I think you should go at least once but it's not really how you get to know the city. Definitely gets crowded at peak hours.

Marc A — Google review

Navy Pier is really quiet in winter and beautiful, unlike other busy places in Chicago. You can walk peacefully, enjoy great views of the lake and city, and ride the Ferris wheel in a calm atmosphere. The gardens are perfect for relaxing. It's a great spot to see Chicago's beauty without the rush. Definitely worth a visit for a relaxed day.

Ruben K — Google review

I took two different tours. Michigan Lake and architecture. Enjoyed both.In architecture tour, the lady was very nice and funny.Michigan Lake tour was impressive, every staff very friendly.When I was purchasing the tickets, the guy with glasses working there helped me a lot!✨

Yifan L — Google review

This was my first time to Chicago and I have to say that walking the navy Pier was breathtaking. The view over lake Michigan absolutely gorgeous. Seeing all the familys taking photos with the anchor and just enjoying themselves brought a smile to my face. There were so many shops and restaurants to go to and eat at it was hard to choose which one. They allow you to carry your alcohol while on the pier that was pretty cool. When we went they where having a festival with live music. The attractions where not badly priced either I will definitely be going back.

Devon B — Google review

This place has a lot of various shopping vendors and food restaurants, perfect for families. I was intrigued to meet a Native American vendor who handmade art and jewelry. I bought several items from him and also grabbed some garrets popcorn on my visit. Also stopped by the cartoonist and got a portrait drawn. I had a great time and got to take awesome photos of the beautiful artwork and meet various vendors there who were so kind and welcoming. I will make another trip in the future because Chicago is an amazing city like no other.

Mariah S — Google review

Navy Pier was abuzz on a holiday weekend! The new Flyover Chicago is open, the Ferris Wheel in full on summer line mode and there were hundreds of kids everywhere. Great food court with lots of options to pick from! Well worth a walk to the end of the pier!

Susan H — Google review


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600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, USA

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I'll never travel to Grand Rapids without this trip planner again

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I will never travel to Grand Rapids without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Horseshoe Hammond Casino


Casinos & Gambling


Horseshoe Hammond is a casino and entertainment venue located by the lakefront since 1996. Managed by Caesars Entertainment, it employs over 2,200 people and boasts a riverboat-style design from 2008. The large gaming floor holds over 300 video poker machines, 700 new slot games, sportsbook betting options and various table games. This full-service casino offers restaurants, bars with delicious drinks like margaritas and great food including tasty pizza.

It was clean my beds were very comfortable! The staff was very friendly and helpful! We had a problem with the toilet 🚽 and when we came back it was fixed and working ! If I go back to Hammond I will definitely stay at this hotel 🏨!

A'lisa H — Google review

I give you one star. Your gift giving is cheap. You don't have enough winners. The food in the steak room isn't good nor the decor. It use to be a fun place but it's not anymore. Time for a change.

Dorothy N — Google review

First visit. Big casino and Nicely laid out is specific gaming areas. Table poker over there, craps over here, etc. It does permit smoking and you'll know at the front entrance. 1 point off for that

Jeff O — Google review

Fun place to get out the house play slots win jack pot. Nice atmosphere all but the smoke not a smoker i like fresh air. Smoke not good for lung cancer. Fresh air good if they had smoker room for the crack heads.

Charlene J — Google review

Although I don't gamble, I enjoy attending various shows. The sound system is amazing, and seats are comfortable with good views of the stage. I also like the wonderful restaurants from the Cafe, steakhouse and delicious deserts. Staff are always welcoming, attentive, and very pleasant to interact with.

Joelle ( — Google review

I loved it there yesterday,it was fun. The machines are my money 💰 thou,😁😁😁😝. I had a glass of margarita and left. But I would recommend a smoke free partition cus everyone don't smoke but want to partake in other casino activities.

Wade S — Google review

Other than dry cleaning my pockets, I had fun here. Would have been nice if the slot machines weren't incredibly tight like a duck's butt in water lol. Clean well laid out and very organized. Unfortunately the buffet closed awhile back, but there are a few options on the main level. Too much room dedicated to the sports book lounge that could have had slot machines in them. This limited some gaming options.

Todd L — Google review

Since I didn't win any $ on the slots, it was just ok. The staff was helpful and friendly and the parking was well lit and abundant. My bf went thru $290 and I went thru $80 in about an hour.

Heidi B — Google review

Friendly staff, Drinks come pretty quick when you push the button at a machine. Dealers are nice and helpful if you've never played a game before. There is a large verity of machines. They also have a buffet with a really good selection of different kinds of food. I look forward to coming back and playing there again. Just next time let me win some money and not break even.

Jonathon B — Google review

We were here for a concert and security had no idea what they were doing, three separate lines to tell you to go to a different line. Most attendees missed the opening band (Lorna Shore). Drinks are reasonable, but the slots are garbage. Go to the Hard Rock instead if you're in the area

Chris R — Google review

Went to the Jeff Dunham Show and the Theater was AMAZING! Casino was awesome and loved the smoking section. Gaming and smoking a cigarette is a great experience. Lines for the food was a bit rough though seemed like they need a little help with organization. Overall neat and good experience

Christian J — Google review

There really isn’t a reason to play here. Drink prices are much more than other casinos in the metro. Most food options are not open and Caesar’s properties will soon sell this location so your points will not carry over.

Pinball W — Google review

Horseshoe is my favorite casino! I’m not much of a gambler, but once in a while I like to come here. The drinks from the bar are wonderful! My favorite is the margarita from the bar in the back. They also have a good selection of food and their pizza is great!

Martinez — Google review

As much money as I have spent this year at the Horseshoe they ought to let me win a few jackpots, lol. Other than that I love the Horseshoe. The staff is nice. They have new slot machines. They just need different food. It gets very boring eating the same thing over again. I love to eat a good meal on Sundays if I'm at the horseshoe. The buffet needs to reopen and they just need to have the food covered this time. They had the best buffet to me. There was this one particular slot attendant tho who was very rude to a guest. I was standing right there. The slot attendant didn't have a smile on her face or anything and that made me uncomfortable and she wasn't even there to help me. She was there to help the other guest.

Nichole K — Google review

Terrible Stinky cigarettes smoke,Smells 🚬, Terrible staff Attitude if you ask a question or need help with something and not just one ALL And the staff in the cashier cage lol they think there God... Buffet still closed Covid is over.. No Attraction Machines are TIGHT All the time, Plenty of other Is Casinos to go to and spend my money at. C ya Horseshoe....

Lawrence R — Google review

I'm a seven star member and the horse doesn't make you feel like one. It is impossible to get ahold of the reward desk. Every time I call , no one picks up or they hang up on me. At this point I weather send my money at the HardRock casino. There's a pretty good chance I will not return back to horseshoe.

Tilman J — Google review

My recent visit to Horseshoe Hammond Casino was focused on the venue's entertainment aspect, rather than its gaming offerings. The performance venue struck a unique balance between size and intimacy, capable of hosting well-known performers while maintaining an intimate atmosphere that amplified the live show experience.One point to note for future visitors is the venue's valet parking policy. We were surprised to find a $50 CASH ONLY valet fee. Thankfully, we noticed this ahead of time. It's a detail that those planning a trip here might want to keep in mind, particularly if they're attending a popular event.Inside, the venue featured two bars in the lobby, providing easy access to refreshments before the show or during intermissions. Although a couple of bars inside the concert hall were closed during my visit, the availability of beverages was not an issue. The seats were comfortable, equipped with cupholders for convenience—an appreciated detail that added to the overall enjoyment of the show.I didn't need to use the restrooms during my visit, so I can't comment on their availability or cleanliness. However, given the overall well-maintained state of the venue, I would assume these facilities follow suit.In conclusion, the Horseshoe Hammond Casino is more than just a gaming experience. Its entertainment venue, with its substantial size yet intimate feel, is a noteworthy destination for live performances. Whether you're a fan of big-name artists or local talents, this venue, with its comfortable setting and distinct attention to detail, provides an enjoyable setting for an evening of entertainment. Just remember your cash if you plan to use the valet service!

James B — Google review

Took in a live show at the casino. The box seats were great and the staff was very well organized. Overall it felt like a great place to see a live performance, especially if you can get seats on the upper level.

Lawrence K — Google review

This isn't like the location I've visited in Maryland. The customer service was excellent. However, It's dark and not welcoming. The machines are old, and I'm praying my bank debit card is okay because their ATM machines were malfunctioning, multiple ones. I was so excited to visit this casino based on my visit to the other. It was quite disappointing. My party left and we went to Hard Rock Casino. We didn't win big, but it's brighter, it has newer machines, and the energy is far more exciting.

Da F — Google review

Wonderful food and atmosphere. Lovely views

T W — Google review

We hadn’t been here in years, but were excited to return as this place was a previous highlight on our way home from Chicago. We were eager to return for some fun. Sadly, it has fallen on hard times. Most of the dining was closed, most of the patrons looked depressed, and the odds on the slots were really not favorable. The one positive is that the workers were very friendly and helpful, but it was sad to see that it’s best days are behind it. While the house always wins, I’d wager that this place is heading for the glue factory.

Daniel D — Google review

We go here often since majestic closed. Used to love going here just for the buffet but that’s closed. Honestly the food is below average and horrible quality for the price. Tried the pizza it was cold. Tried the hot dogs they were cold. So play and eat before you get here it’s a waste of money

Kendra R — Google review

The casino was average, I enjoyed myself especially the self serve beverage stations.I did see a lot of people having trouble with and complaining about the ATM and change machines not working, that's why I bring my own change. I'm sure people have other complaints if inconvience cleanlines and not getting comp's but I've been to much worse places.

Bee B — Google review

I don't go often, but I do like going on a Saturday between 2pm-4pm. It's not as busy, an older crowd (my people). I went in with a winning ticket that I didn't cash from 12/30/23. I inserted it into the slots. The machine rejected it, but it got stuck when coming out. I had to call for service. The young lady retrieved it, looked at it, and told me to cash it in at the cage. Took it to the cage, Brandi (short blond hair) looked at it and told me, "This is no good, you only have 90 days to use." I told her to look at the 12/30 date at the bottom and that it was still good. She got quiet, keyed in some information, and replied, "barely." She then gave me my money. I thought to myself, don't let the grey hair fool you, I work with dates and numbers all day every day. I pay attention to that. I thought to myself, is this her scam? Does she tell Seniors their tickets are no good and keep them for herself? I didn't get a good vibe from her. Well, that's just me.

K E — Google review

This has always been my favorite place to just go by myself and have some me time. This place has gotten to be awful. You push for slot service and it takes forever and their excuse is always we're short staffed. I played on yesterday, I won't say how much(but oh boy), I left with nothing. Don't get me wrong I know it's a gambling place(chance you take) but those machines have gotten awful. I played one of the machines where you get all the spins, the most I got was 120 spins. I was on this machine from 12:30 to 6pm. You can't tell me that makes any sense. I don't want to hear you should have moved around. That was my fourth machine. This casino has gotten terrible with their jackpots. Even the crowd isn't the same anymore. People are always complaining about the machines. That's not good. I think my name is somewhere in their site to not let me win. I have never won over $1000 here, and I can count on one hand for that. I think I need to listen to other people and go somewhere else. You're not going to tell me that I'm wrong that these machines are not fixed in the casino favor a lot more than they use to be. 5 1/2 hours and only the highest number of spins were 120 and then it only paid me $56. Do better Horseshoe! You are losing people, and you can't tell me you're not. Awful...Well, you guys responded with the same response that you given everybody. So, sad that's how you feel about your patrons(visitors/customers). Just give everyone a general response. Thanks

Lisa F — Google review

I've been coming here for a few years with friends and family. We always have a great time. Only bring the cash you're willing to lose. The food and drinks are a bit pricey. The atmosphere is great! The people and the staff are friendly. The establishment is nice and clean. Sucks when the machine acts up and you need service it's like a 15 + min wait, but it's understandable they have lots of machines! I love playing roulette! Will continue to come back and recommend it. I definetly recommend checking out Four Winds too it's in Michigan City!

Diana M — Google review

When I got there a large portion of the slot machines were roped off. Not sure why. It's not always like this. And other day I would give it a five.It was my birthday and I could enjoy sitting at my favorite machines

Ghorjus 1 — Google review

We were at this venue for a concert. There were three lines to get in... the first one to check ID moved mind bogglingly slowly. Second was checking tickets, and third was to get into the concert hall. The 45+ minute delay was such a bummer because we ended up missing most of the opening band, one of the main reasons we were there. After the concert, they weren't letting people walk around to use the elevators to access the parking. Fortunately, someone who worked there relented when we explained that my friend had a broken foot. The parking garage was such a mess, too.. it took about an hour in our car to leave the garage. Honestly, it's one of my least favorite venues to date.

Jessica K — Google review

Decadent enough casino. No different that all the others. Sometimes you win. Most times you lose. The cigarette some is terrible. None of the popular games are in the smoke free area. Indiana needs to go smoke free. I don't understand why cashing out at a kiosk they force you to donate your change.Other casinos give you the option. Like they don't rip you off enough now they won't give you your change. Please change that.

M P — Google review


Albanese Candy Factory Outlet

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40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (115)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (116)

Mentioned on

2 lists

Candy store


Food manufacturer

Food producer

Gift & Specialty Shops

A fantastic experience. It's always clean, organized and well staffed. This is a great place to get something for a holiday or small gift as much as just a sweet treat. Great place to bring kids. As someone with a child with a food allergy, it was great to find the staff well informed about what ingredients were in which products. They always have tons of "oops" gummies that are heavily discounted as well. A local gem!

Jeffrey S — Google review

This is such a fun place! If you have a sweet tooth,this place will hook you up!! Tons of candy to choose from: gummies, chocolates, and all thosewonderful candies that take you back to your childhood! They also have a nice selection of gift arrangements! We visited at Christmas time and the place was beautifully decorated!!beautifully decorated!

Heather H — Google review

First time here. Really enjoyed it. The set up of the store is nice with a lot of displays and a large variety of candles, nuts, and other fun items. Plenty of parking and service was friendly and helpful. Would recommend. 👍🏽

Rachel I — Google review

Such a fun place to be a kid again. All kinds of candy from when I remember when I was a little girl. Chocolate covered gummy bears and every kind of chocolate covered berry and nut. Peanut butter cups are amazing!!

Tiffany A — Google review

It was a sad day. The candy was great and there was a lot of it however years ago you used to be able to come here and do a self tour to see how the candy was made. It was great for the kids. They should bring that back. Now it's more of a tourist destination just packed with a bunch of candy and moving people as fast as possible. Good business for them. But they lost a little bit of what made it special.

Frank S — Google review

It is so hard to control yourself here. There is so much to choose from. Everything looks so good. Everyone was so helpful and kind. Thankfully I didn't lose control. Be sure to check out the oopsies. They are 10 bucks for a 5 pound bag.

Jancola M — Google review

Welcome to Candy Land! You will be a kid in a candy store - making this a do not miss! Packaged candy and chocolates greet you upon entrance, and then you see THE MASSIVE CANDY COUNTER! Windows are cut out behind the candy counter, so you can actually see the candy factory at work. Lines move relatively fast at checkout - peruse the discontinued/discounted bins as you make your way through the checkout for some real candy/chocolate gems. Fun place to visit for any and all ages!

Gretchen S — Google review

What a charming factory store. Great selections of candy confections. The gummy bears are a classic. The chocolate selections are fantastic. Worth a detour to visit.

Anna M — Google review

Mom of 5 review: my kids loved stopping here. It was very fun. There were big bags of goof-up gummies for $10 and lots of regular varieties, too.Clean store with big bathroomsGummy candy is 3.99 per poundThey give lots of free samples.

Liz L — Google review

Absolutely love this place, the best chocolate pecan caramel patties you could find!! Huge selection of delicious treats!! Definitely check them out if you're in that area!!

Joe G — Google review

Wow! This place is absolutely amazing, the store is beautiful for the holidays. The candy selection is one of the biggest I have ever seen. The customer service was just awesome. I will definitely return when back in town.

Dale B — Google review

This was a very cute shop, and it was fun to be able to see the factory behind it through the windows inside! It didn't seem like there were a ton of outlet prices, but there were a few and the ones that were there were good!! A very fun stop! (Also, the seasonal decorations are phenomenal - major props to the decorating team!)

Tara — Google review

You've got to check out this amazing candy store that has a large variety of delicious treats! While the price of each item is already reasonable, make sure to take a peek at their "goof-up" section for some sweet deals. It's a great way to find some unexpected gems at even lower prices. Trust me, this is the perfect place to satisfy your sweet tooth and stock up on some treats to share with your loved ones.

Richard R — Google review

Such a neat store to stop in on! So many different options of candy and chocolates. They even have pick your own and add it into a bag, which charges by the pound. The place was very clean inside as well! Definitely stop by!

Bean ! — Google review

Love this place. I buy these candies all the time back home. It was so fun to see where they were made! Would very much recommend you stopping in to feel like a kid in a candy store!

Eric H — Google review

Really fun candy store! More than just their own product but also lots of their own. Very fresh. Smells amazing. Very clean and open

Autumn D — Google review

Amazing selection of high quality candy. Staff is friendly and helpful while being quick to serve people. The store is bright and clean. The location is pretty easy to get to but getting back out of the parking lot on busy days can be difficult.

Stephen W — Google review

This is a little slice of candy and chocolate paradise. It is totally worth the detour if your are traveling between Chicago, Indianapolis, and/or Detroit. There was ample parking and every single thing there tastes great, although I am partial to the chocolate-covered nuts. In particular, the pecans covered with dark chocolate infused with Grand Marnier liqueur are just mind blowing. My companions, on the other hand, swear that the gummy bears are simply the best. Prices are very, very reasonable considering the quality. The only warning is to try to go slow once you have about one pound of chocolate with you...

Alex L — Google review

If you have a sweet tooth this is the place to go. They got it all. The staff is very friendly. You can buy your favorites by weight. At pretty good prices. They don't have just the candy they make in house too.

Andy G — Google review

Amazing sales person Marsha serviced us, great experience. Enjoyed the samples and left with a bag full of chocolate delights. Try it, you'll love it.

Rosemary D — Google review

We are a medium sized business we ordered around 10,000 pounds of gummy bears and many of the boxes were defective. After numerous of emails and tons of photo evidence of defective product they told us to get lost. So I’m sharing my experience so you don’t have same issue. They claim you only have 10 days claim defective orders. It’s impossible to filter 10,000 pound of gummy bears in 10 days. Photos attached.

Vincent J — Google review

It is a fun, tasty spot to visit and explore a wide variety of sweets. MARSHA was wonderful. She smiled and appeared to enjoy her job! Sold us on so many chocolates by letting us sample a few. She was 50% of the experience enjoying this visit. Easter candies and baskets are currently 50% off, a great deal!

Brian D — Google review

If you've discovered how awesome Albanese are, then stop in. You can buy individual flavors, a 10 pound bag of gummy worm mistakes for $10, every gummy they make, and lots of other candies. Tons of parking too, but no tours.

Jeff M — Google review


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5441 E Lincoln Hwy, Merrillville, IN 46410, USA

(219) 947-3070


Indiana Dunes State Park

40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (119)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (120)

40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (121)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (122)

State park

Nature & Parks


Dune-lined park for hiking, swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, birding & more, plus campsites.

Great scenery! We went right after a big storm and got to see the water frozen pretty high! It was gorgeous. My husband and I enjoyed the long walk on the beach. Pet friendly as well! We got to see all the puppies who were friendly!

Zee D — Google review

We were here during summer and the line to enter the parking was huge. It took a while for us to get a spot in the Parking area. However, it was worth the wait. Although it's on the shores of lake Michigan, the beach gave us a feeling as if we were on some Ocean beach. Midwest's very own coast, I'd say :) Plus, the water here is fresh water. We took the 3 dune challenge followed by spending time catching a spectacular sunset with Chicago's skyline at the backdrop. Recommended to visit on a weekday when there is less rush.

Saiprabhu B — Google review

We did the 3 Dunes Challenge on a cool, rainy morning. It was just a mist rain, but it kept us cool! The paths are well defined and in certain places, steep. The sand is soft, so when you take a step forward, you slide back a little because it's so soft. It is challenging but definitely doable! We are not the most fit people. We walk a lot, but being from Florida, we do not have a lot of hills or sand (except on the beaches!). It took us about 2 hours.

Dave C — Google review

Went to watch the Solar Eclipse on the beach! The park is beautiful. It is huge! Plenty of hiking trails! The beach is huge and gorgeous. There were staff members walking around cleaning up the beach while we were there! The building is beautiful and well kept they have a little food shop in it but was not quite open for the season. The nature center was very nice, also clean. Has regular bathrooms in it. They do have several events going in and that is posted in various spots throughout the park. They were having an Eclipse event with friends if the Indiana Dunes selling “solar” related snacks and drinks! See pictures for details…so cute! Smokey the bear was walking around for picture opportunities. There is a regular bathroom on the beach as well, it is clean and well maintained but it is a single use stall.Prices vary to get in for the day…to walk or bike in it was $2 per personPer car was $12And there were camping prices, bus prices and can prices too. Website is very helpful!We will definitely be going there again!

Jennifer H — Google review

Very large park on Lake Michigan. The line to get into the park was extremely long but the beach area and lake itself was just beautiful and refreshing. Only one toilet available at the beach and the line for it was massive as well. You can’t drive much around this park either like the others but it has lots of trails for hiking. It’s a good spot to go if you live nearby and don’t want to drive 16+ hours to the ocean.

Lexi J — Google review

Absolutely beautiful park with many trails through the forest and over the dunes.Beautiful nature center with clean bathrooms and a water bottle filling station.We came in July and were glad we carried bug spray. The wooded trails had lots of biting flies and mosquitoes but the spray worked great.Park by the nature center to hike the three dunes challenge. Entrance into state park is $12 for out of state cars.Best to hike with sandals. Parts of the trail are deep sand and steep incline. There are plenty of places to stop and catch you breath. Beautiful and peaceful location.

Rebecca M — Google review

My experience at Indiana Dunes State Park was truly incredible. The hiking trails were stunning, accommodating hikers of all levels. I was captivated by the breathtaking views of Lake Michigan and the beautiful forests along the trails. The park's diverse flora and fauna added an extra element of excitement to my hikes. The sandy beaches were perfect for relaxation, swimming, and enjoying thrilling water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding. The sunsets over the lake were truly mesmerizing, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere. Indiana Dunes State Park provided me with an unforgettable experience, combining amazing hiking adventures with the sheer beauty of Lake Michigan.

Janak — Google review

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Indiana Dunes State Park in the beginning of July 2023.July was the perfect time to visit as it's not too hot up north in July. We started on the 3-Dunes Challenge, where we ascended three dunes with quite the incline. Even in sand, it was not very difficult. I had never been on a trail like that- sand made up the trail, but the area was wooded like any trail I've been on in the Midwest. At the bottom of Mt. Holden (I think) is a private-ish lakeshore of Lake Michigan. This view is breathtaking- clear waters, a rocky shoreline that smooths out into soft, nearly white sand, and chilled water. Swimming is not permitted in this location because there is no lifeguard, but a short walk from there is the main beach where swimming is permitted. Coming from Southern Illinois, this cool freshwater retreat in 80-degree weather was quite refreshing.The national and state park lines were a little difficult to distinguish, we spent time in both.The visitor centers deeper into the park were awesome! Very informative, interesting samples of native wildlife, clean bathrooms, and complete with hiking challenges with rewards.

Kelsey S — Google review

Gorgeous park! The dunes are definitely the prize of the park, and the views are absolutely breathtaking! There are nice, fairly well maintained trails all over the park that lead to the 3 peaks, as well as the beach, and around the campgrounds. The trail markers are very helpful. I'm a beginner hiker, but I was able to do the #3DuneChallenge in the limited time I had there! I definitely recommend hiking the trails here! The views are definitely worth the toil!

An P — Google review

Indiana Dunes State Park is an absolute gem and a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and beach lovers alike. I had the pleasure of spending time there, and I can't praise it enough.1. **Natural Beauty:** The beauty of Indiana Dunes State Park is awe-inspiring. The towering sand dunes, lush forests, and the pristine Lake Michigan shoreline create a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventures. The landscapes are nothing short of breathtaking.2. **Hiking Trails:** The park boasts an extensive network of well-maintained hiking trails that cater to various skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or a beginner, you can find a trail that suits you. The views from the dunes and along the trails are simply spectacular.3. **Beach Paradise:** The park's beach is a true paradise. The soft sand and crystal-clear waters of Lake Michigan provide a perfect setting for swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and building sandcastles. It's a fantastic spot to relax and soak up the sun.4. **Diverse Wildlife:** Indiana Dunes State Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife. Birdwatchers will be delighted by the opportunity to spot various species, and the park's unique ecosystems offer a chance to see rare plants and animals.5. **Educational Opportunities:** The park also offers educational programs and interpretive centers that help visitors learn about the natural and cultural history of the area. It's a great place for families to explore and learn together.6. **Well-Maintained Facilities:** The park is well-maintained, with clean restrooms, picnic areas, and convenient parking facilities. It's evident that the staff takes pride in preserving the park's natural beauty.7. **Year-Round Destination:** Indiana Dunes State Park is not just a summer destination. It's equally enchanting in the fall with vibrant foliage and offers snowshoeing and cross-country skiing opportunities during the winter months.In conclusion, Indiana Dunes State Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty, outdoor activities, and educational experiences. Whether you're seeking adventure or tranquility, this park has it all. It's a place where you can connect with nature, create lasting memories, and appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors. Don't miss the chance to visit this remarkable destination.

John T — Google review

Nice sandy place with Michigan lake beach. When we visited this place now in month of may it was still cold. So don’t forget to carry warm cloths. It was fun walking on sand and taking the hike routes. Nice place to enjoy with friends. I could not find a spot to grill or sit to eat near beach. There is restaurant to sit but away from water. There are separate dedicated space for camping. Overall nice place and would visit again to just enjoy the beach and its water. There are pebbles in sand and it’s interesting to see the patterns on them.

Kavita T — Google review

The Dunes, as we affectionately call them, really proved themselves today. If you haven’t visited in the winter, you must. Lake Michigan and the sand dunes are majestic in the wintertime. The bonus of no gate admission was a welcome treat. Although the building near the beach is under construction, the public restroom was available. The new landscaping and building improvements are incredible. It’s hard to believe that it’s the same place!

Beccy K — Google review

This may be my favorite state park ever...and I've been to a LOT of state parks. It is clean, beautiful, well-maintained and set up very nicely. The beach and dunes are stunning, the plants and scenery are breathtaking and the staff is very friendly and helpful. One comment...I am disabled, and the restrooms and showers here are the most handicap- friendly I've ever used. The campsites are level and far enough apart to be comfortable. They only have electric hookups, but there are water-fill stations and dump stations as well. Very pet-friendly also! We stayed here in a Class C motorhome and will definitely come back again! So many things to see and do!

Michele P — Google review

Went to this World Highest Sand Dunes this long weekend. Loved the trails. Indiana Dunes is a delightful destination that beautifully combines natural splendor and recreational opportunities. Located on the southern shores of Lake Michigan, this national park offers a diverse landscape with sandy beaches, towering sand dunes, forests, and wetlands. The beaches are pristine and perfect for relaxation, while the sand dunes provide stunning panoramic views. Hiking trails and biking routes allow for exploration, and the park's commitment to preservation is evident. Whether you're looking for a peaceful escape or outdoor adventures, Indiana Dunes delivers a memorable experience.

Lakshman G — Google review

The lake area is beautiful and the beach was amazing. The rating is based on the access to the beach was congested, no one was directing traffic and once we were at the gate, there was no discount for elders, disabled or Native Americans. Also the public restroom was not maintained or kept stocked with toilet paper. Also the water had tested positive for ecoli.

Kim — Google review

We were completely surprised how nice this park is and ended up loving it! The beach is nice sand and well maintained. The hiking trails are well designated and marked. The nature center was full of interesting information regarding the local ecosystem.Parking at the beach can fill up quick on the weekends, best to go early.Camping books up quick, but you can keep checking online for cancellations.We can't wait to come back!

Natalie B — Google review

My favorite place so close to home. 3rd largest body of fresh water in the world. Simply amazing views and crowded during peak weekends, so go on a Wednesday and enjoy sunrise, shaded trails and golden sunsets over Lake Michigan shoreline.

Matt M — Google review

Well worth the $12 admission fee, this state park had it all! We started on the beach, traversed through a forest, and ended in a gorgeous marsh. Would have been even better if the restaurant was open. Also note that there is only one bathroom open in the winter so plan accordingly.

Amanda K — Google review

We enjoyed the bog, the dunes and walking through the woods. Nice spring wildflowers. It's weird that towns are in the middle of it. Trailhead parking lots can get crowded

Wendy B — Google review

My husband and I stayed in a 26ft Class C RV at the campground. The site itself was nice. The lot was paved and level. The site contained a fire ring and park bench. The campground amenities were nothing special. The bathrooms were in rough shape. The maps provided were pretty unhelpful, especially for hiking trails. The campground, as well as the state park, is seriously lacking in directional signs. We tried to take loop 4 to 8 and had to turn around numerous times. There was little to no signage and the trails listed on the provided maps, as well as apps like All Trails, were not accurate or up-to-date. We’re not sure if perhaps the trail availability changes with preservation/maintenance schedules? Regardless, the dunes themselves are awesome. The sand is beautiful and the views are incredible. It was also super remote/not very populated in October when we visited.

Lauren B — Google review

Always enjoy our visits to the Dunes. Love to check in at the nature center. Marie is such a weather of information and always has a smiling face!

Marsha E — Google review

Another great hike in the Dunes, I come often. This day (2/26/24), I got a wonderful veiw of the migrating sandhill cranes flying over head from the top of the Beach House Blowout.

Jennifer H — Google review

Sand and water, what more do you need? Oh yeah, bathrooms!! We stopped to stretch our legs and play for a minute on our road trip, I would definitely go back. It looked like a great place to camp.

Kriya G — Google review

our visit was exquisite and the most fun we could have in the sun!! we highly recommend this place for everyone!! kids of all ages! adults of all stages!! get ready for adventure and the LOVE is contagious!! we promise to be back!! next time we will prepare!! we left with music blasting grinning and smiling from ear to ear!!! a soon return is near!!

Steven M — Google review


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(891)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (124)

1600 N 25 E, Chesterton, IN 46304, USA

(219) 926-1952


Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort

Amusem*nt park

Water & Amusem*nt Parks



Indiana Beach Boardwalk Resort offers relaxed waterfront accommodations with a pool and dining options. The Beach Club Cottage #10 provides a spacious and clean 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom lodging with a stunning view of the lake. Despite some wear and tear, the cottage is suitable for a theme park setting. Visitors can enjoy water sport rentals and experience small crowds during events like Halloween, making it an ideal time to visit. The resort boasts nostalgic charm while featuring modern roller coasters alongside classic fairground rides.

The new owners have done a great job restoring the park. We went on a Saturday in September, and most the rides were manned and operating, which is great since all the college staff is gone. The old favorite food places are there too. Very happy with the improved park.

Chris J — Google review

Had a great time at this park. Fun rides and an amazing atmosphere. The setting on the lake is fantastic.Both of the new coasters were closed but it was still fun. It will be even better when they are open and running.The Shafer Queen boat ride being included with the park ticket was a pleasant surprise and was a great way to view the park from the lake.The park has a bunch of food options. The taco and fried snickers bar I had at the park were both good.

Justin D — Google review

A unique park in Indiana! Lots of rides (for adults and older kids). They have parking ($20) and there are some great views of the lake there too! Go check it out!

Glen M — Google review

Stayed in the Beach Club Cottage #10. Nice view, 2 br, 2 bath. Spacious lodging and clean. A little worn around the edges but within reason for a theme park cottage. The view was stunning. We kept the curtains open to the lake view. Water sport rentals are available. Here for Halloween and the crowds are small. No one is wearing a masks except a few employees. But most activities are outside. There is no waits, even on a Saturday. *The online booking site is confusing, it gave me the wrong room. So call before you book to avoid issues. AAA members and season pass holders are eligible for discounts. The cottage was quiet except for the sounds of the theme park across the parking lot attached to the cottages.

Ann B — Google review

I like it. It has a nostalgic charm. Reminds me of Cedar Point on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio back in the 60s. It's charming that some rides are on platforms in the water. Nice touch. I didn't mind paying the 20$ parking fee (pittance for what you pay for parking in San Francisco)so I could have my camping gear with me to cook my own food. I really can't imagine bringing a family and buying park food. The park does have a tired presence but I read that they have been on hard times and starting new ownership. It still gives local teenagers a summer job learning people skills and not sitting with their portable electronics. I wouldn't go out of my way to return, but would return if in the area again. Just not this year.This is for Ryan's Pronto Pup: the fried veges.....spot on! The marinara could be a little thicker, just me, but didn't stop me from dipping.

Debbie T — Google review

Have been going here since I was a toddler. My family was going there before that. A true legendary Indiana landmark. Great medium sized amusem*nt park with it's own special features and charm with some big amusem*nt part style rides. Great for anytime summer excitement, music, company outings, and more. The beach and water park provides a fantastic place to cool off in the hot summer sun. Great food and shops that add to the variety and fun.

localclowncrew — Google review

First time here, nice enjoyable park, has some great unique rides. For an amusem*nt park, has no carmel or candied apples, no cotton candy, taffy or fudge for sale, which is really strange for a place like this. Souvenirs and gift shops were nice, but sparce with selections that other parks may offer. Staff seemed like they didn't want to be there, with the exception of maybe 20 ride hosts and hostesses. Aside from that, this is a really nice place.

Tim K — Google review

I would visit this place on a regular basis as a kid and was lucky enough to visit for the first time in probably 20 years just a couple of weeks ago. My husband and I took our kids (6 &9) and they LOVED it. It's like this place never changed...and I loved that. This is not a Kings Island or Cedar Point- and I don't mean that to be a drawback, because it is not. It's a little slower paced, has short lines, plenty of rides, games, food, and has a water park. I can't say enough about the employees, too. Every person we interacted with that day who worked there was so kind and patient. If your kiddos are 5-13 and not yet ready for the big coasters at the larger amusem*nt parks, this is the place to take them. Please know they do have big roller coasters- they have something for everyone.

Miranda A — Google review

So fun and nostalgic! We had a blast....staff is SO friendly. Shout out to the guy running Fascination he was so patient and efficient. Another shoutout to the mechanics that kept the antique cars running and got a broken one up and going so quickly.The kids had a blast with all the rides. Some Waterpark features were not open when we visited, but we weren't planning on that anyways, so it didn't affect us.Can't wait to return!

Cassandra W — Google review

This was an INCREDIBLE find. We (me + 11 & 13yo daughters) had SO much fun that we upgraded our day pass to a season pass. Here's what I loved about the place.1. Packed with nostalgia. They've kept this place up very well since it was first built in the 1920s.2. They have modern roller coasters (a new one should be unveiled this month) and rides reminiscent of the County Fair.3. It's small and compact with a gondola to carry you from one end of the park to the other, also offering terrific views.4. If you stay on the property, parking ($20) is FREE. And there is a ticket discount if you stay 2 nights.5. There is definitely more to do than in just one day, so it's worth it for 2 days or a season pass.6. Live entertainment and dancing at night on the weekends. And rides are open until 10pm.6. I felt safe letting my kids walk around the park while I enjoyed a drink at the Sky Bar. The park has 3 bars, including an adorable Tiki Bar right next to the "beach."7. In the area is also a drive-in movie theater and a large docked boat that offers live music every weekend as well as occasional cruises.8. If you aren't expecting Disney or Six Flags and can appreciate a park that will take you for a walk down memory lane while the kids have fun, this is the place for you!***Special mention, we live 10 minutes away from Kings Island, so we are accustomed to expensive modern parks with LONG lines. We often long for the classic amusem*nt rides that were at Coney Island along the Ohio River. Indiana Beach is a nice mix of them both.

Alicia S — Google review

Our family purchases season passes and we enjoy our time at this park. The staff seems to really focus on cleanliness and we appreciate that.I would love to see a bit more TLC for the curb appeal of the park but I know it doesn't happen overnight and they are working on it. It has a very retro feel and that's what we live about it. NOTE: Plan to see their fireworks shows. They are surprisingly good quality!

Jana S — Google review

I do really like coming here. I do recommend if you are planning to go here a lot this summer that you get the season pass. I do like the scenery and how some of the rides are over the lake. It makes it so much better. The wooden rollercoasters are a little ruff especially when you stop on Hoosier hurricane when your in the front. But I'm not surprised with the age of these rollercoasters and them being wooden. Steel hawg is very smooth! I do love the rides here and they are so much fun! Especially if you are just starting out with rollercoasters or if you have a young child.

Aliyah A — Google review

I want to say I know it supports our community, but I have to give my true thoughts. It needs help. First I won my tickets. I have a hard time every year wanting to purchase tickets. Most of the time, rides are not running or are broke. It needs a serious makeover. We had fun. I do want to go back. I just think so fresh paint, rides that are running and some other activities to bring in the crowd is what is needed.

Jennifer P — Google review

Haven't been here since 1990's. A lot has changed, but it still feels the same. The day I went about half the rides were inoperative and/or under repair. The same can be said for the arcade games. Food lines were long at peak times. We enjoyed the carnival rides and atmosphere, as well as the beach in a perfect day.

James P — Google review

We had a great time as a family! Great Father's Day! Parking was free and close. Staff was friendly. I wish they would offer unlimited free drinks like what most amusem*nt parks are doing nowadays. That's the only reason why I gave them a four star instead of a five.

Jason D — Google review

I've been coming to the boardwalk for over 30 years. Every time we come, we have a fabulous experience. I grew up here as well as my children. So happy to have the opportunity to share a piece of my childhood with my own children! Pictures are from 2010 thru 2023, We've skipped a few years.

Colette Z — Google review

Its a generational favourite. People coming here appreciate the value of having a place in their lives that still connects to a time where fun and great times were had with loved ones whom may not be around anymore. To anyone visiting for the 1st time it appears to be nothing more than an overpriced and nostalgic dump, but to those of us bringing our grandchildren here as our grandparents may have brought us 40 "plus" years ago, this place is wonderful. Check your adulthood at the door and let your inner child run forever!!!!

Jim O — Google review

We went on September 3rd for the fireworks. This was my first time going and it was nice. This is a family friendly environment so expect for there to be kids/teens running around. If you need a break from the youth there is a sky bar that plays live music and people are up there dancing / having a good time. I want to go back to enjoy a full day there to ride all of the water slides, roller coasters, and rides. The only thing that I I can give feedback on is to update the place a bit. You can tell that it’s been there for a while. If you have been hesitating on going, this is your sign to go!

Elida R — Google review


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5224 E Indiana Beach Rd, Monticello, IN 47960, USA

(574) 583-4141


Four Winds Casino New Buffalo

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Fun & Games

Casino hotel

Located in New Buffalo, Four Winds Casino offers a luxurious resort experience with a massive casino featuring 3,000 slots and gaming tables. The hotel is conveniently situated near local attractions and offers amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, concierge services, and gift shops. Guests can enjoy the visually appealing casino and resort with quick self-check-in, affordable and comfortable rooms equipped with in-room safes and mini fridges.

Huge Casino lot's of slot machines! Great hotel with really nice rooms! It seems like it is smoke free now which makes it much nicer experience! Really nice hotel room if you're to tired to go home! The food was excellent! Everyone loved everything they ordered! Uses REAL bacon for their BLT! Yummy! Of you have not been here I definitely would recommend it!

Carrie W — Google review

Excellent casino! We come here mainly for the buffet, we drive all the way from Illinois, about 1.5 hr drive because its worth it. The buffet used to have more food selections, such as Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, currently they are down to a fraction of the previous capacity. I was told recently they will be returning to full service soon however, sometime October 2022 but not 100% certain. We have not tried the other restaurants, I would bet they are all good. As for the casino, its clean, and very well laid out. There are numerous shops inside also to purchase items if you intend to stay at the hotel. We have not had the opportunity to stay at the hotel, but imagine its also very well maintained. I feel like I'm in vegas when coming to this casino. We just hope they get that buffet going to full speed again, we would visit much more frequently and spend more money if only that buffet were fully operational.

Art A — Google review

**Updated**We have stayed here many times and it is always a pleasure, the rooms are clean, well cared for and the staff is so friendly and helpful. We absolutely loved our stay in April in the Deluxe Suite, the two room suite was amazing. The jetted tub faced the windows so we had a beautiful view of the sunset while we relaxed. The bathroom doors kind of made us laugh a bit, they just look like closet doors, so we called it Narnia 🤣🤣 the whole room was comfortable and inviting. We've been staying here regularly in smoking and non-smoking rooms, the deluxe suite is a non-smoking room, and the second best room you can get besides their celebrity suites. It is always a pleasure staying here, even if the slots aren't being so nice lol.Absolutely loved it here, the room was amazing, the shower especially. The whole staff was so welcoming and accommodating, very helpful with any questions we had. The room was very clean and well stocked. The buffet was omg, so good. So many options for food, and so many desserts. The drinks served at the c-bar were delicious. On site Starbucks was great and the cashier was very helpful and so cheerful. Lost money on the floor but went for fun, will be back asap lol

Mykell M — Google review

My wife and I went here for a concert at their venue, Silver Creek Event Center, and stayed the night. There was a self check-in option which I think would've been quicker; however, as we've never stayed there before, we elected to use a person to check in. There was a short wait, but not too bad.The room was clean and very spacious with a great view. It had a mini fridge, a microwave, and a Kurieg with some k-cups. You likely won't find any bargains though, I think we paid around $330 for one night, and there was no room service when we stayed if that matters to you. They did have an outdoor pool area and a fitness center.Neither of us are big gamblers so I can't speak much to that experience, except to say that they did have a lot of machines and table games to choose from. I do love that it's a smoke free casino (there are designated smoking rooms if you are a smoker). There are also places to hang out if you want to do something other than gamble. There is a sports betting area to sit and watch sports (with a bar if you want to order a drink), a restaurant on the casino floor, Timbers, if you want to stop and eat, and other bars also located on the casino floor. They also have a Steakhouse, Kankakee River Grill, a buffet, a coffee shop, and other gift shops. We elected to eat at Timbers and the service for food was SLOW. If you're going to an event and want to eat beforehand, better get there plenty early, like at least an hour maybe more.We enjoyed the concert, the show was very good. I would recommend sitting in the back if you're going to a concert as they have stadium seating in the back and it's comfortable. It looked like just banquet chairs up front.Overall it was an enjoyable experience, all of the staff members were friendly and helpful. The only downsides I would say are that it's not cheap and the food service is slow.

John C — Google review

I’m freshly 21 so 4 winds is my first experience at a casino. It definitely was not a disappointment. The staff were all very nice and inviting. They have a nice bar that made very taste, pretty looking drinks. They have a wide verity of different types of machines to check out. The building itself is huge and there is a lot to looks at. The place is very clean too. I have started getting vouchers in the mail too which is nice. Overall I highly recommend giving this place a visit. Just remember to play in moderation and be smart.

Abby S — Google review

Beautiful casino with a huge amount of slot machines! Restaurants, shopping are located inside they even have a theater for concerts. Comfortable seats good views all around. Will definitely come back to see another concert here. Acoustics were good.Washrooms are well maintained. No smoking allowed inside which is a plus but people were allowed to smoke too close to leaving the building forcing people to walk through the smoke! The

Sharon M — Google review

I loved the windings tree line road to the casino and the surprising enormous Indian chalet casino that appeared before my eyes. We went for lunch. I'm looking forward to going back for the entertainment.

Maureen R — Google review

For anyone curious about payouts, it's good to remember that casinos, like any business, have their model. Every time we engage, there's potential for fun and wins. Let's stay optimistic and enjoy each moment! Just play and it will come!

AleK P — Google review

I love everything here! Have stayed at the hotel many times. The Copper Rock is a dining treat. Excellent staff. From management to house keeping.

John M — Google review

Stayed a couple of nights in gorgeous rooms. The staff was great! The hallways were cool and reminded me of scary movies where the hallways never end. The beds were comfortable and the showers were to die for. The TV screen had a fireplace running and was so relaxing. Definitely going back.

Steph D — Google review

The staff were all so friendly and nice. Can’t complain about a single person. The dealers were also very friendly and fun to joke around with while playing. My only complaint are the room temperatures. Felt like we were in an inferno at first. It cooled down later in the night but it was still a bit muggy and tough to sleep. Next time I’m heading back to GR from Chicago I’ll definitely be back but might have to consider the Holiday Inn across town for sleeping due to the temperature of our room.

Joseph G — Google review

Disclaimer: dont normally spend much time at casino's.Four winds casino's is not the flashiest casino I have ever been to, that would most likely go to one in Vegas.I do think this casino is very nice and well kept. Everything is well finished and clean. It does not smell saturated with smoke. There are very nice restaurant/ bar options. The buffet has great prime rib Saturday's! The casino does a great job decorating for the holidays and making transitions! I would recommend for adults in the area that have a free night to experience part of southwest Michigan. Great environment to watch sports at the bars and center areas!

Dennis S — Google review

Such a beautiful place. Hotel rooms were big and comfortable. The buffet was decent, the cold salad and dessert was the best part. Hot food was lacking. The grill had good food, liked breakfast the most. Definatly a older crowd. They do have entertainment on the weekend. There were people winning on the slots but seemed to be more losing then winning. I only got lucky on one machine and it really was just making the money back that I had lost. Several machines I was looking for they didn't have. For a night getaway with alittle play its great. Customer service is good. No smoking anywhere in the building. No free alcohol while playing games. But the drink we did purchase was $12 at the bar, it was strong and good. Not my first choice of places to go but I would return again.

Katherine J — Google review

First time trying the buffet. There are so many choices. Overall, it was pretty good. Will probably go back.

Sherri C — Google review

Second time visiting this beautiful casino after visiting 2 years ago. Absolutely love the decor throughout and the fabulous grounds. Everything is well cared for including the flower gardens to the inside structure. The casino area was the biggest improvement over these 2 years since I was here. It is brighter and has ALL the up-to-date slot machines and plenty of them. I recently visited Las Vegas and they didn't have all the newest games, so I was very impressed with Four Winds Casino selection of new slots. During my 6-day vacation, I came back to Four Winds numerous times and it wasn't boring any of the days. Payouts were large and frequent; you could play for hours without losing much and it wasn't overcrowded. It is a nonsmoking casino, but they do have a beautiful area indoors to go to and they will let you smoke outdoors.Food was pretty good at Timbers and was very good at the buffet. Tried to eat at Kankakee Grill, but no luck. It either was closed for the day or had awful dinner hours throughout the week.As for all the restaurants at Four Winds, well it was VERY tricky to find anything open after 9 pm during the week. (A bit better on weekends) As everything in New Buffalo closes early, many restaurants here have many "days NOT open" and constant changing of dining hours for each restaurant. It made it very hard and FRUSTRATING to get anything to eat after 9:30 pm. Timbers was a safe bet to find something to eat, but even they had their issues. Long lines to wait in because many of the other restaurants closed early and forced customers to Timbers. I waited over an hour to get a hamburger. So, unless the stars line up with the planets just right and/or you eat before 10 pm, make sure you have other plans for getting food. Actually, this is just nonsense and it needs to change.So, while the restaurants are not very promising or reliable, the main floor casino was very good. I enjoyed playing the games at Four Winds Casino and will do so again next year.

Star ( — Google review

My husband and I enjoyed our stay at Four Winds Casino New Buffalo. It's a visually appealing casino and resort. We checked in via self-check-in which was quick and easy. Our room was affordable, nice, comfortable, and clean. Our room included an in-room safe and mini fridge.The Four Winds Casino is a spacious casino with a very large selection of slot machines, as well as table games. We play slots and enjoyed both the selection and availability of machines. We also won enough to keep playing which is what we strive for. The casino area was clean. They had a selection of complimentary Coca-Cola products, water, and coffee, as well as alcohol available for purchase.The Four Winds Casino has a selection of restaurants. We opted for Timbers Fast Food & Deli for a late pizza. They were very busy and although the staff was friendly, the man working the til was extremely slow and didn't seem like that was his forte. The pizza was affordable and good. They also have a very nice gift shop on the premise which also includes a few necessities/toiletries.Overall, we enjoyed our stay at Four Winds Casino New Buffalo. It's a very nice casino and resort that we would visit again!

Sarah H — Google review

Very inviting atmosphere and tastefully decorated for the holidays. Rooms were very nice, and beds were comfortable. While I really appreciated the smoke-free atmosphere of the casino proper, there was a lingering smell of cigarette smoke on our floor and in our "no smoking" room. We ended up needing to launder clothing we wore and that we took out of our suitcase. Our room overlooked the pool area, and while closed for the season, was decoratively lighted. This is certainly a place we would weekend at again.

Paul D — Google review

The entire casino is like walking into a living morgue. It is extremely dark and depressing atmosphere. Smoking should also not be allowed as it is detrimental to one's health including non-smokers. I would not recommend.

Nadia — Google review

Great time at Four Winds. Casino is very clean and it's a no-smoking floor. Slots were very reasonable priced to play. Room was very nice. Buffet was very tasty, nice carving table.

John K — Google review

I genuinely don’t need to know anything about a casino and their immense greed past discovering that they, like many other greedy casinos, did something as simple as turning the ability to split and double on digital blackjack machines off.Some idiot with an MBA realized if they squeezed every single potential advantage, they’d shave a point or two extra away from their customers in a business that already guarantees insane profit. They do this all while reducing amenities like closing their late night food option at midnight on the weekend. Post covid greed gripped all casinos and this one is no exception.

Jeff W — Google review

Love this casino, it's definitely a beautiful experience right from the long entryway where you drive through a peacefully aesthetic forest scene that approaches the casino. You have a choice of the parking lot or parking garage. Once inside you are greeted with many options to start your stay. A small store with some clothing options, Starbucks, several dinning options depending on your budget, the tables and the slots. Non smoking including vapes but it's a small price to pay to not have to smell cigarettes and cigars next to your machine. There is an indoor area to smoke as well as designated areas outside. The self serve sodas (co*ke products) and coffee are usually always kept clean and are a great addition to the relaxed atmosphere. I love the fact that there's an expansive amount of slot machines, even on busy weekends you can usually find an area without 'bumping elbows' with other patrons if you aren't the type to enjoy someone right next to you. Always sign up for a membership card, there's sure to be an incentive like credit for food or gambling that comes with. Good luck!

AvA L — Google review

We arrived May 10th for my 39th Birthday. My Fiance planned our weekend without me knowing lol. This was taken from 9th floor a beautiful view. The landscaping they did was beautiful lol I definitely have some ideas for my backyard thanks to the Resort.. The staff all have good attitudes and they make sure you have everything you need.. I never been to a Hotel Resort that had friendly staff even housekeeping that was getting rooms ready greeted us and welcomed us. I recommend this Hotel Resort if you need a getaway from all the daily stress from work and relax and enjoy the spa and the hot tub they have on the property or use the one in your room. And the king size beds oh man I slept like a baby lol. But we had a great time and enjoyed my Birthday weekend i also won some extra cash in the Casino. Four Winds thanks so much for giving us the Studio Suite! ☺

David C — Google review

I love Four Winds. I've been going there for over 20 years. One year, my son gave me & his dad an anniversary gift to stay overnight in a beautiful suite. We loved it. I will continue to go.

Linda M — Google review

My friend lost a ring in the sofa. We couldn't get it out no matter what we did. Hospitality sent a guy who helped us retrieve it with a vacuum cleaner. That's service!

Ka-ryn S — Google review

We've been here before but never stayed overnight.We stayed for 2 nights. The rooms are clean and spacious.Had a nice stay. No issues.Went to check in and park briefly by the doors to unload.The VALET parking guy was creaming at us to move!!!He was very rude and very unprofessional!!!If Four Winds has any control over the Valet parking employees you might want to speak to them.

Becki M — Google review

Can't find a dress code anywhere on the website. However as a concert goer I'm dressed for a band I like. Got there early only to be told I'm not allowed to gamble on the floor 🤔 that's fine but maybe a little note before buying tickets or I don't know put out some more info about when doors open I checked the website and found nothing other than the start time.

Erika S — Google review

The wife and i have been going up Sundays for a little gambling and lunch. The first few times I asked for a comp for lunch. No problem sir. Only $20 or so, nice gesture, today. Nope, sorry. Check back later maybe. Really? Asked later and it was like buying a used car. How about $8? Dropping like 6-800 in a couple hours and this is the thanks we get? Cmon four winds. Wont be back for a long while after that nonsense. Not like we wanted a hotel room or something.

David T — Google review

Stayed in the hotel for a show. Impressed with security. Everything was clean. Shower was great. The beds are pretty stiff if you are used to cushion.They do not have a Sunday breakfast brunch. Missed opportunity for the weddings and concert crowds.

Fifi K — Google review

I went to a concert. I am NOT a gambler, so this is just hotel and food.The beds are rock hard.NO SUNDAY MORNING BRUNCH BUFFET.Seriously, who does that? Weddings, parties, and no brunch? Monsters. We left the property early to find food.No pool in winter because, of course, the only one they have is outside.Otherwise, the water pressure was great.The event room was an intimate size without being stuffy. The concert was amazing.

Jenn K — Google review

Go here quite a bit but lately I've have been going to Gun Lake or Fire Keepers. At Fourwinds, it just seems like they have the machines tighter and you don't win that often. At least at the other places you can win enough to play and get entertained by the slots, even if you lose some.

Jeffery G — Google review

Payout % has been less than 5% in last 3 visits. Imagine how much potentially you can lose these days. It's no wonder there's less than half the people here vs 4 years ago. I thought it was bad years ago now it's just deplorable with a creepy vibe. Non smoking and still stinks like the games. COVID also over for years now and still skimming change from customers on a "ticket". Like they can't get change or something in the ATMs. You have to play it (lose it) or stand in line at cashier to collect change. Big mistake giving this place another chance it didn't deserve.

Bryan K — Google review


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11111 Wilson Rd, New Buffalo, MI 49117, USA

(866) 494-6371

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Silver Beach County Park

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Outdoor Activities

Public beach


Silver Beach County Park is a lovely area located alongside Lake Michigan, featuring a wide beach that offers various exciting activities like beach volleyball. The park also includes an event pavilion and pier access, making it an ideal location for entertainment and leisure. Children can have fun at the spray park fountains or indoor carousel while enjoying delicious pies served by Silver Beach Pizza in an old train depot.

Beautiful park that fronts Lake Michigan with stunning view of lighthouses and piers. Playground for kids. Beach volleyball courts, concession stand, bathrooms, paved trail connecting to Howard family Trail. Paid parking is limited in season. Beautiful sunsets and walking distance to many other local attractions. No dogs in beach but allowed in paved trail.

Sue B — Google review

Perfect as always. The town is great. Wonderful shops and food throughout. Pizza by the splash pad is a must and fishing the inlet never disappoints. The beach is always busy but with plenty of parking and room for others. Has good hills to ride and skate while being mindful of others. No signs posted at all and the boardwalk has plenty of room for everyone walking or riding. They have a beach house with ice cream and all the beach needs. The atmosphere is always great. Highly recommend this place.

Joe C — Google review

Silver Beach is Amazing, during off season, it is calm and reclusive in some spots. You can walk to the end and see benton harbor with sculptures and beautiful scenery. Its a bucket list must.

Chasity G — Google review

Always relaxing when taking a stroll on the pier at Silver Beach. Any season is a stop and walk treat. Beautiful views which will include stunning sunsets most every evening year round.

James C — Google review

Lovely beach for a simple hang out to chill and spend time with family and friends. Sand is clean and soft.There is a playground, and some swings. Decent eateries within walking distance of 10 minutes. Head over earlier for a warmer experience - it gets chilly as the sun goes down.

Luann S — Google review

we stopped after some time at the local winery and some Kilwin's ice cream and enjoyed the sights and sounds of October on the beach!! At least 4 surfers were out to enjoy the waves and it gives you time to stop and think about how important the little things in life truly are!! Silver Beach County Park has our hearts forever!!!

Steven M — Google review

It was a perfect day for pier fishing! We had a great time. However, no fish were caught. Lol.We can't wait to go back!

Daniel R — Google review

Beautiful views. Amazing splash pad. Easy parking and wonderful beach on Lake Michigan. Great little shops, cute downtown, great coffee and chocolates! We will be back to spend some time here next summer.

TheBudgetFamilySykesAgain — Google review

This was my mine and my husband's first time here and we'll definitely be going back. We ate at Silver Beach Pizza and it was some of the best pizza we've ever had. We took our chairs and sat close to the tide coming in and I walked along the beach collecting rocks, which I found some pretty cool ones.

Stephanie B — Google review

Lovely beach, great spot to see the sunset.In season the parking is a little expensive, particularly if you just want to stop by for a walk or something.Not dog friendly. Silver beach pizza is good, but gets super busy in the summer months so be prepared to wait for both tables to eat in and take out.The walk down the pier is worth it, it’s a nice view out to the lake and back to wards the beach. Lots of things for the kids to do and play on, plus volleyball etc. it’s super nice to walk down the beach and pier in the winter and see all the ice and snow

Simon E — Google review

I hung out at the beach pretty much all day on September 23rd. I took in the beautiful weather and the sound of the waves as the boats passed by out in the distance. My goal was to catch the sunset. But before settling to do this I hit up two wineries and did some wine tasting..Dawn became dusk and I was able to catch a beautiful sunset at around 7:30pm. The weather was perfect. The people were pleasant. The wine was delicious. The booths set up selling cheeses, fruits, vegetables, and arts and crafts was a nice surprise..Silver Beach Pizza was good too!

SAM ( — Google review

Great beach. It's clean. Not enough parking, so parents with young children beware. There might be some walking.There is a restaurant near the beach, bonus so you don't travel far for food. The beach can get crowded towards the afternoon. Parents with younger kids best to be there before 2 pm. Easier to track your children with less people around.No dogs are allowed on the beach.

Y O — Google review

Very good beach. You will have to pay $15 to park right next to the beach, but it is free on the street. There is a very nice fountain play area, a playground, and lots of volleyball nets. The beach has very soft sand, and the lake is not too deep approximately 50 feet from the shore.

Vince M — Google review

Love this beach sand, water and surroundings area plenty do do and good food.Sunsets amazing...

Tammy M — Google review

We didn't actually get into the water but we did walk along the beach. It's a nice quiet area. Plenty of seating. They have 2 parking options. 1 is about a blocks walk give or take for free & the other is right on the beach $15/day, which is a great price. The beach was well kept & the view was nice also!The beach is located right in the downtown area that has a nice strip of boutiques, restaurants, wine bars & sweet treats. We visits Buck for lunch, DK Boutique for their 50% off pandora sale & I also grabbed some cute fedoras that were on sale. We did tastings @ White Pine winery & Ballerina Winery also.Can't wait to return for another day trip.

Jahnik D — Google review

Good beach. No sharks, no jellyfish, freshwater and nice sand.Right on the beach (in the sand close): Restrooms, Swings, 9 sand volleyball courts, snack shack, playground, water rentals and life guards.Real close to the beach: Parking, Spray water park, restaurant, lighthouse, pier, carousel (open Fri-Sun).Tourist friendly little town a little further walk with plenty of shops and restaurants.Parking right on beach is $15 all day. Free all day parking is a 5 minute walk.

Charles M — Google review

I'm a walker, 3+ miles a day. If I'm not playing golf or swimming in my swim spa, my favorite place to walk is Silver Beach. I'm a trained lifeguard when we had a cabin at Huntington Beach, California. I was a "Surfer Girl" and planned to save myself. I did save several folks along the way. When I'm walking at Silver Beach I'm always looking for someone to save. A few months ago I convinced a kid who was about to go pier diving by himself, not to go. I always sit near the lifeguard station when the lifeguards return to school at the end of the summer. I look at the ring and bouys on the station and am ready to save someone. I'm in my 70's now, but I'm always ready to save someone.

Eileen C — Google review

Nice park that combines the beach with some walking paths, a pier, a splash pad, lots of cool art, and connects to the downtown with some great food choices. If you park closer to downtown and walk down the steps there are plenty of free options to park.

Bernard J — Google review

Wonderful find less than thirty miles from South Bend. We enjoyed a walk along the pier and an ice cream at cabanas which was delicious. There is a shopping street called State Street when you get done with the beach. Awesome destination for an afternoon away from Academia.

Richard H — Google review


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101 Broad St, St Joseph, MI 49085, USA

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Basilica of the Sacred Heart

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Sights & Landmarks

Catholic church


Churches & Cathedrals

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a stunning Catholic church from the 19th century, renowned for its beautiful stained-glass windows and frescoes. It holds significant historical and religious value and is located on the campus of Notre Dame. Visitors are advised to be respectful when entering as it is a peaceful and serene environment. The church also hosts wedding photoshoots so visitors should check scheduled times before arriving. Regardless of religion, anyone can appreciate the beauty this basilica has to offer.

This place is absolutely gorgeous. If you are ever on the campus of Notre Dame make sure you come and visit this basilica. I think I have been to all the basilicas in the world now so it feels good to visit this one again. The inside is very quiet and serene so make sure you are respectful when coming in. You don’t have to be Catholic to appreciate this beauty.

Wilson R — Google review

Beautiful place to visit checked in with security and gave me a pass so I didn't get towed

Ryan — Google review

So beautiful that words and photos can't capture. Easy to get on campus, you get a one hour pass from the security at the gate. Definitely recommend visiting!!

Lezlea H — Google review

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is the absolutely exquisite church on the beautiful campus of the University of Notre Dame. Located next to the Main Administration Building featuring the famed "Golden Dome" both are worthy of a visit!

Gail H — Google review

Beautiful, worth visiting. Free to visit the church for an hour. They will give you a pass.

Emily W — Google review

The place was nothing short of gorgeous! It was serene and carried a lot of historical and religious value. Be aware that there are always people having a wedding photoshoot so be mindful of scheduled times and church sessions.

Constantine K — Google review

Good photo opportunities. 8am mass only occurs during home games. Beautiful, ornate interior. Plenty of shade, smooth pavement and places to sit within 100 yards of the building.

Wendy P — Google review

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart at the University of Notre Dame is without a doubt my favorite Catholic Church of all time. From September 2017 until June 2018 and again for a football weekend in November 2019 I had the privilege of serving as a tour guide here and it remains without a doubt the best job I could ever ask for. The Basilica has so much history from the 19th Century French Stain Glass windows to the murals painted by Luigi Gregori and so much more. The Faith here is truly alive both the Daily and Sunday Masses that are celebrated here are so beautiful and the homilies are uplifting powerful and amazing. If your ever visiting Notre Dame's campus during a home football weekend or any time of the year is one place you should definitely check out the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.

Billy G — Google review

Breathtaking. If you are EVER on Notre Dame campus see ALL the sights, but absolutely stop in here to see the chapel. We were also told by an usher that the stained glass in the chapel is some of the only remaining French stained glass in the world. A MUST SEE!! I can't even imagine what mass would be like here.

Sarah B — Google review

Spectacular Basilica…breathtakingly beautiful organ and stained glass. The choir at noon Mass was outstanding!!

Julie M — Google review

Stunningly beautiful, inside and out. The pictures don't do it justice. If you have a chance to visit Basilica of the Sacred Heart to see it in person you won't be disappointed.

Scott N — Google review

One of the most beautiful cathedrals I have ever visited being a Catholic. The inside is immaculate and the folks who show you around are helpful and full of knowledge. Even if you are not spiritual, just the peacefulness of the sanctuary and the artwork is a reason to visit.

Chris B — Google review

Beautiful place we also visited the grotto it is not far from the church and also the Notre Dame bookstore. Just walking around is an honor!

JodiLynn J — Google review

We were at the Basilica for our cousins Profession of Pertpetual Vows, the campus is a beautiful place. The Cathedral is an exquisite work of art, from columns supporting the roof structure, the alter, the Stations of the Cross, the the incredible stained glass windows. The entire campus is beautifully landscaped and well manicured. The history of the campus is interesting as well as enlightening. The lake is serene and peaceful, and the grotto is peculiarly silent even being near the roadway. It is reverent place and many students gather there is solitude and prayer. We were very impressed with the campus and it's beauty.

Stuber V — Google review

This is truely a place of worship dedicated to Jesus Christ. I have been to many churches, chapels, basilicas, etc... across Europe, Mexico, Canada and The USA and this place is at the top of the list to see, worship, and experience the prsense of God. If you have the opportunity to visit and worship make it a top priority!

Paul I — Google review

The Basilica and other buildings surrounding mark the beauty of the University. I was surprised to see the interior design of the church! It has a super beauty I love the coloring+ structure, seating arrangement etc. See some photos taken during my visit

Olly K — Google review

Breathtakingly beautiful! We held my grandfather's funeral mass here since he attended Notre Dame as an undergrad. This is one of the most gorgeous spaces I've ever seen. Truly remarkable and a must see if you're in South Bend!

Andrea C — Google review


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101 Basilica Dr, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA

(574) 631-7329


University of Notre Dame

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Private university

Sights & Landmarks

Universities & Schools

The University of Notre Dame, a Catholic institution founded in 1842, is home to the Fighting Irish football team and boasts a picturesque campus. Notable historic sites include the Basilica, dome, and library. The university's Gothic architecture is symbolic of Paris and France itself, with Napoleon having been crowned there. The stadium on campus is impressive and ushers provide helpful service to visitors. Hospitality at Notre Dame is excellent and tailgating events offer opportunities for socializing with fellow fans.

I love it here! I have worked here for 15 years and don't plan to leave anytime soon. Plenty to do and see, people are kind, as it's a beautiful campus. Plus, who doesn't love the best football team?

Matthew P — Google review

The University of Notre Dame Campus is strikingly beautiful. The architecture of its buildings is stunning. In May the tulips around campus are beautiful to see. Souvenirs can be picked up from the bookstore. You can take in a mass at the beautiful cathedral or partake in a sporting event. It is a must see when visiting South Bend.

Colleen R — Google review

We always enjoy our visits to the University of Notre Dame to cheer on our Fighting Irish! Excellent hospitality on this beautiful campus and the tailgating is fun and always good for making new friends! Can't wait to go back again!

Chloie E — Google review

The university of notre Dame is a very beautiful campus. They have very unique landmarks and statues. It was a very nice place to walk around and get pictures. There were some very striking views to be seen around the campus.

Adam R — Google review

Gorgeous and historic campus. The grounds and buildings are beautiful. Several historic sites to visit including the Basilica, dome and library. Notre Dame stadium is also amazing! The ushers and staff were so helpful and kind. Overall great experience!

Nick V — Google review

I was there today to run a Spartan Race. Three venue was awesome. I got a chance to run through the entire stadium, the football field, and some of the campus. We also got to run through the locker rooms and courtyard that had a great view of Touchdown Jesus. The Notre Dame Stadium staff was great too. Very professional. They treated the few thousands of racers, Spartan Race staff, and spectators like family. I'd definitely like to go back again soon.

Sean T — Google review

In the spirit of full disclosure I am somewhat biased as I am an Alumnus. That said, this is truly one of the most unique and beautiful college campuses in the country. I love returning when in the area, and now that I am retired have more time to do so! Do yourself a favor, and put this place on your "bucket list" for places to go!

Joseph L — Google review

Incredible campus, I felt like I was at a national park or museum. Very peaceful, we were here for a tour, my son loves the campus and school, and hopefully, he gets accepted.

Art V — Google review

Absolutely beautiful campus. I didn't study there, so, cannot talk for the quality of education but the place is gorgeous.I love taking walks there, I love roaming around the campus. I love the lakes, swans, and ducks as well! The landscaping is amazing.I like coming here to light a candle for my grandma. 🕯I think I'd be absolutely happy to go to this school as a college student!

Anastasiia I — Google review

A very beautiful Campus. Well maintained as it is makes it easy to see why it's such a popular choice for a great education. I would give a full five just for the beauty but as I have never been a student I can't fairly say how I'd feel having never experienced attending. As a visitor I truly enjoyed the architectural beauty and the history of the famed campus. I recommended this as a great free must see in the area!

Mary J — Google review

Great architectureI can't really say much about the university itself, I just came to visit to see the stunning basilica. There were actually less buildings with unique architectural elements than I was expecting. It appears that the bookstore and dorms and most general buildings are mostly square brick structures. Still worth visiting to see the Grotto, Basilica, and gold dome.

K R — Google review

Beautiful campus. Great place to watch a football game. Great atmosphere. Friendly fans. Food was good for stadium food and prices were reasonable. If you are passing through South Bend on a Saturday and you have a few hours available, I would highly recommend checking out a University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish football game. You won't be disappointed in the stadium or atmosphere. Go Irish!

Mike B — Google review

I was here over the weekend on business. Decided to go for a 5k run around campus. Was absolutely beautiful. It was nice to see a campus that is kept up so nice. Great architecture as well as landscaping. If you’re in the area highly recommend take a look around!

Chris H — Google review

Notre Dame's campus is absolutely beautiful. From the basilica and the golden dome, to the cemetery and unique trees, it was a gorgeous campus to walk through. All the students we encountered were friendly and helpful, and not to mention, excited for another home football game. Notre Dame's traditions are like no other and taken very seriously by not only students, but also by fans like us. So if you're thinking of visiting whether for a college visit or sports event, you will be glad you chose Notre Dame!

Nikole S — Google review


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Holy Cross Dr, Notre Dame, IN 46556, USA

(574) 631-5000


South Haven Lighthouse

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Sights & Landmarks


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South Haven, MI 49090, USA


Grand Haven South Pierhead Outer Lighthouse

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks


Piers & Boardwalks

Built in 1839, this historic boardwalk features 2 red-painted lighthouses to guide ships.

We had the opportunity to visit the Grand Haven South Pierhead Outer Lighthouse in APR_FY2024 and it was an amazing experience.We did a plant tour and for sure it's a beautiful place, especially to visit on a hot summer day.The land around the Grand Haven South Pierhead Outer Lighthouse is also remarkable, even a simple ride across the roads could be an unforgettable experience.Definitely, it's a place where we want back.

Robertson S — Google review

The Grand Haven Pier:Come and take a walk through paradise, morning or night, the catwalk, the sun and water is an amazing delight! Watch and hear a big freighter toot on it’s horn, the view is magnificent, perhaps even better than any magical unicorn! Waves can be big, the wind can blow hard, we are thee town of the mighty and brave Coast Guard!

Brett H — Google review

Gorgeous place. My wife and I went June of 2021. Such a beautiful sunset and loved the walk out to the end of the pier.

Lonesome C — Google review

Grand Haven South LighthouseHere is the famous light house. The pictures are all over the internet. Beautiful lighthouse.Warning, many people have died here. Yes. Swimming at the wrong time and place. Warning!Highly Recommended

Kalvin H — Google review

Beautiful walk on the pier. The height of the buff does dip down about halfway through so be mindful of waves splashing over the edge! Amazing experience and about a 1.5 mile walk from downtown Grand Haven.

Spencer — Google review

Spectacular place to visit, especially in the winter with smaller crowds, and the ice build up on the pier in the lighthouses.

Frank P — Google review

Great park. That's it! It is absolutely beautiful this time of year (later spring/early summer).

Daniel R — Google review

The Grand Haven Pier is an absolute delight on a beautiful summer day. The sun's warm embrace lit up the picturesque surroundings, making the shimmering waters of Lake Michigan even more inviting. Strolling along the pier was a treat, with the gentle breeze and panoramic views creating a sense of serenity. The sound of seagulls and waves added to the soothing ambiance, making it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty. I highly recommend visiting this enchanting location for a memorable summer experience.

Christopher D — Google review

A great place to view in rough weather, but also not an ideal place to visit under such conditions.Seriously: DO NOT VISIT DURING STORMS!!The location is beautiful to visit when weather is calm or if there is light rain. Diving off the pier can also be fun so long as you are aware of the rocks. Rough waters are also fine so long as the weather is relatively calm. High, violent waves during blustery conditions can be a death sentence, though.Be aware, take precautions, be safe.

ReverendLondo — Google review

Very pleasant place to visit. Nice & quiet. People were friendly 😃

Vinzon L — Google review

Drive right to an amazing view!

Bryant E — Google review

We are very thankful for the continued maintenance on the Grand Haven Pier and lighthouses. Please don't walk out in storms or on the ice. Many people have died here and there are memorials posted for the some of them who drowned in the early 2000s, but many others are not listed.

Fitz F — Google review

If you're anywhere near Grand Haven this is a must see. It clearly is an icon. bring you camera. Choose your parking wisely, there are ample lots. That said it is a beautiful area to walk around. Getting out to the lighthouse was straight forward. The walk area was clean and safe. People of all ages were venturing out on the pier.

Jon M — Google review

Cold winter day but the pier was a beauty to see. It was frozen over I tried to walk the whole length but started skidding recommend having traction on your boots. The ice sculpturing was beautiful with the fire engine red lighthouse in the background. Look forward to visiting during other seasons to watch the transformation

Anna D — Google review

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I will never travel to Grand Rapids without this app againAvailable on the App Store


Saugatuck Dune Rides

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Outdoor Activities

Off-Road & ATV Trails

The Saugatuck Dune Rides is a popular tourist attraction in Saugatuck, operating since the 1950s. Its rugged off-road trails offer visitors great views of lakeshore dunes, trees and grasses. The drivers are knowledgeable and provide interesting historical facts about the area during their tours. The ride lasts around 45 minutes but seems to go by quickly due to its fun nature.

This experience is pretty awesome. Nate was our tour guide/driver and he was super funny and energetic which we loved. It seems to go by so fast but it was 45 minutes. I wish I was out there longer, it went by fast but so much fun. Nice views, and good time. I would recommend checking this adventure out. Thanks Nate for making it awesome. They seem to always be sold out so act quickly!

Tiff L — Google review

We had an absolute great time! Our driver Bernie was wonderful and very knowledgeable. The ride was fun and the dunes were awesome!! I would recommend getting a time slot in advance online. The slots fill up fast.

Jen S — Google review

Loved all of the gentlemen that performed the dune rides, all of them were very entertaining and informative about the land. Will definitely be back for a family trip! 🤘

Jamie D — Google review

Iconic attraction for locals and natives, operating since the 1950s, the dune rides are a highlight attraction in Saugatuck. Great guides, beautiful trails and fun history. Bonus: super interesting to fly over and see the trail, check it out on your next flight.

David B — Google review

This is an absolute must do activity for anyone visiting the area! We brought our two daughters with us, ages 5 and 2, and they both had an excellent time. Our tour guide did a great job of keeping everyone entertained as well as being very informative about the local area. You learn quite a bit about the local environment and history while also having a blast shooting around in an open aired buggy on the dunes. Definitely reserve tickets ahead of time if you can, they sell out quickly!

Sam S — Google review

Great experience! Our driver was so nice and knowledgeable about the area. The ride wasn’t super bumpy, and good for any age. The ride did go a lot faster than I thought it would, which I was happy about. Would recommend to anyone visiting the area!

Brianna O — Google review

What an experience. It is one of kind fun ride where one gets an opportunity to be close to nature, to learn Geography, to hear stories about buried ghost town, to learn about history of Sand Dunes and to laugh of quirky jokes of the driver cum guide.

Bhalchandra K — Google review

We had a great ride with this outfit. Staff was super friendly and knowledgeable about the history and subsequent creation of these sand dunes. Bernie was our supee guide that gave us a drive of our lives. He starts off and shows his reverse driving abilities without being on the seat . His fun jokes rival those of the Disneyland Jungle cruise and could easily start his own show. He intertwined that with speed cruising through the sands that only a Nascar driver could handle . I also need to mention his knowledge and history of the area and the affect of civilization in the 1900's created this dunes.I would recommend you go here and enjoy the ride. My only complaint really is that it was longer . Hated to go.Thanks for a great time.

Rick B — Google review

I highly recommend doing this ride. It’s not an all day thing so not a huge time commitment. Our guide was very informative on the development, history, and ecology of the dunes. Nice scenic views. Fun experience. Worth the price of the ticket.

Cheryl N — Google review

Our driver, Ian, was terrific. We had a blast. Very informative, and the best rollercoaster like fun around the dunes that buried the old logging town of Singapore.

Alan B — Google review

We went on the dune ride in the afternoon and had a blast. Our driver was Nate. He was both knowledgeable and hilarious. We had a group of five little girls on our trip with their moms, and Nate kept including the girls by name, and joking with them, making them feel comfortable. You’ll stop for about 10 minutes to get out and walk around. Nate gladly took pictures of us…and included himself in one 🤣…then off you go again. It was so enjoyable, we wanted to go again!

Megan M — Google review

We had an absolute blast on the dune ride with our driver Paul! Not only did he navigate the dunes expertly, but his knowledge of the area was impressive, and he answered all our questions with enthusiasm. He had a great sense of humor, and his corny jokes kept the ride entertaining throughout. There were also several stops at places so we could enjoy the beautiful scenery. The view at the top of the tallest dune was of Lake Michigan and the surrounding area. It was gorgeous! We would definitely recommend this experience to our friends and family.

Kellie — Google review

Oh this was so much fun. You can buy in advance. They do accept walk ins, which is what we did. We were able to walk in and be loaded on the buggy for the very next ride, in fifteen minutes. The driver Gary was hilarious. He made the adventure so much better with his commentary. I highly recommend this and I'll definitely be back with different humans.

Rebecca J — Google review

Our driver was Frosty, and he was so much fun and so funny. Frosty knew his stuff and had a lot of fun with his job. He was a real joy to be around, and the history he taught us was really interesting.We supposedly maxed out at 25/30 mph, but it felt a lot faster, especially going around the curves.

uncomfortablespaghetti — Google review

So much fun!! Good American family fun. Our driver, Michael, was great and very funny. Really enjoyed the forest part of the drive and allHis jokes. Definitely worth a try when I’m Saugatuck. We booked online a couple days in advance- seems to sell out quickly!

Stephanie P — Google review

This was one of my favorite parts about our trip to Saugatuck. Booking online took less than 5 minutes. We got there 10 minutes before our ride time and signed a waiver and waited. Lots of seating while you wait. Johnny was our tour guide and was so nice and knowledgeable and entertaining. Highly recommend!

Jessica A — Google review

Fantastic experience. Great fun cruising along the tracks, sliding just a little bit around the curves. The driver was very knowledgeable and his jokes were so bad that they were pretty fantastic.Definitely recommend taking this ride at least once.

Glorkar F — Google review

We took our 4 teens and they had the best time! Beautiful scenery. Great commentary throughout the tour. And when my 16yo lost her phone during the tour, the staff was amazing at helping us locate it. Thank you all so much for a great time!

Lori H — Google review

When I read that it was a 40-45 minute ride I was guessing was going to be in this big vehicle going slow and no excitement but I was wrong. The driver was great. I did not think about stops in the ride for a couple great scenic overlooks, or some strange stops at props with cheesy stories and jokes but also included some very interesting stories on history.This place us an hour from home and never been here before, but would go again. Trip started to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary and my 55th birthday.This is a gem that have missed out on for long time and now want to share with grandkids

David B — Google review


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6495 Blue Star Hwy, Saugatuck, MI 49453, USA

(269) 857-2253


Holland State Park - Macatawa Campground

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Outdoor Activities

The Holland State Park - Macatawa Campground is a popular spot for visitors to West Michigan. The campground has paved bike trails with views of the sunset and offers shopping opportunities for souvenirs. A highlight of the area is the iconic Big Red lighthouse, which provides a stunning view of Lake Michigan and the sand dunes. While the campground may be tight quarters and primarily geared towards RVs, it does offer amenities such as bathrooms and showers in the center of the grounds.

The beach and campground make this the most popular park in the state! Google says this about the park: “Nearly two million people flock to the park every year, making it one of the most visited state parks in Michigan. The public recreation area, which spans 142 acres, has an array of activities and amenities for visitors. (Mar 6, 2023)” Don’t give up on your summer plans though. There are many more state parks up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline. Warren Dunes (to the south) and Grand Haven (north). The State of Michigan spends a lot on upkeep of its parks so, no matter which one you stay at, you’re likely going to enjoy your time.

Dan M — Google review

Beautiful place to take a meditative walk in the winter. Summers are for crowd lovers only. Easy flat access to beach from parking. Down the road at Tunnel Park there is a very steep decline to traverse to access the beach from the parking area.

Jill G — Google review

Beautiful State park with a pier and lighthouse, nice sand dunes and beautiful long grasses cover the dunes, has a large bathroom area and changing rooms and outdoor showers, an area to watch the boats go in and out of Lake Michigan and two walking paths to help you get all of your gear out to the beach. There is a small kids park with swings and volleyball nets. Been coming here for 35 years and I still love it!

Jennifer ( — Google review

Check in is at 3:00 and they are not flexible on the time. You will need to have photo identification and your license plate number at check in. There is no alcohol allowed and you are required to initial that you understand this. I did see drinking and smelt marijuana so I'm not sure how strict this policy is. I was at site 179. Sites 1 through 116 have a new shower/restroom building which is very nice and updated. Several of the sites on that side have trees surrounding the sites for a lot of privacy and shade. Sites 117 through 211 have out dates showers but is clean. The water shuts off after 10-15 seconds so you need to keep pushing the button. Several sites have no or smaller trees and little privacy. There's a small dog path which my dog loved. Both sides have newer small playgrounds. The host has books and magazines out for sharing . They also have chalk and cute homemade firestarters and a rack of information books for local activities. There's very nice side walks on the main strip for walking and biking with lighted cross walks for crossing the road.The park is quiet at night. The dump station is kept up very nicely. It's near the entrance so it's convenient for full up and dumping . I will definitely be coming here again.

Barie F — Google review

We camped in the beach campground and had a phenomenal time. Everything was neat and tidy. The beach was 4 campsites down from ours, providing beautiful Lake Michigan Sunsets! The modern bathrooms and showers were well kept and clean. The camp host this weekend was super nice. We had a lovely time.

Autumn R — Google review

Plenty of parking and easy access down to the Lake from here.Lots of ice along the waterfront, so weren’t able to get too close, but it’s beautiful seeing the Lake in an icy clutch.Facilities are closed in the winter so do be prepared, and the pier is closed due to ice, but a beautiful spot.

Mike R — Google review

Nice park with a fantastic location, and one of the two bath houses is really nice. The west bath house could definitely use an update, and some of the sites are a bit unlevel, so pay attention when booking for a large RV. We had an asphalt pad and still need all of our leveling wedges to get it right. Still worth visiting this park despite the few shortcomings.

Charles B — Google review

Clean rooms and nice people run it.Great location.The outside needs work, but looks like it is being worked on. There is no pool or mini golf,but if you are just looking for an inexpensive place to stay,this is an option.There is a decent restaurant in the lot ,a bar and an antique store. Small fridge in the room and microwave in a common room.

Kathleen H — Google review

Nice park. Has nice bathrooms. Close to a lot of things to do. Would go back again. Holland is an interesting city. The only things I didn't like were all the pollen falling from the trees, although there were sites with no trees, and someone mentioned they had found ticks on their dog.

Brenda M — Google review

Great trail on the shorter side. Can be steep at the beginning and end but other than that, it's a nice hike with a lovely view of lake Michigan, the red lighthouse and the sand dunes.The campground itself is pretty tight quarters. Not many trees, so I wouldn't count on using hammocks.It seems like primarily an rv park.It does have bathrooms and showers in the center of the campground.

TryItWithRanch — Google review

Campground is a parking lot but right at the beach. No fire pits but you can bring your own. Family friendly. Verizon service decent. You have to pay to park still even with reservation

Bryan N — Google review

If you like the beach, especially if you've never been to a freshwater coast, this is a great place to start. It offers a little something for everyone. There is a nice beach that is kept very clean.

Ada K — Google review

We enjoyed being close to the beach. Our E-bikes were perfect on the many bike paths around the area. Our hike had a beautiful Overlook as a reward, Our campsite was nice, but was next to the main road for the beach. Noisy motor heads had the only disappoint. Nice two day stay.

Irv R — Google review

Location, location, location! For reference, my husband & I stayed 4 nights in July 2023 in our 40 ft motorhome. The park is in a premium location and walking/biking distance to the beach, restaurants & shopping. We rented bikes from Oak Grove Campground for 2 days and loved riding around the beautiful town. The big red lighthouse is a short walk from the park and a great place to watch the sunset. The sites are decently spaced apart and level. If you’re lucky enough, they have some full hookup sites. We were in corner spot #159 (50 amp hookup only). Things to know: cell service was good, there are a lot of tent campers and families with small kids, the park is strict on their noise policy and does night patrols. If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend this campground.

Jacquelyn G — Google review

Ok, let me get this out of the way. The check-in process was a nightmare. You weren’t allowed to check in before 3pm and we unfortunately arrived at 2 so we were made to wait. We decided to wander for an hour since we couldn’t wait in the parking lot. Returned at 3 and the line to get in was unbelievable. It took over half an hour.Anyway, the campground was great. Bathrooms and shower rooms were fantastic. Very clean and taken care of. The sites were a bit close together but actually it was surprisingly quiet. Once we saw how packed it was we thought it was going to be a mess, but we had a very nice stay. We would definitely stay here again and recommend to others.

Regan L — Google review

Great campground with a short drive to the beach, which is beautiful!I did want to mention one thing that affected our "camping party"; we had read you could check in early if your campsite was vacant.**This is not true anymore** at this campground in Holland Michigan anyway.*Check in is at 3. No exceptions - even if your site is free.

Amy B — Google review

We really enjoyed our stay at the Holland State Park, Macatawa Campground. The campground host was super friendly, helpful and had a lot of good information including maps of the park and surrounding area. The campsites were nice size. Ours was a pull thru site on a sandy base, had a fire ring, picnic table and good clean power. The restroom and shower building was newer, very clean and nicely laid out with separate individual shower rooms and a spacious restroom facility with hot and cold running water. The campground was located within walking distance of a lot of activities. We definitively recommend this campground and plan to return.

Ray W — Google review

We saw people surfing 🏄‍♀️ 🌊 and it was 40°F and windy. Wow. The restrooms are still closed. (They will open on summer). There is a playground on sand.

Nidia O — Google review

Nice state park with views, piers and a beach. The dunes were great. There is a lighthouse called "Big Red" right across the inlet you can get pictures of. We didn't stay long but enjoyed the visit.

Tyler D — Google review

Great location- the lake is across the road from the campground. Close to Holland which is unique with windmills, etc. Lake Michigan was a 4 min. drive. Campground does not have full hookups, which would definitely be a plus.

Lucy B — Google review

Beautiful beach. We only spent about an hour there. Being springtime we didn't go in the water but we would like to return in the summer to visit.

Tony S — Google review

Nice State Park campground. We stayed in the wooded half, not the beach. There were nice shade trees over half the campground and the bathroom and showers in that half was very nice! They were holding a Halloween event with campsite decorating contest, coffee and donuts, and trick or treating for the kids, also. There is a LOT of road noise audible in the campground, so it's not the quietest option.

Mikki F — Google review

This is an amazing park, was my first time here and made me feel like I was at the ocean it's absolutely beautiful.

Charles D — Google review

We stopped long enough to get pictures of Big Red. Unfortunately Google had taken us in the wrong way so we weren't able to see the front view of the lighthouse. Beautiful area, though.

Elaine — Google review

We stayed at the beach campground on a busy weekend and had a great time as always. It is my "happy place". Showers and bathrooms were clean. Great stay!

Laura J — Google review

Sites were pretty wooded, and shaded. Beach sites were close but not crowded and had easy beach access. The beach, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Water was warm, it was all sand, and super shallow. Even like 25 feet away from shore and it was maybe 4 feet deep. All time favorite Michigan beach.

Sydney A — Google review

This is a state park in Lake Michigan. They have 2 piers you can walk out on when the water is acting up. It was closed the day I went. The wind was blowing and the waves were coming in nice. The park was nice though we really only saw the beach and pier area. They have a cool lighthouse and a plaque explaining the history of the lighthouse. The park seemed well kept and clean and the scenery was awesome. There was a playground area for the kids. If you like being outside, around the water and beach, this was a beautiful place to visit. I would recommend going and checking it out if you are in the area. It would be amazing in the summer for summer fun too.

Jeremy S — Google review


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2215 Ottawa Beach Rd, Holland, MI 49424, USA

(616) 399-9390


RV Hall of Fame & Museum

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Heritage museum


Specialty Museums

The RV Hall of Fame & Museum in Elkhart, Indiana is a modern event facility and museum dedicated to the RV and manufactured housing industry. Spanning 10,000 square feet, this complex showcases a wide range of historic recreational vehicles from renowned American manufacturers such as Winnebago and Airstream. The museum provides a chronological journey through the history and technological advancements of recreational vehicles and manufactured housing from pre-World War era to the present day.

This is a self guided tour, so you can look at your leisure. There are so many fun facts, great displays, and they are adding new things for future tours. Having the opportunity to step back in time and also seeing current things was amazing. My husband and I decided to just stop in for a quick weekend getaway- this wasn’t at all what I expected in a very positive way! This is something for an audience of all ages. You get reading, exercise, and education. They offer some of the campers to tour inside, so you will get a hands on experience of different time periods. I wish I would’ve taken more pictures and will provide the few that I did take for reference.

Angela B — Google review

Fun for our whole family. Twin 5 year olds had a blast going in all the campers, old and new. We had fun as adults too. Kids 5 and under were free, so that was nice. We spent about an hour and a half here. We were the only ones the whole time.. had the place to ourselves.

Rachel S — Google review

I really enjoyed this museum, many very interesting exhibits from early 1900s to present day RVs as well as Manufactured Homes. There were also numerous informative videos on various related topics dotted around the museum including a theatre dedicated to the introductory video. Well worth a visit.

Jose B — Google review

This place is great for people that love to RV! We are close to being full-timers. The older RVs are to die for. So pretty. I feel like they were better made than the ones today lol. You can overnight here as well. They have electric hookups and water available. The lot is huge. There’s a library here that you could easily spend a whole day in. The gift shop has cute stuff for reasonable prices. I think the tickets are worth the money! Also got to see The Bird! We love Keep Your Daydream 💖

Katie A — Google review

Here for my 1st comic con! Great facility! This has been an awesome and fun day! I have never been here before, will definitely have to come to more events here. Some truly huge chandeliers as well lol

Chris W — Google review

Loved it! Tried to add it to our full-timing travels for ten years and never made it.So glad we scheduled it in. Staff was so friendly and I got to see my all-time favorites inside and out (Winnie Brave & GMC Safari).We only had time for the lower levels so we plan on coming back at least once more.

Jenn H — Google review

Huge display and lots of history. So many fun things to learn about the process of rvs and how they're made.Great opportunity to take your furry pets too since dogs are allowed in the rvs of the museum.

Jeannine B — Google review

I was very surprised when I walked in not knowing what it was going to be like it's a good couple our way to have fun and learn a little bit about RV history they have a lot more campers than I thought inside to look at

Dennis K — Google review

Great place to visit to see history at its best. RVs from all decades are on display in great condition. History is provided in the form of film and printed material available to enjoy at your own speed. We definitely enjoyed our visit and highly recommend that everyone supports this wonderful museum.

Melanie W — Google review

A very nice museum for the RV enthusiast. We spent approximately 4 hours touring the museum. Many of the reviews said it takes 1-2 hours but, if you are like us, and like to read and examine everything, plan on much longer than 2 hours.

Steve J — Google review

We loved exploring and learning! It’s rare to find a place that is pet-friendly so we took advantage. Ellie loves getting educated as much as I do!

Ande A — Google review

CELEBRATING ART, HISTORY, AND POP CULTURE.Northern Indiana Event Center in Elkhart, INHall of Heroes gathered some of the industries' most talented celebrities, artists, and over 150 of the region's best vendors, artists, and cosplayers March 2 and 3, 2024

Melva B — Google review

Huge museum you can spend hours inside if you dnt feel like reading everything you can still spend a long time inside just looking at all the different versions and years and ways they moved forward and in some ways behind. They had clean bathrooms a very good sized gift shop you can buy souvenirs at. A huge parking lot for any rigs that might be being towed, to those who want to visit. Parking has no shortage. Expect to spend about a half a day inside.

kali — Google review

Very fun experience, worth the price. The ability to explore different rvs throughout history and learn about them is so well done here. Fun small gift shop and friendly staff.

Niko E — Google review

The front receptionist, and the front image of the place, seemed upset we were visiting. Not a friendly reception, not a smile, not a welcome to…, just a cashier attitude asking how many tickets, we were me and my wife, dumb question.As for the place, was ok, nice history of RV’s.Honestly, that ugly feeling of being unwelcome, kills all what is there to look. I’m the kind of person that when that happens, I turn around and leave.My wife was the one that told me not to pay attention and keep going.Sorry, getting this survey refreshed my memory about that moment.

Ruben P — Google review

Very interesting displays, showing where the rv industry started to almost where we are today (probably 10-15 years ago).I think $20 is a little high for admission.

Matt S — Google review

Neat to see the old time RVs. This industry has come a long way. The lighting in this place should be improved. The clamp silver work lights don’t offer the best lighting for photos. We enjoyed our visit, but I think this place could make some improvements that would better show off their collection. There were a lot of great RV stories. The collection of toy RVs were really neat too.

DJ B — Google review

Old campers are very interesting. Seems a little pricey. But if you are into campers it is good.

Jeff O — Google review

Absolutely loved the place. I was here 10 years ago and it's even better today. I loved seeing the classic RVs. They are so well displayed and easy to view. I enjoyed the mobile home area. That is something I don't know much about and there is a lot of overlooked history there.

Bryan M — Google review

RV Hall of Fame is a great stop in the heart of all things RV manufacturing. A variety of historical RV's on display, a gift shop, and reservable camping.

Becky T — Google review

My family stopped on our drive to Chicago. It surpassed any of my expectations! Fun for all ages!

Susan C — Google review

If you are an RVer, this is a fun place to visit. You may find some of it nostalgic. You'll certainly find it interesting.

Dan D — Google review


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21565 Executive Pkwy, Elkhart, IN 46514, USA

(574) 293-2344


Blue Gate Theatre

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Performing arts theater

Concerts & Shows

Concert hall

Dinner theater

Blue Gate Theatre in Shipshewana is a popular venue that offers a comfortable and entertaining experience for both locals and tourists. With a seating capacity of 330, the theater hosts a wide range of events, including over 300 shows by more than 100 artists. Visitors can enjoy live performances such as plays, musicals with Amish storylines, and concerts featuring various genres from country to gospel. The venue's small size ensures good views from all seats and easy access to amenities like concessions.

For the area and what it is I always have a great time! I love all the great plays & shows offered. If you stay at the Blue Gate Hotel it's got a great package deal to enjoy a night away. Have authentic Amish dining, a show & a nice stay did I mention shopping and just lots of cute photo ops everywhere!! Do not come on Sunday everything is basically closed!!🙏🙌❤

Michelle B — Google review

A top notch concert venue. Attentive help and workers. Personalized unique decor spacious area to explore and get souvenirs or snacks before the show. Great lighting sound and intimate location

Darby F — Google review

Our first dinner and a show here and we loved it! We always enjoy staying at the hotel but having a show next door was awesome! I look forward going back!

SallyAnn1972@gmail.com A — Google review

Went to see the Rush Tribute Project. The theater was great. The music was awesome. My only gripe was that now they serve alcohol. The drunks were obnoxious and constantly getting up and bothering us non-drinkers. I took my 15 year old son to the concert, and he said if they serve alcohol at the next concert, he's not going, nor will I.

Steve T — Google review

Saw Clint Black here on June 30. Loved this venue! Loved looking at the country music decor, and the seats are so comfortable! I'd definitely come back for another show sometime!

Breann K — Google review

Best buffet ever. It always tastes great. They have a salad bar with fresh made bread. A desert bar with numerous selections. The main course always has the best chicken. Along with mashed potatoes, veggies, sides, and several other meats. Up stairs, you need to go to their bakery and load up on tasty treats.

Theresa D — Google review

This is a great place small venue no matter where you're at in the auditorium you can see the stage. The audio was nice and clear it wasn't blasting on like other places I've been to.

Shaun P — Google review

We visited the all-you-can eat buffet in the same building as the shows, but did not see a show. The buffet was good - but not great. Some of the advertised offerings (in our case turkey and dressing) we're missing.I certainly understand why, however, given that we were early to dine, there wasn't the usual crowd, and, even in Amish country, it's hard to find help in a pandemic.The wait staff, as always, were very kind, attentive, and gracious.

Trisha G — Google review

First time experience and I thought it was great! Great seating with cup holders.

Joe M — Google review

The show I went to see gets five stars. What I’m upset about is that women are NOT allowed to bring in a purse, nothing bigger than 4 x 6. Really? I need to carry certain items with me at all times, like heart meds and inhaler. They need to review this nonsensical policy.

Margaret B — Google review

Great time, very intimate setting! Get ready to be up close & personal with great performers!

David B — Google review

My first time at this venue and during my visit, I saw two different shows. Very convenient to where I camped.The venue is fairly small, 1500 I read, and all seats are quite good. They do have a bag policy so check that info before going. But because it's small, it's a short walk if you do need to get to your car to leave things. Lots of guitars and hats from previous performers, a concession, too. For the 2 shows I saw, guests were alowed to bring food or drinks inside, which I thought was very nice. That way you don't miss any of the show or have a line during intermission.

Darlene F — Google review

Very nice venue for a concert. Good sound, screens to see the perfomer, pleasant staff. What brings the rating down is their new policy restricting even small purses. It is very inconvenient. I saw older people walking with canes back to their cars who were carrying nothing bigger than a wallet! Did something happen there??? Also, the dinner package includes dinner at the restaurant that is about a mile away. They bigger problem than the fact that dining is in a different location is the fact that they do not prioritize dinner/theater guests. So, for a 7:30 show they recommend that you get there between 11a and 5p. If you get there around 5, you will definitely have a wait.All and all......we would go here again, but it is not convenient, especially in bad weather.

Mary C — Google review

Saw Marie Osmond here. Wow the stage is the perfect size & there's plenty of seating for hundreds of not a thousand.

Suzi N — Google review

We cannot get enough of this place. A gem in such a small, beautiful and peaceful community. Fabulous shows playing 3-4 days every week of well known groups. We've been driving 2 1/2 hrs one way almost every month for shows we want see. There are so many we want to see we can't do them all but what a great theatre to go to as there are NO bad seats at all. We just got back from seeing Gene Watson and Eagles tribute in which both were phenomenal!!! Ricky Scaggs show so good we want see him again!Blue Gate restaurant is where we eat and cannot get enough of it. It's the only place we want to eat at while visiting!!! A must go to place!

Patricia S — Google review

Loved the artist we saw. The sound was great. Venue was clean. Adequate parking. Seats are roomy with good leg room. Here's my complaint... I set an alarm to make sure I was in front of my computer to buy good seats for this concert. I paid for the good seats. And yet, security did nothing about the people who crammed themselves up by the stage and in the aisles. So instead of 2nd row, I had more like 6th row. See photo for context. Next time, I'll buy the cheapest seats and just cram myself in front of the first row if this is the behavior they allow. Would also like to add, handicapped patrons couldn't see anything over the people standing at the front.

Amber R — Google review

Ate at the buffet lunch and then saw The Christmas Candy Caper, a play.The food was delicious with many choices including a salad bar with soup, a warm dish area with nain dishes and a dessert area and ice cream machine.The play lasted 90 minutes and was very interesting. It was set in an Amish candy store owned by Sadie. She loves to play practical jokes and like the boy who cried wolf, it came back to haunt her.

Laura B — Google review

We saw Jordan Davis 2/29/24. Loved the foyer with the guitars and other items from other artists. The seating was very intimate. We enjoyed every minute!

Kristine T — Google review

Great venue! Super cool musical artifacts all the way around!

Todd G — Google review

Always love going to this theater. Jeremy Camp is my favorite Christian singer & concert was great

genericqueen — Google review

What a GREAT music venue! 1500 seats, and not a bad one in the place. The sound system was finely tweaked, and was not muddy or overly loud. There was a full house to see Brothers of the Heart, and everyone enjoyed the full 2-hour show. The quartet stayed around and greeted everyone who wanted a picture or autograph- a big plus that larger venues usually don't accommodate. There's lots of paved parking and hotel rooms nearby, so we walked from our hotel to the concert. We highly recommend enjoying a show here!

John J — Google review

The Blue Gate Performing Arts Center, not to be confused with the small Blue Gate Theater uptown, is a Fantastic place!By far, the Best sound system in the Midwest…. And the lighting is just unbelievable. This venue rivals many Las Vegas theaters.And the thing that puts them way above all the other theaters is their huge 50’ LED wall.Walking through the lobby and seeing all the signed photos of the thousands of stars that have played there is unreal. And on top of all that, is they have a Bar!Absolutely a spectacular place to see a concert.

Curt P — Google review

Wonderful place in the heart of Amish country. Plenty of hotel, restaurants and local store to choose from. There is a dedicated parking lot onsite. They also have a typical concessions stand for food and drink.

Tony R — Google review

For starters, there's not a bad seat in the house. The entertainment variety that is booked is wonderful. I was surprised they have regulations on the purse/bag size you can bring to the venue. This is not a stadium. But us ladies did adjust. I plan on attending more often. Ticket prices are reasonable. The staff was very friendly.

Nancy K — Google review


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175 N Van Buren St, Shipshewana, IN 46565, USA

(260) 768-4725


Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum

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History museum


The Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum is a state-of-the-art facility that offers a unique and educational experience for the whole family. Located between Detroit and Chicago, it provides hands-on fun and limitless opportunities to learn about science and aeronautics. The museum features rare aircraft, full-motion flight simulators, indoor rides, 4D theaters, and immersive exhibits.

We went on a family outing here and had a great time. We went during the week so it was not busy at all which allowed for a more leisurely walk through the museum. There were exhibits, interactive learning stations, and rides. It has something for all ages. I appreciate that the museum makes a effort to highlight minorities and women for their contributions to aviation. We watched a movie on women's suffrage in the theater. We are planning another trip to be able to spend more time. We spent about 2 hours and could have spent more.

Kortney M — Google review

Amazing! I cannot say enough good things about this place! It was the highlight of our trip to Kalamazoo! The staff was very friendly and incredibly helpful. The exhibits were fantastic and the fact that one price gets you everything once you're inside was awesome! My youngest son and I loved the flight simulators! It was a blast and truly fun for the whole family! If you are in the Kalamazoo area, I HIGHLY recommend a trip to the Air Zoo!

Travis H — Google review

Museum is amazing! The exhibits are awesome and very interactive. Most of their planes are real and have flown/fought in real life before being brought to the museum. It is a very educational and fun place. The rides are exciting, especially the flight simulator. The art on the wall and floor are well done and clever. (Climb up to the cafeteria to see the aircraft carrier on the floor.) Speaking of the cafeteria, it has some pretty good options for a good price. Don't forget to visit the other building to see the F-117 for no additional costs!

Daniel R — Google review

This place is very unique and enjoyable for all ages. The kids love coming here because they have some really cute, clean, safe rides that they can enjoy. The lines are usually very small or even now wait. They keep the place very clean and tidy. The staff are friendly. There are so many things to do here. There are a lot of things that you can look at, some things to play with, some things to ride in, a movie theater, and a good mix of everything. I definitely recommend checking this place out! We bought a membership and the membership even gives you discounts on other museums.

Cassandra L — Google review

We are from Iowa and are visiting family in the area, so we decided to check out the air zoo. My four year old loved the rides and all the interactive exhibits. The adults enjoyed all the cool old planes and learning about them. I enjoyed the androids section! Lots of fun stuff. Worth a visit. The volunteers are great too, very friendly and helpful.

Lauren J — Google review

We had a great time here!! It was a return visit for me and my husband though it had been years since our last one.Came on a Sunday and while it was a little busy it was not crowded. There were long waits for the simulators and the moon ride, the moon ride is understandable there's only 1, but there are 4 simulators and only 1 was going. We decided to skip them because of the wait. Did they need more help to run them? Not sure but that was a disappointment.Other than that our kids loved the other rides and everything to see!The WIC discount was super nice even though we were planning to pay full price!Will definitely return in the future.

J. H — Google review

Found this gem place , 45 minutes from GR, the place is totally underrated , but thank god it was not crowded.So many air planes , helicopters, fighter planes from WW2 , Korean War , Vietnam war and much much more…There are 2 buildings , we could only cover 1 building as we went on a Sunday afternoon , there are some indoor rides for all ages…Tickets are $18 per adult.There is restrooms, cafe , souvenir shop…Staff is super friendly…

Vik M — Google review

This museum is amazing! I went with my husband and we had a great time with all of the interactive displays. I can see how families would love this, too. It’s definitely not just for kids though. You can get free admission if you have a NARM reciprocal membership with another museum. I used my Ohio History Connection membership for free admission. The space and science fiction exhibits were really fun! There are also 3 carnival rides (indoors) that you can ride. There are many cool planes. We spent 1.5 hours here, but only because we were there towards closing time. We really enjoyed our visit.

Elizabeth D — Google review

This air museum is beautifully constructed and each mural is painstakingly painted. The items in the museum are well taken care of, the information, the guides, the exhibits. You can't come to this air zoo without feeling something about the amount of history you visually see. The aircraft alone can take your breath away, just imagining the machine when they were in their hayday and the lives that were changed from wars and tours. There are sections of the museum that will open your eyes to what some of the young men and women who served in wars and what they endured. This place bring you as close to the machines as possible. You get the insiders perspective from the outside. We have gone here a couple times and each time we walk away with more information and appreciation.With COVID still lingering social distancing is a must and mask wearing highly recommended. We went as soon as they opened and it was wonderful the lack of people made the experience of viewing the aircraft very intimate and the solitude very peaceful. We didn't feel rushed nor felt the need to engage except for the occasional button to press. They sanitize the exhibits regularly for those being touched and also have the cafe open should you get hungry. I recommend the caesar salad is was generous in portion and very delicious. My son had the turkey sandwich which was also a great portion. We purchased our meals ahead which was nice as once it turned lunch time we were hungry and the items were ready.The staff were amazing and helpful and just like anything else in this time frame be patient as low staff does affect businesses. I would recommend spending at least 4 hrs to seeing it all and go back in time from the exhibits. You will thank yourself for taking the time to appreciate the past.

Danielle B — Google review

What an incredible place! Best air museum I’ve been to. $16 and we spent 3.5hrs there — if you love aviation, plan for 4+ hours here. Ran into a volunteer named Ed who was amazing - lots of stories and knowledge of aircraft. They could charge double and it would still be worth every penny.

Brian P — Google review

This air museum is one of a kind, with tons of unique air craft that you won't find anywhere else! Among the highlights is obviously the SR-71 trainer, the only one ever built. They also have the only XP-55 in existence. The museum has many more aircraft on display for you to walk around and look at, and have an exhibit in the back about World War 2 and the Guadalcanal campaign. The flight simulators they have here are also fantastic as long as you are tall enough to reach all the controls. Honestly one of the best museums in West Michigan, and one that I have enjoyed going to since I was a kid

Daniel S — Google review

A very outstanding place to learn about the history of flight in the military. The exhibits are amazing getting up close as well as having simulators to test visitors skills. Great price too. The staff was very welcoming and went out of their way to point out some of their favorite exhibits. Definitely a place to see when in Michigan.

Joseph O — Google review

I just visited the Air Zoo a few days ago with my fiancée. The staff are excellent in terms of providing further back stories to some of the exhibits currently displayed. Additionally, a well rounded experience for all ages to enjoy. A person can definitely spend 4+ hours at the museum without any problem, which is well worth the $18 per adult admission price.

Luke B — Google review

Do not miss this one! There is something for everyone here. We had a family group with ages 7 to 65 and there was plenty to keep everyone entertained. Kiddie rides, all the way to WWI history and before. Over 100 air planes and other vehicles. All in a very large, climate controlled building. The static displays were incredible. If you are someone in your group who has mobility issues, don't worry. They have you covered. Plenty of benches and easy access for all types of mobility devices. It's a fun day. It was not over crowded and there was lots of parking.

Dan S — Google review

One of the most enjoyable visits to any Air & Space museum we've had. Genuinely surprised at both the size of the facility and the quality of the displays. The volunteer staff was knowledgeable and enthusiastic... they all loved answering questions. They even gave us private tours inside some of the aircraft! I'll tell you, it's a special feeling when a vet walks up to you, asks if you want to go on board the aircraft you're ogling, and they reach down to that clip on the end of the rope to let you step inside history. Most highly recommended!!!

Lloyd I — Google review

We were recently in town for my wife’s sister, who had a baby. We had a morning to kill a few hours, so we decided to come here. Our bar was pretty high, considering we’re from Dayton Ohio, where we have access to the right Pat Air Force Base museum. Ours back home is free. This one cost us about $50 to get in as a family of four, my daughter who is four years old was able to get in free.One thing that’s nice is that fee includes all of the rides and attractions inside of the museum, so it was nice to not have to pay for anything extra while we were in. My kids loved it and had a blast plenty of rides attractions and airplane co*ckpit simulators for them to get in and enjoy. I’m a history buff so I got my fill as well.Also, our whole family enjoyed the space part of the exhibit where we had all of the sci-fi In theory from movies! I especially enjoyed the second building, not as much for the kids to do but at the time they are restoring two airplanes recovered from Lake Michigan.This is an amazing private museum that has a ton of volunteers. As far as staff goes, was friendly, kind courteous and informative. Some of the best customer service I’ve received ever.. There was one young man that was running the airplane attraction for the kiddos. He stood out, especially super friendly, made my kids feel warm. We need more people like him. I wish I would’ve got his name to give him a shout out in this review I was very impressed!I don’t know if we’ll come back only because we’re not from this area but if you haven’t, then I would recommend going 10 out of 10!

Skyler R — Google review

Really cool Air & Space museum, especially for kids!We stopped here on a Saturday and it wasn't too crowded, though it was the day before Easter, so I don't know if "normal" Saturdays see more patrons.The main focus is on planes, and boy do they have them! There are tons of planes, from various eras, available to look around and read about. WW II is probably the biggest collection, but they have some more modern jets as well.It's pretty great if you've got kids who like planes - as soon as we entered my 3 year old said "WOOOOOOW, ZOOOMS!" and was completely beside himself.The main area has a couple of carnival-type rides - enough to occupy kids for a bit, but not too many to eat up all the time you've allotted for the visit.There's also a space section, which has both true and fictional spacecraft and replicas. This was the favorite section for my older kids.There's another building of exhibits, but we didn't have time this trip to go visit it - it includes additional planes and some open co*ckpits you can sit in.The cafe is overpriced, but not at much as we expected, seems fairly reasonable for a museum cafe. The gift shop, too, didn't seem unreasonably priced for a museum gift shop.All-in-all, it's a nice museum, and would recommend stopping if you enjoy aircraft, the history of aircraft, or especially if you have kids who like planes.

John K — Google review

This place is incrediblyy huge, awe inspiring, and extremely awesome to visit. We found out about it because my girlfriend and I collect squished pennies and were supper happy to see they had not 1 but 2 machines! 😍 it is hard to express how BIG this place is, they have the main building and then the original one which is smaller but definitely a must visit. They have these gorgeous hand painted murals that wrap around the inside but they also have some extremely beautiful and rare birds like the SR-71 and some incredible helicopters, they also have lots to do for little ones, babies, and kids :) 10/10 would recommend, it is worth every penny and more!

Tyler R — Google review

Very nice place to visit, veterans, first responders, and active military get half off price. Plan on being there a while as there's a lot to see. It's very interesting and informative. If you have questions on anything there's a very knowledgeable volunteer staff. Great place for young and old alike, they have flight simulators. Don't miss out on the flight Discovery Center just a short drive down the road as they have A unique restoration program where many planes have been restored and the workers who are restoring them are most happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have about the restoration process. A must-see!

David — Google review

If you are into airplanes, this place is for you! Tons of planes inside and out. There is a movie theater. Flight simulator is a must do! Upstairs there is a restaurant for snacks if you get hungry. The gift shop has many unique items for all ages! For smaller children they have a kiddie ride area. Highly recommend 💚💯💯

Kenny G — Google review

Worth every cent! My kids loved this place, even the teenager! The staff was amazing at every turn, I loved the older people who were full of information. I can't believe some of the things they knew, what I wouldn't give to have spent an hour asking them questions. Definitely go to the other building. It is a short walk, but the drive was fun as well. They have a cute electric bus that was great, I loved the gift shop too. Everything was reasonably priced.

Casondre — Google review

This place was amazing do not miss it. The staff is super friendly and answered all our questions. There was so much to see and do and our kids didn’t want to leave. You can definitely spend the whole day here if you have younger kids. But big kids (adults included) will have a blast too! Also great picnic area if you want to bring a lunch.

Down H — Google review

So much fun, especially if you have any veterans you know, or don't know where to take your boyfriend. It was really kid friendly as well even though we were 2 adults. The staff was lovely. Going back for sure!

Madeleine M — Google review


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(613)40 Best Stops Between Omaha and Grand Rapids (181)

6151 Portage Rd, Portage, MI 49002, USA

(269) 382-6555

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