4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (2024)

Swing trading, the art of taking extremely large, longer term moves is by far the best way to trade volatile markets like the currency market. With that being said, the drawback of swing trading is that you really do need a lot of trading capital to make it worth while as the frequency of trades taken is extremely low compared to day traders or scalpers. This is where funding comes in…

Many prop firms had no offerings for swing traders, until now!

In this article we are going to look at the 4 best options for a swing trader to take on capital from a forex prop firm and scale their trading career right now! Let’s get into it…

Finding Prop Firm Funding As A Swing Trading

4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (1)

1. Lux Trading Firm

4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (2)

Lux Trading Firm are a highly rated prop firm offering initial funding of up to $1,000,000 with a 75% profit split.

They offer an amazing scaling program up to $10M, with multiple industry-leading features such as their unique offering to trade on TradingView’s charts, large selection of CFD’s, 500 Crypto’s, 12,000 Stocks, Elite Packages, and no time limits make it the perfect funding option!

Lux Trading is one of the few online prop firms offering real trading capital, and trading with a regulated A-book broker! Click here for my full Lux Trading Firm review now!

4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (4)

2. The Funded Trader

4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (5)

The Funded Trader was launched in June 2021 and offers traders funding of up to $1,500,000 with a 90% profit split!

The company offers a one step $100,000 challenge, and two step challenges with initial funding of up to $400,000! The company has recently released the largest payout in the industry to date, of $120,000 in one month!

MyFundedFx is proving to be one of the worlds most popular prop firms, taking over the industry in the last few months. MyFundedFx offer an innovative 1-step funding process, allowing traders to get funded from just 1 trade, potentially!


4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (9)

FTMO is the worlds leading prop firm and has really taken the industry by storm over the last few months with the famous $100,000 account challenge. FTMO have the best reputation in the industry, great support for traders, a 70% profit share, a range of top brokers to choose from, simple trading rules and funding up to $400,000 for top traders!

As a swing trader, there are going to be very specific trading conditions needed in order to succeed with a prop firm.

These are largely going to be:

  1. No time duration on challenges.
  2. Weekend holding allowed.
  3. No minimum trade volume.
  4. No monthly profit targets.

Without these boxes being ticked, you’re most likely going to struggle either obtaining or keeping your funded trading account.

Luckily, in 2023, many prop firms are offering accounts for swing traders specifically and some of these offerings are great!

We’ve tried and tested as many as we could in order to provide a thorough comparison for budding swing traders. Let’s take a look…

4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (11)

1. The Funded Trader


4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (12)

If you’ve ever looked into forex prop firms, you’ll have heard of The Funded Trader4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (13). With thousands of positive reviews, funding up to $600,000 per account and industry leading trading conditions, it’s clear to see why they’re had such fast growth!

The Funded Trader offering for swing traders:

  • Instant funding
  • Weekend holding allowed
  • 90% profit split
  • 1:30 leverage
  • Capital scaling plan
  • Expert advisors allowed

Clearly, the Funded Trader has a superb offering for swing traders seeking prop firm funding.

Not only is the swing trading offering great, you can be funded same day and get going so you don’t miss any trades during a challenge!

We’ve compiled a full The Funded Trader reviewhere, for those of you looking for a more in-depth coverage of our experience in getting funded!

2. MyFundedFx


4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (16)

MyFundedFx is a relatively new prop firm in the grand scheme of things but they’re taking the industry by storm and providing some great funded account options for traders.

With high leverage, funding up to $300,000 per account, relaxed trading rules are no time durations on challenges, it’s clear to see why they have such positive reviews on Trustpilot4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (17)!

MyFundedFx offer:

  • Weekend holding
  • Weekend trading
  • High leverage
  • Unlimited time durations
  • No minimum trading days
  • Only 1 step, meaning you’re funding straight away

Clearly, a great offering for swing traders. If you’re considering this prop firm, have a read of our full MyFundedFx review to see if they might be the best prop firm for you!

3. Lux Trading Firm


4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (19)

Lux Trading Firm4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (20)are without a doubt one of the industries most reputable prop firms, providing traders with real funded accounts up to $10,000,000.

They offer the following for swing traders:

  • Large trading capital
  • Aggressive scaling plans, perfect for traders with low frequency
  • Weekend holding is allowed
  • News holding is allowed
  • No time limit on challenges
  • No minimum trading volume requirements

This makes Lux Trading Firm easily one of the best prop firms for swing traders looking to get funded.

In fact, prior to FTMO4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (21)releasing their swing trading account – all swing traders went solely to work with Lux.

We’ve published a full review of Lux Trading Firm here, should you be interested in finding out more.



4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (22)

FTMO4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (23)were the first online prop firm within the forex space to be operating and really paved the way for the rest of the firms.

With that being said, although FTMO pioneered the 2-step funding model, they’re now creating more rules catered to swing traders, allowing for a more well rounded experience for traders!

FTMO now offers swing traders:

  • 1:30 leverage
  • Weekend holding
  • Holding through news

Although this isn’t the most comprehensive offering, working with FTMO is potentially ‘safer’ than working with any of the less established firms, so that’s something you need to factor in!

We’ve been FTMO funded for over 2 years now, so feel free to have a read of our full FTMO review for more information!

In Conclusion

In summary, there are certainly some really good options for swing traders looking to take on additional capital.

Taking on further funding is actually more essential for swing traders than any other style of trader due to the fact swing traders and position traders have such a lower frequency, they need to be trading higher levels of capital to scale up their career.

There are always new options for swing traders coming into the market as a lot of the traditional prop firms are dropping the whole ‘no weekend holding’ rules, so keep an eye on our Top Prop Firms Listto see any updates over the next few months.

If you have used any of these firms, or even any others to take on additional forex trading capital please do let me know in the comments down below, I’m curious as to which firm you’ve used!

4 Best Prop Firms For Forex Swing Traders | Forex Broker Report (2024)


Which is the best prop firm for forex? ›

The most popular prop trading firms and funded programmes
  • Axi Select.
  • FTMO.
  • The Forex Funder.
  • E8 Markets.
  • The 5%ers.
  • Funded Next.
  • Funded Trading Plus.

What percent of traders pass prop firms? ›

The article from Lux Trading Firm provides slightly different results. According to it, 4% of traders, on average, pass prop firm challenges. But only 1% of traders kept their funded accounts for a reasonable amount of time.

Which futures prop firm allows swing trading? ›

Choosing a prop firm depends on your trading style, experience level and types of markets you trade. FTMO is the best overall choice for experienced traders who day trade or swing trade futures.

How to pass prop firm challenge fast? ›

Tips for Passing a Prop Firm Trading Challenge
  1. Understand the Rules of Engagement: ...
  2. Master Your Trading Strategy: ...
  3. Risk Management is Non-Negotiable: ...
  4. Leverage Your Analytical Skills: ...
  5. Stay Disciplined and Patient: ...
  6. Continuous Learning is the Key: ...
  7. Embrace Feedback and Adapt: ...
  8. Simulate Real Trading Conditions:
Feb 5, 2024

Which is the most trusted prop firm? ›

Apex Trader Funding is the best futures prop trading firm on this list for a variety of reasons, but most notably because it boasts the highest pass rate for its evaluation program out of all the futures prop firms on this list. It is also by far the most friendly option for beginner futures traders.

What is the failure rate of FTMO? ›

According to FTMO statistics, only about 10% of traders are able to pass the funded account challenge at any account level. This means approximately 90% of aspiring funded traders fail the evaluation and are unable to gain access to the firm's capital.

What are the problems with prop firms? ›

Limited Control Over Capital and Payouts:

- Traders in prop firms often have limited control over the firm's capital. They may need to deposit their own money as collateral or risk management. - Additionally, payouts are subject to the firm's rules, which may restrict a trader's access to profits.

Do prop firms give you real money? ›

In a typical challenge model, the prop firm will give the trader a certain amount of virtual money to trade with. The trader will then have to meet certain profit targets in order to pass the challenge. Once they pass the challenge, they will be given a funded account that they can use to trade with real money.

Which trade is best for swing trading? ›

Top Swing Trading Stocks to Invest in
NameSub-Sector14D RSI
Poonawalla Fincorp LtdConsumer Finance69.94
PNB Housing Finance LtdHome Financing69.87
Sun Pharmaceutical Industries LtdPharmaceuticals69.69
Tube Investments of India LtdCycles69.48
6 more rows
Feb 2, 2024

Which is best for swing trading? ›

Best Stocks for Swing Trading
SNoTop Swing Trading Stocks in IndiaIndustry
1.Avenue Supermarts Ltd (DMart)Retail
2.Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation LtdRailways
3.Tata Motors LtdAutomobile
4.Hindustan Unilever LtdFMCG
1 more row
Apr 17, 2024

Which market is best for swing trading? ›

Bull Market Swing Trading

Alternatively, to bear markets, bull market trading may be easier. As prices tend to appreciate during these market conditions, it's easier to buy a security and experience a profit a short while later.

How many people pass prop firm? ›

Apart from only 10-15% of all traders passing prop firm challenges, only about 1-2% of these traders get to keep their funded accounts for a reasonable amount of time. The most significant reason for this is that there are conflicts of interest between traders and prop firm companies, which we will discuss below.

How to pass every prop firm challenge? ›

Below are three steps to take, to pass the prop firm challenge and always be at the top of your game:
  2. PACE YOURSELF, START SMALL AND ALWAYS RISK LESS THAN 1% PER TRADE (especially for Day Traders and Scalpers): ...
Nov 23, 2023

Which prop firm is the cheapest? ›

Best cheap forex prop firms
  • FTMO: evaluations starting at $399.
  • TopStepTrader: Challenges starting at $375.
  • T4tCapital: Flexible evaluation options starting at $299.
  • Funded Trading Plus: Starting at $25.
  • Earn2Trade: $99 Mini challenge.
  • True Trading Group: $49 evaluation with a $25,000 virtual account.
Feb 27, 2024

Which prop firm is better than FTMO? ›

FTMO 's top competitors in May 2024 are: FunderPro, the5ers and more. FunderPro is currently rank as the number one on the list of top Forex Prop Firms.

Is FTMO the best prop firm? ›

One of the main reasons why FTMO is a good prop firm is their investment options. They offer traders the opportunity to trade with their own capital, as well as access to additional capital from FTMO.

Which prop firm gives real money? ›

Prop Trading Firms with Real Capital
Proprietary Trading FirmProvided with Real Capital
Funding Pips
Glow Node
32 more rows
4 days ago

What prop firm pays the fastest? ›

Funding Pips and Maven lead the rankings with the most frequent pay-outs, offering transactions every 5 days. Close behind, Traddoo and Funded Trading Plus offer weekly pay-outs. Smart Prop Trader, with its 12-day pay-out cycle, caters to those with a trading style that can accommodate less frequent access to funds.

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